Thursday, 16 September 2021

Of Gods And Mortals Thoth vs Osirus 2

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I'm doing this quick, the armies below are the ones not selected last week.

Quick comment on how I do movement bases. I put more rocks & shrubbery on the movement bases than the figure bases.

Using a Mediterranean base & a bare.

I thought it would be different to have an objective. The pyramid was picked up by 'er in doors earlier that day.

Thoth God 332

Legends Great Beast, General, 2 Converted 340

Mortals 16 Levy Infantry  = 192 8 Axemen  136 

Total 1,000

Osirus 256 
Legends Pharaoh Nuff, General Ass 152
Mortals Chariots 3 Axemen 5 Slaves 18  Mummies 8 592
Total 1,000

The Game.  Forces assemble.

Tony got the initiative and he swapped the position of my chariots and axe.

Then he slams his axe forward to gain the objective.

The beast comes, gets pushed back by archery.

Chariots now tactical reserve without room to manoeuvre.

I took the risk and bashed the beast on the theory that if I lost I had forces capable of getting him back.

That opens up the flank and my fast moving legends are quick to exploit, another bug gets shafted.

I move the chariots back, but the axes are in the way.

My 2 legends in tight formation and Thoth leaps in.  It was close, 1 more and I would have lost one but they are sent reeling back.

The axe avoid my slow running mummies and hits my archers.

Now it's god v god.

I'm shoved back.

Thoth picks on my general, destroyed and as is usual with chariots, bursts into flames.

Now he picks on me other archers and the other legends surge forward. 

Damn, that limits my options.  I can reach Thoth, but had nothing left to clobber.  Time for another objective.

Thoth uses the 2 reactions to move on my mummies.

I put my chariots into reverse - we have almost swapped sides.

I attempt to shoot his general - nope.  So now it's said generals turn-

Thoth demolishes my mummies.

The axe-archers fight had stalled, so Thoth stirs the pot.

Osiris hits the rear spear.

My Pharaoh finally shoots his general.

My archers melted.

My chariots - so expensive, gets their one shot at Thoth.  Meanstwhile my axes move forward on reaction.

Thoth, enraged - hits my chariots - obliterating them in a gout of flames.

"He's behind you!"  A risky long move into contact.  Thoth has a few to pray, but not many.

Archers obliterated.


Close- but Thoth hops back to his axe.

Osiris hits the spear, sends them back.

Archers reduces them further. 

Another bout with the axe praying.

We didn't get pics of the most unusual fight.  The rear spear were being whittled by my legend.  Down to 7 when my 5 axe smash into them.  Tie, each loses one.  This happens 3 times so my axe down to 2 and the spear 4.  At last I get a decent roll and 2 more go.  Then they were gone.

So that's where we left it.  Thoth had only one unit left - I had a god and a legend so I could hold the objective - just!  What saved me was the 2 cheap archer units on the hills.  Safe and praying a lot.