Friday, 21 April 2017

OGAM Uji the finale- ruined temple

The last of our trilogy mini-series on the Gampei War.

Well, until the next one.

Didn't get where I am today without doing a trilogy in 4 parts.

No excuses for this one, more playtesting of new nasties from the Sengoku range. Well, it sort of did. Have you noticed my success rate in cunning plans?

Here we go-. I decided to give Raijin an all-inhuman, non male force to lessen Amaterasu's abilities.

Raijin, God of Thunder 368 points Q2 C4 Lightning, Weather Control, Flying, Long Move, Hammering Blow

Nue A flying evil spirit- Legend. Q3 C3 Flying, Combat master, Long move. @116
(OOOOps, wrong figure! Never mind, no going back now until another can be adapted)

Bake-Neko, giant cat goblin shugenja. 100 points Q3 C3 Big, Stealth, Ambusher, Forester, cull the weak (These cats were supposed to raise the dead, so I suggested that if the cat dies, the skellies sink into dust as seen in all the best films. This made Tony use it very cautiously)

Greater Centipede Demon Q4 C4 Armoured, Big, Poison @80

Jorogumo, Spider Woman, Legend Q3 C2 Labyrinth @60

Ushi Oni spider goblins, Q4 C3, Dashing, Long, Poison @38 4x38= 152
Undead 16 points Q4 C2 Undead, Short Move 8x16= 128
Undead archers 21 points Q4 C2 Undead, Short Move Shooter (Medium) 4x21 =84

God 368
Legends 356
Mortals 354

I'd forgotten the extra 20% with the Temple Under Seige scenario. I added these as a quick solution Mounted Goblins Q4 C2 Ambusher, Drunkard, Long, Shoot (Medium) 31points 4x31= 124.
About a 100 points short. Oooops.

Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun 212 points Q2 C3 Burst of Light, Breathtaking Beauty

Warlord 144 points Q3 C3 Armoured, Mounted, Long Move, Shooter (Long), Bard

Legendary Hero Q3 C3 Armoured, Shooter (Long), Mounted ,Long Move, Good Shot and Legendary Shooter 136

Hero Q3 C3 Armoured, Shooter (Long) Good Shot @90

Wanyudo Q5 C1 Cull the Weak. @30 (Cheap as chips, it occurred to me in play it was the equivalent of a magical IAD. A good points maker-upper)

Samurai Q4 C2 Armoured, Mounted, Long Shooter (Long) and Good Shot 4x47 = 188
Followers Q4 C2 8x15 points = 120
Follower Archer Q4 C2 Shooter (Medium) 8x 20 points = 160

God 212
Legend 400
Mortal 468

The game. As stated above, I chose the Temple Under Seige scenario. I ended up as defender and placed scenery. As my one unit on table I chose my legendary hero. Good choice, but I never expected him to survive so long! I use dice to number each edge, giving my preferences 5&6, as if I could roll that high.
"Come on then yer Bastards, I'll take you all on!"

Tony was even more cautious than normal with his setup. From this solid block he sent in his Nue and centipede. I killed the Nue on reaction then the centipede on initiative switch. Next in was the skeletons who made a steadied arc of progress.

Now at last I got to bring some on! From my left, the Wanyudo and a unit of follower archers and 'er.

Opposite, the other follower archer stared up at Raijin's bum from a bit closer than they liked-.

My right got the lions share and I sent my followers rushing to the fray as everything of Tony's was concentrating on my left.

The spider-lady set upon my cavalry (hoping to emulate the minotaurs success with labyrinth) but came off worse.

Amaterasu stalked towards the centre, expecting this to be the main battle.

Raijin zaps my legendary hero, hits and kills my foot-hero then stalked in on my cavalry, getting pushed back. He then lightnings my warlord dead and retreats before Amaterasu, but she magages to catch him and deadeds him for the first time.

On the other flank, I managed to get my first archers out of the way and “set off” the Wanyudo, taking out 2 Ushi, a good exchange of points, 30 takes out 76. However, now the Bake-Neko now leaps onto the Wanyudo from ambush, easily killing it, then dives between my infantry to set of its cull the weak, killing 4 (½) my followers and an archer. That's the most successful attack we can remember. Ouch.

Meanstwhile, back at the main bit Amaterasu is cornered between Raijin and the skeletons and dies- but is brought back by prompt action by the cavalry.

"You've just help kill a God- how do you feel?
Once again it comes down to the all-or- nothiing, Amaterasu wallops Raijin and there's only one unit who can bring him back, so everyone descends on it-. Well I say everyone, not a lot left!

“Filling out” the Legends, linking them to mortals has a real game effect. Worth doing. Real fun with the new types, I think I'm on the right track. New buildings, new figures, new gods. Proper job. Watch this space for more skeletons and a possible revamp of my earlier “Ogam going to hell”.