Thursday, 17 May 2018

RS Ogron vs Southpaws (Raptors) grudge match x2

A pre- campaign game.  Two sides who have never met, even though both favorites.

Tony rolled- will not make that mistake again.  Interrogation mission (that didn't work-) Spaceship and It's personal.

Panic!  So utilised boxes I use for figures.  Upside down would be better, but I ain't gonna empty this lot!  Doors represent doors, everything else is wall.

FYI what you see here- playsheet with full info and sheet, chits, for use of is the basis for these articles.

Ogrons.   Pirates.
'arry Big, Martial arts2, Tech1, Reactive, Tough, 22
Intrusion kit +2 tech roll, 4
Monowire scythe damage 3 armour 1pt less Cleave, opponent OOA critical hit 8

Pistoleer Big, Fire into melee, Marksman (2) Martial arts (1) Reactive, Tough, 33 Flit, Git & Hit
Plasma pistol (4) 6, Kevlar2, 6 12

Pirate Big, Marksman (2) Martial arts (1) Reactive, Tough, 28 Irk, Jerk, Lurk, Mirk
Kevlar2, 6 Heavy blaster (6) 8 14

'arry, Pistoleers Flit, Git & Hit, Pirate Irk. 201 with no leader.

Raptors, South Paws (so called as they are all left handed) Theme Militia 199
Burst discipline 4 reload tokens

Lt Longclaw Claws, Agile, Fast 2, Leadership3 Reptiloid, Reactive, Veteran 42
Light combat dress, Fixed bayonet, Assault rifle 24

Sgt Ackle Claws, Agile, Fast 2, Reptiloid, Reactive, 25
Light combat dress, Fixed bayonet, Assault rifle 24

Troopers B-E Agile, Claws, Fast 2, Reptiloid, 18
Light combat dress, Fixed bayonet, Assault rifle 24

Entrance through the hanger bay.

The crew are mostly in the lounge.


Cargo bay secure

Ah! Technology problem.

An alarm is tripped.

Do I or don't I?

First casualty!

A miss damages life support.  Doors slam shut, 2 southpaws down, can the Ogron hit the reset before they all snuff it?

Loud noise, red lights flash!

Now where's that button?

Obligatory "he's behind you" shot.

Kung Foo fighting

Running around.  "If we go around-"

The crew gather-

Time to get violent.

On the count of 5-


Hand-to hand and close shooting.

Nothing like a fair fight.

Moving in for a shot.

Last Southpaw standing.

Game 2 - change ends.

Tony took the Southpaws this time.

Different entry.


'ere comes 'arry.

Opens door, troops enter.

Runs in like mad, goes for head, dead Ogron-.

Dashes back.

Grumble, mutter-.

That worked, repeat-.

Not quite so successful, but still one-way!

'arry wades in.

'arry stomp.

One decides to leggit a bit sharpish like.

Which seals the fate of his friend.

The leader hangs back.

Lets loose with a hail of fire at 'arry.

That didn't work so another go - now there's a computer bank behind them-.

Computer bank goes off like the proverbial.

Dashes into the aftermath.

'arry's down!

Irk, detailed to watch the exit, advances with his rifle.

More hand-to-hand.

The leader is down!  The way is clear- to mop-up the fleeing crewman.