Thursday, 29 August 2019

OAAH Martian border fort worm besieged

Now for a most complicated scenario. This may go wrong, but who dares enjoys.

In 6 months I'll be a year older and doing a participation game for the first time in a couple of decades or so.  Sounds long way off, but that's 5 payments.  Stuff to buy, stuff to make.  

Tick, tock.


Here we have a border fortress protected by artillery and a few troops. A strong cavalry force is on the way to break the siege.

The Invaders.

Priest General 3 2 4 Spellcaster, Summon monster, Bolster, Chaos = 84 (when “4” costed 63)
Summon monster 3 actions. 1 per game. Own area, immediate activation.
Bolster 1,2,3 actions, 1 unit no range. Gains steadfast +1 morale rolls.
Chaos 2 actions, 1 square. Target unit is disordered.

Dominar Rigel 3 1 8 Sub general, Beast Lord, Shoot1, Fast, Fly, extra lives 2. 129

Cultists 5 2 5 Shoot1, Rabble 42 x 17 = 714

Huge worm 4 4 6, Monster L4 Burrowing, Trample, Fear, Fast, Extra lives 4. 214

Giant Worm 4 4 7 monster L3, Tough, Trample, Fear, Extra lives 4 199
Hits 4+ ignore. Fear, Morale 1D.

Medium worms 4 3 6 Monster L2 Tough, Fast, Extra lives 2. 3 x 123 =369

Small worms 4 2 5 Monster L1 Tough, Fast, Extra lives 1. 3 x 78 =234

Worm brood 4 3 4 Burrowing, Devastating charge, Fear, Resilient
Reroll kill 5,6.


General. 3 4 6 Mounted, Fast, Extra lives3. 125

Army Standard 3 4 6 Mounted, Fast, Extra Lives2. 98
All units may reroll 1 morale dice.

Heavy cavalry swords.

4 3 5 Mounted, Fast, Drilled, Devastating charge, Extra lives2. 2 units of 6 = 852

Heavy cavalry Lancers 

4 4 5 Mounted, Fast, Drilled, Devastating charge, Extra lives2. 1 units of 6 = 600

In Fort

Light Artillery 4 1 4 Artillery L2 38 x 3 = 114  (error- I've 2 so added an extra borderer)

Medium Artillery 4 1 4 Artillery L3 54 x 3 = 162

Heavy Artillery 4 1 4 Artillery L4 88

Captain 3 3 5 Shoot2, Inspirational Leader, Extra Lives 2 98
1 stand in same area may reroll 1 failed melee roll.

Border Infantry 4 2 5 Shoot1, Devastating charge, 43 x 2 = 86


The Game.  Singular this time.  We could have done 2 if we had pushed it.  Tony took the defenders 

and I attacked.  Frustrating for Tony as he had little to do until the cavalry arrived, so he brought his 

infantry out to tempt me under the guns.

I started my envelopment, my left doing well.

On the other flank, I get my wee worms up first.

Oh joy, here comes the cavalry before I'm ready 

for them.  We used the flank march rules, so I'd 

had  4 turns to prepare.  We used a small dice to 

keep score of turns as it's easy to lose count.

Lancers lead the way.

I had hoped to invest the fort and bring troops in close to shoot the artillery, but they wouldn't go!  So 

it was in with the worm!

Tunneling is a risky business.  The worm needs a 5 or 6 to damage the wall.  6 hits brings it down.  

But a 1 takes a life.

The cavalry assemble, all bar the General.

Oh come on!  But at least no more lives lost.

This was our most confusing fight to date, each having 2 lives and the worms different stats.

2 worms and 1 cavalry go down.  But the casualties are equal.  The cavalry push back the worms.

I keep forgetting that there's a rule for disorganised monsters.  They go like elephants, off in any 

direction and will attack anything they hit.

Now I get my other burrowing unit at the side wall.  They are slightly more effective than the other, 

causing 1 damage.  Then the artillery open up and 2 gone.

The cavalry goes in.  Mutual destruction! 

First 2 by shooting, excellent result!


Lancers goes in to hit the worms.

2 cavalry on 1 worm and they all miss-

Worm goes back as others died.



Now the worm attacks the cavalry.

Worm does well as 1 cavalry- life gone already.

Artillery roars again and the big worm dies.

The borderers prepare to attack the depleted worms.  The worms get a reaction and attack the 

infantry, that negated their devastating charge.

The worms come off worse!

The General and Army standard finally arrive.

The cavalry roll over the 2 remaining worms.

They attack the big worm.

The banner goes down.

The beast is defeated and retires.  I remember the roll this time.

I had hopes for my General, as that whole flank had been so quiet for so long.  But no, he manages to 

scuttle into the infantry.

Now the Dominar is in a difficult position, a reaction allows him to get out of charge reach of the 


But the hunter becomes the hunted and the General is cut down by the surviving worm.

That had almost no effect on the survivors, as the inspirational leader allows morale rerolls.

But the cavalry retreat, getting a bit close to the worm!

They seek death and glory over being worm food.

They crash into the first unit, smashing them for the loss of 2.

The last unit charge into the mess and both perish!  Leaving the General alone-.

The fort survives.  A bit battered and gore stained.

I had a General, 1 infantry unit, the Dominar, 1 worm and a damaged giant worm.

Well, That worked.  Possibly a few tweaks.  Do I up-armour the cavalry?  Artillery worked.  Even 

the small borderer unit.  Worm General was no more effective as a "3" than a "4".  Best use was to 

encourage units by being in same square, then moving on.

This is a seed for my participation game.  No air element yet-.