Friday, 24 May 2019

Southpaws vs Astagar

Campaigns.  Fun way to have something to hand for when the creative juices run out.

Once done, you have a pool of tested teams waiting in the wings ready to strut.

Today we had other, more piratey things on our mind, so we wanted something quick, easy and lazy with regards to set-up.  In other words, using what was already on the table.

The mission is a good tried-and tested 15 Repair.  Fairly crowded table.  Either 8 Defenders own planet or I could have done a bit more and gone 5 City.  That's it.  No complication.  Like I said, being lazy.

Need repainting. 
From the Moon campaign but with bumped up armour:

1) Astagar. Merchants. 206 Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”
Tactical discipline At the double, 10 +1” move tokens. Ranged attacks at -2. Ignore 1st pin,

Trail Boss Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman1, Reptiloid, Leader 2, Reactive 34
Claws 1 Zap Pistol (3) Electrical. Energy, short range. 4 Armour1.

Ssid Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman1, Reptiloid, 17
Lt Cbt Dress arms/legs 4 Head/Torso 6 Sealed.
Claws 1 Monowire blade built in (3) Armour piercing
Zap Pistol (3) Electrical. Energy, short range. 8.5

Nnancii Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman1, Reptiloid, 17
Lt Cbt Dress arms/legs 4 Head/Torso 6 Sealed.
Claws 1 Monowire blade built in (3) Armour piercing
Zap Pistol (3) Electrical. Energy, short range. 8.5

Techee Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman1, Reptiloid, Medic2 Tech2 Robotech2 Claws 1 Armour1. 35

Orange robot police. Civilian model. Total 27
Artificial, Marksman2, Non reactive 16
Tangler (carried) 4
Laser pistol (4) blind, energy, built in 3
Sonic pistol (2) sonic, energy built in 4

Green robot trooper. Military Total 47
Artificial, Marksman2, Non reactive, Tough 24
Molecular slugthrower (4) Auto, infinite rounds 9
Slug pistol x2 (4) built in 14

Again taken from a previous game:

Southpaws 206 Sergeant, 3 troopers, Support trooper, technician
Heavy Firepower 5 hail of fire tokens no -2. Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 5” Sprint 7”

Sergeant Fast, Leader, Marksman, Reactive, Weaponmaster 24 Total 40
Assault rifle (5) Automatic, 2 hand 8
Fixed bayonet (2) Primitive, 2 handed 2
Kevlar (2Torso) 6

Troopers A B D. Fast, Marksman, Reactive, Weaponmaster 18 Total 34
Assault rifle (5) Automatic, 2 hand 8
Fixed bayonet (2) Primitive, 2 handed 2
Kevlar (2Torso) 6

Squad support U Fast, Marksman2, Reactive, Veteran, Weaponmaster 30 Total 44
Kevlar (2Torso)
Flamer (5) Scorching, Energy, 2 hand 8

Technician K Technician, Reactive, Weaponmaster 12 Total 20
Claws (1) 2
Kevlar (2Torso) 6

The Game.  Tony took the Astagar.  One day I'll get some of the military from RPE.  Those power armour - but needs to be a sale at that price! I ended up defending.

Starting positions are on the board.

 Tony sneaks, looking for good shooting positions.

"What was that?"  A movement between cover is spotted.

Nnancii goes wide to draw me into the robots sites.

Spotted, the support weapon goes Whoosh! , twice.  Missing, the bush goes Voom Crackle!

Smoke fills the gap.

That changes the dynamic to a head-on confrontation - for now.

With the first exchange of shots the tech goes to ground and hugs wood.

 I work up the flank.

The robot takes the brunt of the shooting.

Ssid takes out the support gunner then dips back into cover.

 The objective is secured, now for the tech.

The robot is now ineffective, Nnancii takes a nasty hit.

Dammit, each attempt takes 2 actions.  Twice, two fails!  Reverse the polarity!

At this point, it all looks good for me, just need that tech to extract digit from cloaca!

Medic!  "Now Ms, where does it hurt?

Military robot has self-repaired (got rid of pins) and moves up.

Once again it gets hit by multiple fire.

