Friday, 28 September 2018

RS Going large - multi-scale options in Rogue Stars

I have fallen into a bad crowd. It's not their fault, they were lead astray whilst still young and impressionable. I cannot lie, they use – oh this feels so dirty- 28/32mm figures for Rogue Stars. I know! I know! I'm trying to wean them off the plastic pap and into proper heavy metal.

But there is a treatment. You just need to show them a better way. “How, how can we help these poor creatures?” I hear you cry. By being sneaky. Plus, there are organisations that can help. I'm using one called Alternative Armies (mostly) Grinning Skull range, which produces things that are multiscale without charging stupid prices.

You've seen me use these in my recent Moon campaign as the Brains from Uranus. There's a lot more there, go find it!

Second there are the fowl beast I first got for my Yorkshire campaign:

Hold on, here's the figures I used for Clin-ton and Trump-ton, those feindish invaders of Yorkshire:

Dear reader, are you OK? Just relax, it's almost over. I know, a squid a figure! Still- sometimes you've just got to splash the cash.

So here are the assorted villains. Note the size, so in 15/18mm they are going to be big and bulky. I'd go with Big.

I'm going with Bounty Hunter as it's an option I've not used in some time. No decision on tactical discipline except to note that they do not leave a bear behind.

  1. Big, Fast, Medic, Tech, Tough 1 20 Vibroblade (3) 4 Total 24
  2. Big, Fast, Tough1, Marksman, 19, Vibroblade (3) 4 Sonic pistol (2) 6 Total 29
  3. Big, Fast, Tough1, Marksman, 19, Monowire tangler (3) 10 Total 29
  4. Big, Fast, Tough2, Leader1, Marksman 2, 39, Zap rifle, (4) 7 46
  5. Big, Fast, Tough2, Marksman 2, 33, Molecular slugthrower (4) 7 40
  6. Big, Ambidextrous, Fast, Marksman 1, 21 2 Flamer pistols (3) built in 16 Total 37
Total 205

Now to the thorny bigger scale - what was big becomes diminutive with no points change!  Same movement, same ranges.

  1. Diminutive, Fast, Medic, Tech, Tough 1 20 Vibroblade (3) 4 Total 24
  2. Diminutive, Fast, Tough1, Marksman, 19, Vibroblade (3) 4 Sonic pistol (2) 6 Total 29
  3. Diminutive, Fast, Tough1, Marksman, 19, Monowire tangler (3) 10 Total 29
  4. Diminutive, Fast, Tough2, Leader1, Marksman 2, 39, Zap rifle, (4) 7 46
  5. Diminutive, Fast, Tough2, Marksman 2, 33, Molecular slugthrower (4) 7 40
  6. Diminutive, Ambidextrous, Fast, Marksman 1, 21 2 Flamer pistols (3) built in 16 Total 37
Total 205

Watch the skies---.

Flashing Steel Poor Pirates Prevent Proper Plundering

I missed Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is like one of them religious type festivals to us of the more piratical persuasion.  I have no excuses.  I failed to prepare.  My tricorn droops in the shame.

T'was true we was caught up in the OGAM lark.  And what larks!

Many, many years ago, pre blog, we did a little experiment.  Two sides, one standard Q4 C2.  The other started as a large Q5 C2, not fun to play.  Next Q4 C2, balanced sides. Q3 C2, even with better reactions smaller numbers cost.  Q2 C2 was silly, OK you got the initiative a lot (pre reaction)  but a superman still dies, and where there's less of them-.

So in the same spirit I give you this.  Not the most enjoyable game, initiative swapped so often it was silly.  However, it's probably the more realistic representation of such an encounter.  A half mix would be about right.

Scenery.  Working me way up:  thin 1-2mm foam sheet in blue, the base layer you've seen before, a shaped 4mm thick hobby foam sheet.  Roads and buildings various 2mm sheets.  The log way in the middle hides a join!  On top, me latest crop o' frenchy rock (not peppermint, no lettering) plus lots of buildings old and new.  Blotz sheds and fences. along with their excellent buildings, Alternative Armies walls and fences.  Many small bits better than a few big bits.  I must make walled/hedged gardens, these allow a building to be removed for ease of access.

