Monday, 29 October 2018

RS Inspector Roughly vs the Wintergreens.

Welcome!  We bid you welcome!

Here is the first of a small series.  We celebrate this sacred time of Samhain.

Lettuce first introduce you to the players.  The first two are today's contestants in a double orgy of death!

Wintergreens Miners
Big Bud Big, Chucker2, Extra legs2, Lead1, Tough3, Vegetable 47 total 66
Forceflail, (4) disarm, clumsy, energy built in 9
Tangler built in 10

Bud Big, Chucker2, Extra legs2, Tough2, Vegetable 33 total 51
Forceflail, (4) disarm, clumsy, energy built in 9
Tangler built in 10

Little Buds Extra legs2, Tough1, Vegetable 16 total 25
Forceflail, (4) disarm, clumsy, energy built in 9

Big Bud, Bud, 3 little Buds 202

Sweeney Todd (Flying Squad) Star Cops.

Inspector Roughly & 3 Constables 194

Inspector Roughly Leadership 3, Marksman 2, Reactive, 35. Total 55
Pistol, 3 Fragmentation grenades. 15

Constables Chucker 2, Marksman 3, Reactive, 29 Total 48
Baton 6, Pistol 5, 2 Stun grenades 8. 19

Next up we will have:

Christmass Cultists. 203
Sanity Klaws. Artificial, Big, Reactive, Psi, Leader1 25
Cyborg, Light combat dress, Powered Gauntlets 30 Total 55

Rudolf, Artificial, Extra leg, Fast3, Martial arts2, Reactive, Psi, Light combat dress,
Electrokinesis Total 35

Elfless, Marks1, Psi Psi master, Reactive. Detect weakness, Flight pack, Lt combat dress, SMG
Total 52

Future Christmas Ambidextrous, Psi, Psi master, Weapon master 3 26 Total 61
2x built in monowire blades (3) Armour piercing 18
Mindscream 17
Nightmares 10 35

Deaths n Elvira. Psionics

Elvira Leader 1 Psi, Psi master 3, Civilian, Stealth 3, 26 Total 52
Mind control

Soldier Girl Ambitextrous, Difficult target, Fast 3, Psi, React, Weapon Master 3. 44, Total 48
2 Swords (2) 4

Shooter Boy Difficult target, Fast 3, Marksman 1, React, Psi. 30 Total 35
Pistol (4) 5

Death Psi Difficult target, Fast, Marksman2, Weapon master. 26 Total 38
Fixed Vibrobayonet (3) 2 handed, 2 (to-) Hunting Needler (3) 2 handed, 4 12

Pump-kin, Ampidexterous, Psi, Diminutive,Vegetable, Weaponmaster, 21 Total 27
Sword (2) primative x2 6.

Total 200

Back to our first offering of sizzling seasonal savouries.  I'd used this plastic shelf the day before and decided to use it, as I wanted a small, tight game(s).  I laid sheets of PVA on top.  The one used as road had a subtle texture that responded well to chalk.  Yes that's it, a quick rub of chalk.  I've had some lovely comments on my scenery, but I'm a slap it on merchant, 2 bits here aren't finished.  Placement is just what feels right and the need to hold down foam.

Tony took the Wintergreens and I won the initiative.  He decided to emplace his team at strategic locations.

Here comes the Sweeney!  Doing a pony, screeching to a halt then proceeding into action.

Looking, looking - there's a dirty great big plant there, loitering with intent!

Inspector Roughly goes forth.

Sneaking, sneaking-.

First shot, first miss.

Leaping into action the super shrubbery strikes!  A 20, one dead copper.

Taking advantage of the distraction Big Bud goes in, but the constable gets a reaction and whacks 'iminis'ead like.  But this is a dangerous veg.  On the way down (so prone) lashes out at his assailant.  A 20, catches his head and his neck is broke.

Standoff, shots to little effect except causing pins.

Watch your flank, Inspector!

Big Bud seeks cover.

Sneaking ever closer-.

Inspector thinks "thats a good idea" and moves back.

The remaining constable takes a poor shot and retires.

Before he can gain cover, he's jumped!

Another reaction and another 20 (someone do the maths) and Bud is deaded.

Enboldened by this change of odds, the Inspector proceeds.

But it was a cunning trap by the cunning veg!

Meastwhile!  Constable!  He's behind you!

The inspector passes-.  The last lawman is surrounded and thumped from behind.  We draw a veil over his fate.  That was a good, fast game.  It got too involved quick, so grenades & tanglers weren't used.  More fisticuffs than normal.  Much more fun than last week and---.

Game 2 Yes, half time change ends.  That was really quick, so we decided to risk it and go for sloppy seconds.  I decided to go with a swarm (bed?) of invaders encroaching rather than emplaced. 

It's coming through the trees!

That's 5 reactions for Tony, then.  For once the gods of the dice are not with him and he gets nuffin!

So, onward my lovelies!

Rapid response team stops for potted meat sarnies and that special thermos brewed tea.

There's always one youngster goes the giddy goat.

Suitably refreshed, the inspector stretches his legs.

"Oi, wos your game?"

"Gobble gobble click!"

Dashes in and strikes him down!

Constable dashes in and strikes the plant low.

Hand break turn, skidding around the corner.

Second constable dashes up and drags the Inspectors body away.


In the nick of time, Constable Nick turns up and shoots the encroaching bud.

Here comes the veggymight hoard.

"You cannot park 'ere"  isn't having its usual effect.  Nor is shooting.  Hard bastards.

A little Bud dashes in.

Shooting takes down Bud.

Constable gets the little one.  Aim for their head, get 'em in the naughty bits!

Inspector stashed in the boot of the tourer.

An enraged Big Bud attacks, but is beaten down!

As in the last game, he attacks from below, wounding the constable.

The constable on the road attempts to shoot him as he uses his SRIMECH to rise.

That makes him the next target.  A dash and he's gone.

Then it's the turn of the wounded Constable.  Finally the last one is stalked.

As the fiend moves in to strike the Constable has a reaction.  He gets it!  A shot booms out - a 20!  I roll 1 for damage!  Lifeless, the huge horror slumps lifeless at the feet of his target.

The Constable removes his helmet, wipes his brow with a "Cor!".  Reaching for the thermos, he pours a cuppa char.  Licking the end of his pencil, he starts writing up his book.

Talk about a cliffhanger-.  Very different games than normal.  Lots of melees.  Small, crowded table works.  Real fun afternoon.