Friday, 20 December 2019

RS I need your help--

Suggestion. Rogue Stars Squad Theme The Pack.

Non sentient creatures, constructs or captives. An “enhanced” encounter suitable for a campaign or change of pace.
Most would be of one type, but specialists and pack leaders are possible.

I suggest no more than 4 starting traits:
Agile (3) Amphibious, Artificial, Big, Chucker, Danger sense, Difficult target, Diminutive, Extra arms, Extra legs, Fast (3), Free disengage, Heavy worder, Huge, Insectoid, Leadership (3) light worlder, Martial arts (3) Mineral, Non reactive, Perceptive, Psionic, Psionic master, Reactive, Reptiloid, Steadfast (2) Stealth (2), Tough (2), Vegetable.
Starting equipment, weapons, any logical usually used as “equivalent of”. For instance a huge wasp sting might be classed as a vibrospear. Armour represents the natural defences. Flight pack as wings.
Special. If a leader is present it may do a group activation. By spending one action (not reaction) it may activate (roll as normal, may cause reactions but all go before any turnover) as many in LOS as it has leadership, Or, if Psi master and all have Psi, any regardless of LOS equal to its Psi master. All activated as before.

Here's one I did earlier.

Giant Spiders  Opportunists - +1 reaction.
Big, Extra legs (3), Stealth (2), Reactive. = 21 Total 36
Tangler (0) Entangle (Target T10, 15 if critical, fail falls & entangled.) Built in 10.
Fangs as Vibroblade. (3) Built in 5.
Giant Spiders 6x36= 216

Frank's gang Pirates.  We added 3 grenades to equal out the points, but we didn't use them.

Frank Big, Leader2, Reptile, Reactive, Tough2, Weaponmaster2 46 Total 59
Kevlar (2 chest) 6
Molecular slugthrower (4) Auto, infinite 7

Ude Marksman2, Steadfast 15 Total 27
Kevlar (2 chest) 6
Laser pistol, (4) Blind, energy, Short. 6

Vince Marksman2, Steadfast 15 Total 27
Kevlar (2 chest) 6
SMG, (4) Auto, 6

Wully Marksman2, 12 Total 24
Kevlar (2 chest) 6
SMG, (4) Auto, 6

Xin Marksman2, Steadfast 15 Total 28
Kevlar (2 chest) 6
Zap rifle (4) Electric 2 hand, energy 7

Zed Marksman, Weaponmaster2 Reactive, Steadfast 20 Total 36
Kevlar (2 chest) 6
Plasma pistol, (4) Scorching, Energy, short range, 6
Vibroblade (3) 4

Scenery.  Mixture of really, really old (mostly) Snapdragon and new Brigade models latest desert stuff courtesy of the sale.

I tried a different method.  I primed with gesso then, when nearly dry, I painted with a mix of gesso & tester paints.  I'm rather pleased with the result. 

The Game.  The objective was to seize terrain, but that sort of went out of the window.  We did a "meet & greet" rather than have the bugs in place.

I took the spiders - damn they go fast!

Straight on, straight in - webbed (tangled, marked with red marker) and dragged!

Hopping, hiding-.

Oooops!  fell off!


Spider killed, captive freed.  Yes you're supposed to have a specialist tool to remove a tangler, but this is a natural product so we reasoned that a good tech roll would remove it.

Look, fresh meat!  Bang!  Doh!

Safety in numbers.

I'm safe back here, watching for targets--.

Bagged, tagged and dragged.

So this one finally gets up-

Then gets shot down!

And - up.

It's quiet, too quiet.

Being sneaky-

Big Frank hears something, goes to investigate.

Frank gets mobbed- he tries to free Xin from the clutches-.

1 for Frank-.

But he's down, support arrives.

Vince takes over rescue duties, gets there eventually.

Zed gets jumped, but drops the angry arachnid artfully.

Wully holds the rear and gets jumped.

Wully is dragged off.

Rescue!  And that ends that.  Decent game! Playing a non-sentient leads you to research behavior and extrapolate.  Tony's approach is different.  I webbed first, he bit first.

Game 2.  Tony turn to take the spiders.  I tried 1 spotter 1 shooter and overlapping fields of fire.

I didn't give away too many reactions.  Now they come-.

Keep clear of the buildings-.

The hunter becomes the hunted.

Hopping up, gets shot!

There IS contact betwix the extended and the unextended.

Hold the centre.



Then up & away.

My turn!


Keep clear of the buildings!




Super Spider!  Super Spider!  Does anything a spider wants!

She's up, Frank's down!

1 meal delivered off-table.

Frank's webbed!  Doomed!

But here comes rescue!  Bug down, Frank dewebbed and up.

They're still out there-.

Watch your six!  Bitten, webbed, dragged.

Frank's close, real close - but no clear shot.  He calls for backup.

Once the troops are gathered.

Bang!  Rescued!

The gang assembled.

Eek!  just when you thought it was safe--.

Bitten and down.


A long shot just misses.

Jumped - but they're getting used to it.

He hops back then shoots.

That finished it, the remaining 2 simply cannot get close.

I hope you enjoyed that.  We did.  The advantage of these rules is that you can use all those odd figures and an excuse for yet more.

Please, dip into yer tucker bags, find some bits and then try this.  Please, pull it apart!  But, above all, tell us how you get on!