Figures are Old Glory, smattering of Rebel and the Reverent is a Splintered Light.

Technically this is Flying Lead, but not as intended.  We rough shod over the leader-activates up to 4 per one activation, allowing some to self-actuate.  The cannon (unused) was designed using Flying Lead.

The pirate crew

Points 70
Quality 4+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Brawler, Leader, Pistol, Sword - Rapier

Points 60
Quality 4+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Brawler, Pistol, Second in Command (2IC), Sword - other

Salty Shooters
Points 47
Quality 5+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Brawler, Musket - light, Sword - other

Captain 70
Bosun 60
20 salty seamen 940
Total 1,070


Reverent Rightious - 
Points 80
Quality 4+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Brawler, Hero, Leader, Pistol, Sword - other

Local shooters
Points 50
Quality 5+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Brawler, Musket - flintlock, Sword - other

Local locals
Points 37
Quality 5+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Brawler, Gang, Green, Sword - other

Cannon  Points:9
Lethal vs. Soft Targets, Max Range 2 Medium, Spread, Very Slow Reload

Reverent 80
20 locals 740
4 shooters 200
Cannon 9

Game 1  Tony took the townspeople and won the initiative.

A parley ensues, or a blocking motion, take yer pick.

It was a slow game-.

Having taken the high ground in the centre, Tony's left flank advance allowing the Reverent to pounce!


Har!  The Bosun gains the high ground and stares a lot.

The Captain retires in the face of local musketry, which is heavier than his.

The Bosun's party send a volley into the locals ranks.

The pirates come of best.  locals suffer one dead and 2 knocked down, 1 pushed back.

'ees fallen in the water!

On the centre the locals rally.

Leader to leader.

On the centre a volley kills another a sends one  back "to me lads!"

A less than perfect volley kills another one.  Long range for a musket!

But nom de plume!  The Captain is dead!  Slain by the Vicar!

Pirate morale disintegrates.  End of game 1.  Those on the flank have run away.

Game 2 Half time, change ends, renew coffee.  Tony's pirates takes a more head-on approach.

None shall pass!

Captain dashes!


Sneaking through the puddle.

Vicar attempts to leure them into cannon range.


The pirates are the worse off, but the way is open.  Daa Daa Daaaah!

High ground claimed.

Press on!

Making ground now.

But- the pirates morale collapses at the first round of local shooting and most go home!


And so ended an equally quick game 2.

AA's buildings really are superb.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

OGAM Poseidon vs Hades another sibling ding-dong.

I'm having a bit of bother with Blogger.  I'm not being notified of comments.  So if you do comment, please excuse any tardiness in replying.

Last week I felt that both the Kraken and Chimera didn't get the best go.  So this week, in the last of this mini series,  I've "upped"  the other brother.

Poseidon is the same as last week.  Hades I added second charioteer and Persephone (who we never, ever call perspiration in play) Mortal spear cut down to 24 from 30 and skirmishers added.  They can often make a game, skirmishers.

Hades Q4 C4 Raise the dead 240

Legends 2x Harpy Flying @ 60
Persephone Q3 C3 Mtd, Long, 86
Charioteer Q3 C3 Armoured, Mounted, undead 2 x 90 180

Mortals Undead Q4 C2 24 x18 = 432
Archers Q4 C2 Undead, Shoot Medium 6 x23 = 138
Javelin Q4 C1 Undead, Shoot Small 6 x 14 = 84

God 240
Legends 398
Mortals 654
Total 1,292

Poseidon Q2 C4 Amphibious, Part waters, Release the kraken, Water god 280

Legends  Chimera Q3 C3 Cbt master, Poison, Shooter short, Flying, 112
Minotaur Q3 C3 Dashing, Labyrinth Armoured, Mounted 104
Theseus Q3 C3 60
Charioteer Q3 C3 Armored, Mounted, 84 x 2 168

Mortals 8 Seapeoples (CO) Q4, C3, Armored, Dashing 8x 39 = 312
Archers Q4 C2 Shoot medium 8x 20 = 140
Javelin Q4 C1 Shooter short 8x 11 = 88

God 280
Legends 444
Mortals 540
Total 1,284

Newcomers Persephone and Chimera.

