Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Heavy model basing on CD

Here are a couple on Animechs from Rebel Miniatures.  Unlike plastic kits, these are solid lumps of lead to be affixed via very small feet. 

Excuse my poor pics, these are from my Kindle which boasts a very basic camera.

My "go-to" for medium sized scenery & bigger models is old CD's.  Here's a quick menu:

Marking out the base then cutting it out by using decent scissors and dipping them in water.

Here is generic no-more nails from Poundland.  It's my source of ALL basing and modelling.

It works very well on CD's, even a very thin layer is rosust enough to withstand years of use.

Todays cardboard of choice a packet of commemorative humbugs from the Battle of Bannockburn.  I hadn't realised until doing this that they were a good year out of date when purchased.

Top hole covered.

To help with handling I add an under layer.

This is just visible in the finished product - even less so when the model is added.

Now a decent layer is added.  In the back you can see a batch of (Rebel) undead pirates also based using no more nails.

Left to dry overnight, a base coat of Wilko's tester-pot On Deck.  A good coating of (Poundland) PVA fixes Geek Games rubble mixed with red earth.  I took care to blend in the grey dust from the rubble.  

I needed something to "interact" with the legs, so a couple of bits from this Alternative Armies bits pack added, then everything sealed by a good soaking with extra hold hairspray.

First tests.

Of course as soon as I pick the Skorpoin up the tail stinger comes off!  Both of these are undercoated in gesso.  i don't do spray paint as I've nowhere to use it.

I found the undercoat too light, so I stippled a dark ink to break it up.

 First one finished!

To mount the model I slice the base down to the CD so the let sits inside the base then use liberal amounts of superglue & baking soda to fix.