Sunday, 23 June 2019

Morvellan, Dalek civil & Time Wars

This is going to be a background rather than a campaign. I have plans, I just need the money to buy the toys!

I have to thank Dennis Smith of  for his enthusiastic support. 

 We are fellow travelers on parallel roads.

Needless to say I’ll be using Rogue stars for the small stuff and my Flying Lead Light at first. Come the glorious Harder Than Steel------------------------------------------------------------------.

Most accounts agree that the Movellans* and the Daleks encountered each other while both sides were expanding their interstellar empires and immediately engaged in a war which lasted for centuries.

This war was contemporary with the Time War. In a linear sense, it lasted for at least 400 years. Fought throughout countless time periods, however, it more accurately lasted an eternity.

As the empires' respective warfleets were evenly matched, neither side's purely logical battle computers could find a successful strategy for an attack against the other and so the two fleets remained locked in a stalemate, constantly manoeuvring and probing for weakness but never actually firing a single shot.

In an attempt to win the war, the Daleks returned to their homeworld of Skaro to seek their creator Davros  before the Movellans used a Nova Device**. Hoping Davros would reprogram their battle-computers, the Daleks revived him and a small battle was fought on the planet.

The war continued with the Movellans developing a virus that attacked and destroyed the insulation used by the Daleks. This virus effected a turning point in the war, reducing the once-great Dalek empire to a few scattered colonies. Once more, they sought out Davros for assistance. It is unknown how the war ended but it eventually lead to a civil war between the Davros and Imperial factions.

*Movellan strength came from their organisation structure. Without a militaristic background they were quickly able to adapt their bodies and society to a total war footing. These androids were well-programmed and, like the Daleks, had a hierarchical system. They were exterminated during the war.

**Nova device. This machine could alter the molecular structure of the atmosphere, making the atoms flammable.

Late war model Morvellans

At the beginning of the war original civilian model Morvellans  developed the Time Warp.


Friday, 21 June 2019

15mm Dalek Second Empire armoured task force using DRS vehicles

Landing Zone 3, second continent Huur's World.  

Day 3.

Second Empire Commander Drill watched his task force land like venomous autumnal leaves.

The vehicles are stained and marked with the life and weaponry of a dozen words.  no Imperial Guard these.  Exterminators.

Transolars flit around like angry insects, intent on their missions.

As they disembarked veterans acknowledged him with a mere dip of an eyestalk, a raised manipulator or weapon as they scan the horizons for threats.  The newer hatchlings react differently.  Some are stunned by the open vista.  Others are ultra eager.  Yet more show a wary optimism and try to imitate the veterans.

All is noted.  Assessed.

You can only look at wargaming porn for so long.  So I was forced to purchase a load of these:

I got a freebe!  I'd entered into a dialogue about what I wanted.  I'm not going to say more but watch this space.  I expect you're familiar with Second Empire?

No- Do you want to know more?

Two sniper teams receive a debrief before embarking.  This IFV has been modified for urban/close support.  Its anti vehicle weapon replaced with a second plasma gun.

Transolars and 2 STORM class Heavy Weapons.

Now I need a pilot & a windshield.  One weapon is from its original turret, the second harvested from the AA vehicle/IFV's.

This one comes with its own strong built-in movement base.

An IFV is escorted down by an older style heavy transolar.  These need serious work & repaint.
This vehicle's guns are set to the rear travel/overwatch position.

MBT.  I made a mistake, I should have reversed the turret for a more Dalek look.  Not it needs something mounted here, probably a sensor/ECW weapon.  You'll note that I use mine backweards, using the dome section as the engine compartment.

SLAM vehicle, my favourite.  These come with a flying base, but I've copied an idea from Matt Hay who mounts his Slammers blowers on 2mm thick bases.  Here I've used 2x2p's.  The expense!  I've got stuff to do move bases of varying height and the coins will slot in.

 The 2 ends of the weapon are different.  Love the mount which cries out for something else to be mounted.

Infantry Khurasan's Exterminators.

Other bits vehicles mostly GZG with lots of scratchbuilding.

IFV, the AA vehicle.  Love the central dome on the turret, which is why I'm using them as IFV's.  DFV's?

Out of the packet, minor modifications only.

RS Ogron Pirates vs Imperalist Daleks.

I'm being a bit lazy with scenery ATM.  Need alternative bikkies!

This was a simple grab-the-objective game.

Base area is no-go, rubble piles are impassable/climbable and block LOS.

Problem with my urban/undead bases- they blend in just a bit too well!