The game.  Tony took Poseidon again and won the initiative.  He swaps out a hill and plonks Poseidon in the puddle.

Under the gaze of the god, the javelins advance.  Mine counter then the Minotaur rumbles up.

Move and counter.  Seapeoples vs skeleton horde.  You'll notice I went with 2x12 rather than 3x8.

Airmobile Chimera comes in.



Chimera takes out Harpy to control the flank.

The chariots start to circle-.

Theseus pokes the javelin.

Seapeoples repulsed!

Ouch!  One dead undead hero.

Without the support, the skeletons get pushed back into the trees.

Chariot Rumble! This is what a Bronze Age fantasy battle should look like.

Down goes one in a crunch of bone!

And another-.

Chariot bounces off spear.

now there's a big gap!

The skeletons are pushed back out of the woods.  Seapeoples hold back and the Chimera goes in.  Now remember it fell beneath the wheels of just 4 chariots last week?  now it slowly grinds and pushes the infantry back.

Hades steps in and stomps a Hero.

Persephone hasn't done so well, but comes into her own.  Crashing into a Hero.  Girl power.

Husband & wife team.

Grinding of bone continues.

Brothers and legends size up.

Poseidon pushed back.

That allows Persephone to dash to the aid of Harpy, killing Theseus.

The Harpy tries for the javelins, but gets pricked.

Repercussions, watch this one-.  Minotaur hits the archers throwing them back.

The Seapeoples throw themselves uphill against the outnumbered, lesser troops.

Pushing them off the hill.

The gods eye each other, but it's stalemate- no one unit can attack without being outnumbered.

The spear are going back, as are the archers.  Minotaur tries the spears.

Rollover and reaction!  Hades rushes the Minotaur.

Now it's his turn, 1st action- scratch one Minotaur!

Persephone's turn to dash, crashing into the archers.

He's looking peeved- slingers move up to run interference.

Amazingly, the archers shove the Seapeoples off the hill!

Smack in the path of Hades.

Not wanting to be the filling in a sandwich, Hades goes back.

Poseidon punishes the javelin for their impudence.

Free, the Seapeoples turn about and crash into Persephone!

She gets pushed back, breaking contact with the archers.

Those archers, having survived so much, go up and mix it with the Chimera.  Beset on all sides, it goes down!  Note how many spear it'd killed.

Here comes the Kraken!

Hades comes to the missus'ss aid.  The Seapeoples are sent back, breaking contact with Persephone.

Persephone charges the archers again.

The spear, free of chariots, advance on the javelin protecting the Kraken.

Clash again, push and shove.

We've been here before- Persephone pushed back.

Kraken comes, pushing spear.

11 v 6, I think this is the highest score by a legend-.

Clash of the gods, several units awed.  Rather than trounce the archers, Persephone attacks Poseidon but pays the price-.

Enraged, Hades smites Poseidon down!

With his handler done, the kraken goes amok, hits the 2 remaining javelins, kills one, pushes survivor back.

Despite morale, Hades is still threatened.

Poseidon pops up.

Spear crashes into the Kraken.

Hades comes, as does the remnant spear from the other flank.

Hades gets into contact.

Sneaking Poseidon pops him from behind.  As I said last week, the abstract method used that seemingly confused melee are easily resolved.

Hades raised by his stalwart archers.

Mash-up betwixt spear, god and Kraken.

Hades picked on the pesky archers.

Laid low by pesky spear, the Kraken expires.

he's peeved again!

Seapeoples have another go at me archers.

Last remaining archer going "Oh shit".

Leaving the spear, another crash- the one last archer makes Hades outnumbered!

Now THAT was a corker! action moved all over the table.  We'll do this one again.  Probably when I get a Spot. We could have continued, the spear raising Hades.  However, Poseidon had more left.  So we'll grant him the victory.