Ssid goes full-on Rambo.  With his sealed armour, he bursts through the smoke and flame.  He shoots my leader (who loses his weapon and retreats), tech and a trooper in short order.

Then he rolls a 1, gun empty.  He goes in close combat-.  Meets his match then decides to run.

Running from raptors is not a good idea.  He gets clobbered hard from behind by the sarge.  Then it's a bundle-.

The robot comes in, but that's not a good place to be-.

My tech gets dropped.

Trail Boss moves in.  Gets shot after doing for a trooper.

That was that.  I'd lost 4, including the tech.  Tony got clobbered but won the objective.  Time to retreat and do the paperwork.

Good game.  Just enough cover.  Well balanced forces.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

RS SAS take on Worm Cultists

Rogue Stars does VSF.  The Specialist Aerial Section is an experimental group of The Royal Engineers operating out of (DELETED).

The specialist equipment development has been carried out by a team led by Dr Hans Zharkof tasked with developing combined Martian and Empire technologies. The body protection is supplied by standard naval issue ether suits. After jump testing testing, a long rifle was found to be best support during landing and a fixed sword bayonet of the longer 1860 pattern most suited to melee.

The section is led by Captain Frederic (“Flash”) Gordon, who is well known as captain of the regimental rugby team. The other 7 hand-picked members of the section are a mixed bunch of individualists.

One senior officer has been reported as saying “Never have I seen such a bunch of pirates and ruffians.” When asked “Would you want them under your command?” He replied “I’d swap a company garrison of Counties* for ‘em.”

So far their tasks have included scouting and other information gathering roles.

*County troops are regular line infantry.

You’ll note that I’ve worked out all 8. This gives me a pool from which a team can be selected. I keep equipment and traits separate to make up/downgrades easier.

A quick size comparison.  Old Glory, Irregular Miniatures, Martian Empire, Rebel Miniatures.

The SAS are from Martian Empires, now in the very capable hands of Fighting 15's.  Considering that the orders are cast on receipt, the service was fast.  The GPO even managed a next day delivery!  Received Wednesday, on the boards Sunday.  I always try and upgrade something with an order.  These were well worth the £3.60 for 8.  Plus me Engineers gain some mounted officers.

Star Cops. All equipped (total 20) with:
Naval Worksuit Ether (space suit. Plasma proofed) 8
Jump Pack Jump 8” from standing. Free disengage. Broken ground TN5 or fall. 6
Musket (4) Reload, 2 handed. Fixed Bayonet (2) Primitive. 6

This basic load can be supplemented with:
Whoosh Bangs (stun grenades) 12” range 3” blast TN10 failed 1stress, 2 pins 4
Flashers (plasma grenades 4) 12” range 4” blast Scorching Energy 8
I may consider a replacement Bombardier from the cricket team-.

The SAS Squad 201 points : Gordon R Captain (With 1 Flasher) Lagagee S. Manners G with 2 Whooshbangs . Medical Specialist Smith A

Armour 1  Retain the initiative. Any attempt at -2.

Move Crawl 1” Sneak 2” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6” Jump 8”

The Section:

Gordon R Captain. Alert. Leader3. Reactive Marksman2. Weaponmaster2. 42 Total 62

Harris T Sergeant. Danger sense. Reactive. Marksman 2. Weaponmaster 22 Total 42

Lagagee S Corporal Reactive. Marksman 3. 23 Total 48
Match Weapon +1 Called or Aimed shots. 5

Manners G Lance Corporal. Reactive. Marksman. Weaponmaster 14 Total 34

Nobby (Clerk N) Specialist Driver. Reactive. Marksman. Weaponmaster2 17 Total 37

Rogers R Specialist Technician. Tech2. Marksman. Weaponmaster 17 Total 37

Smith A Medical Specialist. Medic3. Marksman. Weaponmaster 18 Total 38

Thomas D Specialist Engineer. Robot (read Martian) tech. Marksman. Weaponmaster 11 Total 35
Intrusion kit +2 Tech rolls 4

Worm Cultists I have a lot of Alternative armies cultists. I’d bought a second load for our Yorkshire series, but didn’t use them. I hadn’t thought of organising them into a force. Watch this space.  I've about 4 units of 8 shooters plus various worms.  I did a quick white brush, next I'll tidy them up and work on the bases.