Ogron Pirates Determined 4 remove stress tokens 0000 .
+1 as target, +1 combat Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”

Captain Ron, 3 pirates and 2 support weapons.

Captain Ron Big, Leadership2, Marksman1, Martial arts2, Reactive, Tough, Veteran 42
Plasma pistol, (4) Kevlar jacket jacket Torso 2 8

'arry Big, Martial arts2, Tech1, Reactive, Tough, 22
Intrusion kit +2 tech roll, 4
Monowire scythe damage 3 armour 1pt less Cleave, opponent OOA critical hit 8

Driscoll Brothers, Vin-I and Spine-I
Big, Ampidextrous, Fire into melee, Marksman2, reactive, tough, 41
2xPlasma pistol, (4) 6, Kevlar jacket 6 12 53 each

Pistoleer Big, Fire into melee, Marksman (2) Martial arts (1) Reactive, Tough, 33
Plasma pistol (4) 6, Kevlar2, 6 12

Pirate Big, Marksman (2) Martial arts (1) Reactive, Tough, 28
Kevlar2, 6 Heavy blaster (6) 8 14

Gunner Big, Marksman (2) Reactive, Tough2 , 36
Kevlar2, 6 Machine gun (5) 10 16

Imperial Daleks. Cyborgs.
Tactical discipline Cool under fire 8 -1pin. Armour3 Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”

Not affected by bolster,encourage, guidance, mindbolt, mindscream, nightmares, mind control.

+1 spotting. Halve distance if aimed shot.

Black top, 2 regular, 2 green drones.

Force Commander Leadership2, Marksman1 18 Total 58
Light Power Armour Legs/arms 3 Body/head 5 25
Bionic eyes 4
Combat computer 4 1 action Tech Tn10, Crit +3, success +2 to hit.
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7 =40

Black Dalek Leadership1, Marksman1 12 Total 52
Light Power Armour Legs/arms 3 Body/head 5 25
Bionic eyes 4
Combat computer 4
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7 =40

Blacktop sub-commander Leadership1 Marksman1 12 Total 48
Light Power Armour Legs/arms 3 Body/head 5 25
Bionic eyes 4
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7 =36

Drone Marksman1 Green -2 Total 34
Light Power Armour Legs/arms 3 Body/head 5 25
Bionic eyes 4
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7 =36

Science Red Dalek Leadership1 Marksman1 Tech3 Robotech 3 =30 Total 66
Light Power Armour Legs/arms 3 Body/head 5 25
Bionic eyes 4
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7 =36

Redtop Tech Dalek Marksman1 Tech2 = 14 Total 55
Light Power Armour Legs/arms 3 Body/head 5 25
Intrusion kit 4 +2 tech roll
Bionic eyes 4
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7 =40

I'll plan out more as we go on.

The Game.   Tony took the Ogrons and the initiative.  I'd provided 2 entrances but he chose one & moved up in a bunch.

I send my 2 greens E & F as a flanking force to my right.

The support weapons open up at long range.

That makes me dive for the limited cover and Tony try for a shot.  We had a lot of misses-.

But firepower will tell-.

Look!  big numbers!  Didn't do me any good though-.

Hard to outflank in open terrain.

My flankers quietly, hesitantly move up.  F has to be rallied after a poor morale roll.

Rewenge!  Exterminate!  Advance! Rewenge!  Exterminate!  Advance! Rewenge!  Exterminate!  Advance! 

2 can play that game-.

Captain Ron is down, badly hurt- his parrot is distraught!

Objective seized!


It had to be F-, greenest of me greens.  Just hatched yesterday, still sore from the implants.

The Captain's up.  Sore, hurting, but up.  Hard bastard yer Ogron.

No!  My black top eats hot deuterium and dies--!

The Captain has it.

Game 2.  We had just enough time (damn youtube!) for a second game.  So, swapsies and I got everybody on then gave up the initiative.

Tony comes on fast & central.

Oh calamity! The black top goes down to the support gunners.

Now E is green.  He's facing 2 grizzled Ogrons with bloody great support weapont at close range-.


And 2.  Tanj!

But we've got him surrounded and out-gunned!  Still!

All the help is at the back Hah!

Cover, dammit!

More long range shooting.  The white base doesn't allow movement or block LOS.

Got one!

Poor cover, but it's a start.  Rush up and shoot the Captain!

Remember this?

Rushing in another one gets shot on reaction.

Now it's F again-.

An Ogron rushes in-

Another one for the green team!

Carnage!  As the smoke from burning bodies clears, it's the (ex) green Daleks who get the objective.

Different!  Love a surprise ending-.