Monday, 30 April 2018

RS Nazi Zombies vs the Brains From Uranus

A little ramble.  You can ignore this bit. I've been wargaming since I was about 17.  Things have changed.  So have I.  Now you may have noticed that I have a mercurial mind.  I have thoughts, scheming is first nature.  There are competitive wargamers, that's not for me.  I see the process as engaging in a progressive venture with both my opponent and the games designer.  That's why I get on so well with Ganesha games.  They get better, more engaging.  Sometimes you get caught by something subtle and unexpected. 

I often forget about tactical disciplines.  I used them below and one had a real effect, determining a course of action that would not usually happen in a one-off game*.  I gave the Nazi's Blitzkrieg,  but it didn't work, I won both the initiative and got the first grab.  The brains got Gestalt, again no great surprise. So the boss had an easy time encouraging a figure, but then the first one died.  Everyone got stressed and the whole party started to slow down.

This the second trial game for my upcoming campaign.  Worth doing, some tinkering, painting and lettering to do.  I thought the coloured flightstands would show up enough for identification. Wrong.

I rolled for the mission- 3, bodyguard.  Each side had a non combatant brain thing ready for such use.  Here's the Nazi one (paint on base still wet) in the campaign it's the gestalt creature from which a segment inhabits the zombie shell, animating and controlling.  This gives the Nazis the incentive to capture and recruit.

I'd already decided to use Crystal forest  and got complication 2 (yes I rolled!) -1 psi.  I took that as another effect of the forest.  Being "tuned in".

This is one of those rare occasions when all the figures used are from one supplier, Alternative Armies.  Both new releases that pushed my silly-buttons.  I got a couple of the Inkwen weapon sprues to good avail, providing SMG's, boomenbangen and pointysticks. Although there's this one (no, I haven't finished painting) that will be used in the campaign that's (bottom) half GZG.

And then a friend uploads this, how spooky is that!

Brains from Uranus. Gestalt tactical discipline.

Indigo Difficult target, Leader1, Marksman 1, Psi, Psi master3, 35
Bionic Body +1 armour, electrical weapons +2 Bionic Arm +1 armour, 1 attack Crunch in unarmed combat if hits by 2 or more, destroys hand held or other equipment plus damage 1. 11
Sonic pistol (2) built-in 7 Ignores armour unless sealed. Bolster 1 +1 morale when linked
Encourage 4 +1 activation when linked Guidance 4 +1 reaction when linked 65

Green Difficult target, Marksman 1, Psi, 13 Bionic body & arm 11 Sonic pistol (2) built-in 7 31

Orange Difficult target, Marksman 1, Psi, 13 Bionic body & arm 11 Sonic rifle (3) built-in 8 32

Purple, Difficult target, Marksman 1, Psi, 13 Bionic body & arm 11 Sonic pistol (2) built-in 7

Yellow Difficult target, Marksman 1, Psi, 13 Bionic body & arm Laser pistol (4) Flamer pistol (5)
Detect weakness 2 within 12”, +1 damage. 43

Zombie Nazis. Cult. Tactical discipline Blitzkreig  
(I hope you appreciate my attempts at historical accuracy!)

Kaptain Redskull Leader1, Psi, Psi master2, Masksman1 Reactive 28
Blink 6 when hit, dodge Tn15 moves 2”, fail, 1 stress +1 damage
Encourage 4+1 activation when linked
Guidance 4+1 reaction when linked 65
Kinetic strangle 10 Tn14, 8” 2dam ignore armour & cover.
Mindsceam 10 roll everyone 5” 1pin, 1 stress, wound if critical. No endure.
Teleportation 8 -2 carry load, D20 distance 42

Boomenbangentroopen Adolf Psi, Marksman1, steadfast3 18 2x stun grenade 8

Shootentroopen Psi, Marksman1, steadfast3 18 SMG (4) 6
Boris, Fritz, Graf, Hans

Pointystickgruptroopen. Carl, Psi, Weaponmaster3, nonreactive, steadfast3 15 2 handed sword (3) 2

The Game.  I won the initiative, despite Blitzkrieg, so Tony had the VIP and set his troops in place.

"You lose it here unt iche bein und whole world of hurt".

A very quick encounter, my lead runs smack into Kaptain Redskull.

He tries to dodge but fails.  But is able to heroicly teleport out of harm.

My troops gather.  The reason why the Kaptain didn't use Mindscream becomes clear later.


Adolph lines up his Boomenbangen but misses at point blank range.  Twice.

Graf gets got.  He's down and in a bad way.

Now comes the hero. Boris stems up.