Priest, Worm, 4 Cultists. Flamer. 201 Gestalt. 1 Per Psi rolls. Any OOA, all 1 stress.

Move. Martians Crawl 1” Sneak 2” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”
Worms Crawl 1” Sneak 2” Walk 2” Run 7” Sprint 9”
Action 12 Reaction 14

Priest. Civilian, Leader 1 Psi. Psi master. Steadfast. Xenologist. 8 Total 33
Mindbolt Single target. Psi-1 every 5” Damage 1 torso hit. Ignore armour. 5
Mindscream ALL 5” 1 Pin & Stress +1 Wound if critical. 10
Teleportation. Max distance = roll. 6
Perceive others abilities. Spot hidden roll. 4
Healing. Remove 1 Wound. Temporary Crippled effect. Staggered. -1 every 4”. 8

Cultist. Civilian. Psi Steadfast2. Weaponmaster. 2. Total 24
Light Combat Dress Legs/Arms 2 Torso/Head 3 14
Radium Rifle (hunting needler) (3) Silent. 2 Handed. 8

Cultist Flamer Civilian. Psi Steadfast2. Marksman. 5. Total 24
Light Combat Dress Legs/Arms 2 Torso/Head 3 14
Flamer (pistol) (3) Scorching. Energy. Short range. 5

Small Worm Civilian Big. Fast 3. Insectoid. Psi Weaponmaster3. 27 Total 41
Light Combat Dress Legs/Arms 2 Torso/Head 3 14

Miss Virginia Bottoms-Worthy. Civilian Lucky. Light worlder. Medic. -1

Scenery. I chickened out of cutting the remaining 4 tiles.  I need to ponder. I slapped some paint in the oasis, tried drybrushing - that works well.  I also added lighter tones to my Croms Anvil campsite and a slightly dirty slap over my Brigade building that never looks painted.  Most of this was dry by start of game.  Giant Martian worm corpse from Wilco's.

The Game. I took the Cultist and set up in the middle of the board.  The poor captive is being informed of her wrong doing by the Priest.  The worm waits patiently.  I know we've flogged Rescue to death.  Get over it.  You'll note that again I'm treating the captive as an 0 point NPC.  Chose Surrounded by hostiles as the complication.  But as Tony never rolled-.  And yes, that is a tape measure.  No, we don't often use one.

Tony chose his edge  and gave me one reaction that I actually got!  I spotted the Captain.

V has spotted movement and stalks cautiously forward.

S goes in bold, encounters Captain Gordon, shoots and wounds him.

Smith shoots the cultist, preparing to move in with the medical aid.

Hearing the shots, the cultists grab the struggling miss and start to drag her towards the worms gaping gob.

Lagagee gets in close, real close.

Manners hops in, drops a whoosh-bang, shoots the flame carrier, putting him out-of-action and backs off.

Lagagee suffered a wound from V and makes his way to the medical orderly who is failing to treat the Captain.  He gets fed up with waiting and goes hunting.

Manners puts down V,  Lagagee takes a pot shot at the worm.

"Unhand that Lady!"  Despite his wound, lagagee goes in hand to hand.  He gets the worst of it until he's able to disarm and cut.

W has dragged the poor girl to the dinner table!

Manners is 'aving none of that!  He pokes the putrid worm in the head.  Aghast, the Priest does the terrorist fox trot alpha.  W pulls the poor girl into the ruins, using her as a human shield, the swine!

Smith, having finally patched up the Captain, moves forward.

Manners has a quandary.  He wants to free the girl, but the cultist has her in his grip!  Instead, he steps up to T and shoves his bayonet through the back of his skull.

Lagagee shoots the Priest in the back of the head-.

The last remaining cultist is invited to surrender the young lady-.  Will Manners or Lagagee get the just reward?  What do you think?

That was different.  I should try green rather than civilian, one more rather than armoured.

There wasn't time for a second game.  Larger than normal table as larger than normal movement.  Interesting how little the cultists moved.