Encouraged by the boss, yellow steps up to get 5 straight fails including a 1.  That allows Boris to put Purple down (I think there's a song in there?)

Boris is pummeled by sonic weapons, Boris goes down, leaving Adolph as the front line.  But he puts Yellow down but not out.

A long shot from Hans destroys Oranges weapon.  So it decides* to drag the wounded Yellow out of line of fire.  They eventually make it off-table.

3 attempts by the Kaptain to kinetically strangle Green all ends in failure.  Fritzis called up to replace the downed Hans.

Indego faces down Adolph, covering the retreat.

Fritz downs Green with extreme predudice.  With the wounded getting off board that just leaves Indego.

Adolph uses the Boomenbangen as a blunt instrument.

 The Gestalt emerges with its bodyguard.

Fritz rushes in, but gets clobbered, but that allows Adolph to pummel Indego down!

Good game! But stress by the bucket load! The Nazis more primitive but robust weaponry carried the day.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

RS Snakes and Daleks, oh my!

Decided that if I'm going to run a campaign, I'm going to need to test the designs so we have a "handle" on the forces.  I'm doing them as I get too 'em rather than being organised

Scenario 11 Control Terrain.  Dense Terrain. Complication "it's Personal".  Had to be the Blacktop, random got Nnancii.
Astagar. Merchants. These stealthy corporates make use of robots and mercenaries.  I didn't get to finish painting these.

Trail Boss Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman1, Reptiloid, (17) Leader 2, Reactive 34
Claws 1 Zap Pistol (3) 3

Ssid Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman1, Reptiloid, (17)
Claws 1 Zap Pistol (3) 3

Nnancii Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman1, Reptiloid, (17)
Claws 1 Zap Pistol (3) 3

Dugee Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman2, Reptiloid, (17) Tough 31
Claws 1 Submachine gun (4) 6

Techee Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman1, Reptiloid, (17) Medic2 Tech2 Robotech2 35
Claws 1
Ogron mercenary, Marksman (2) Martial arts (1) Reactive, Tough, 27
Plasma pistol, damage 4 Kevlar jacket jacket Torso 2
Heavy blaster (6) 8 kevlar jacket 6 14

Total 200

Really please that RPE took up the Critical Mass range.  These are the civvy/mercs.  I'm very, very tempted to get the military.  Come the next sale!

Daleks. Cyborgs. Original style Skaro model.

Force Commander Artificial, Leadership2, Marksman1 Tough1 36
Bionic eyes 4 Combat computer 4 8
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7

Black Dalek Artificial, Fire into melee, Leadership1, Marksman2 Reactive, Tough1 46
Bionic eyes 4 Combat computer 4 8
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7

Blacktop sub-commander Artificial, Fire into melee Leadership1 Marksman2 Reactive, Tough1 46
Bionic eyes 4
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7

Drone Artificial, Marksman1 Tough1 24
Bionic eyes 4
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7

Science Red Dalek Artificial, Leadership1 Marksman1 Tech3 Robotech 3 Tough1 48
Bionic eyes 4
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7

Redtop Tech Dalek Artificial, Marksman1 Tech2 Robotech 2 Tough1 36
Intrusion kit 4
Bionic eyes 4
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7

Dalek force Blacktop & 4 Drones. 198

From Dalek Risk.  Rebased, repainted.

Tony took the Astagar.  Nnancii zooms ahead.

I go more slowly on reactions.

"They're out there, I can smell 'em"

Sneaking, quietly slalking.

Ogron goes down.  Hurt, but not out.


Ssyd knocked down, then exterminated.  Dalek teamwork.

Daleks looking good!

Dugee goes for a shot - jammed gun!  Tech!

Lining up shot, even some cover.



Gun sorted, Dugee takes out a drone.

The Ogron groans his way back up.

And aims, gets a head shot, takes out the Blacktop.

Trailboss heroically leading from the rear.

Ogron takes out a drone.

Medic goes to aid of Nnancii, gets her up &drags away.

Ogron advances.

Takes out another Drone from behind.

1 Dalek left, I'm done!  And it had been going so well!

Game 2, half time change ends.

Astagar once again take the initiative,  I push 'em down the centre.

Ogron again!

Damn, 11", good shot-.

A drone comes on using a reaction, giving the Ogron a target-.

Nnancii again.

Spaghetti Western film score here.


Ogron Down, he has been Exterminated!

Now its Ssyds turn!

When the hunter becomes the hunted.

Dalek down.

And another one!

The boss rolls a 1, gun jammed!  Rushes out and grabs Ssyds.

And that's it, Daleks broken-.

Not sure how I'm going to upgrade the Daleks-.