Monday, 16 March 2020

Paleo Diet First from Fireside Tales.

First times we did the basics.  Now we move forward.  There's 2 ways of doing  characters - either just the leader and survivors or all-at-once.

Here's our team:
 B  Bigfoot, not so good in shrubbery.
C  Calm.
D  Stalker
F  Shaman (Fakier!)
H Alert
J Gatherer.

I decided to adapt one of the games from Fireside Tales.  Bonanza.  2 giant Hominids - Big Yins, are looking after their parcel of pigs in the centre of the table.  I diced for placement of the scenery.

The pen denotes wind direction, thus our initial deployment.  Object is to separate 4 of the pigs and a Yin hand as a trophy.

The hunters stealthily move up.  A few reactions cause a general stir and a shuffling forward.  Except for one Yin who goes looking for trouble.

D, who's supposed to be good at this sort of thing, has 3 fails.  The Yin gets agitated, lashes out and brains J.  He then thinks "problem solved and lunch!".

Time to get the flankers moving in.  The Yin gets spooked again and goes back.

Tightening the noose and checking the dead.

These 2 fail to do what's expected, but the reactions have the desired effect.

Moving up and pig pelting.

First dead pig, rest move away.

The Yin comes in swinging, H goes down, then slain.

The first Yin goes down, no.2 moves in.


Shamen proves adept at calming the pigs, but not hitting them.

Bigfoot 2 pigs!

Back to the bundle.

Pigs wander.

Perhaps this might work-.

Another dead pig!  Shamen!  Hit it!


One wounded pig gets away.  But there's 2 dead and 1 wounded hunter.

This really is a well thought out game.  Ideal for solo play or getting kids into gaming.
Downside - no playsheet.

Next time we'll get into Paleo Pulp Proppaloadwalla.

In the meanstwhile, what happened to our team?

C  is still Calm, but cannot use positive traits.

J is Shamenised.  Loses his Gatherer ability and is lame for the next game.

H is dead,  replaced by another Stalker.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

RS The Expanse. Outbreak on Phoebe.

Warning!  This is a bit brutal.

Our warfare is usually sanitised.  Our little chaps fall down but get up to play another day.  Collateral damage is rarely addressed.  Here it's - there. 

The expanse is a great series, gives a range of scenarios and campaign threads.

But at the non military level, the range of equipment is limited.

The outbreak on Phoebe.  All we know is that everyone died.  But at least one sample got away on a ship, then everyone died.

Here is the outbreak in action.  There are 4 factions trying to survive.
The civilians without protection and weapons.

Corporates - security, medics and helpers trying to get samples (and themselves) away.  They win if 1 medical & 1 carrier makes it to the hanger.

Base security.  They have grabbed the airlock and are trying to get away.

The "Odds".  Those quick witted enough to grab protection and weapons.  They too are trying to get out of here.

Rules.  Any damage means a compromised suit.  Hazard suits have no armour value.
any character rolling a 1, any unprotected within 6" get a dose of the virus & go down writhing.

3 way.  1 side holds initiative.  Any reactions 2 opposing sides dice for reaction and/or initiative.

Figures.  Civilians all GZG.  Others all Alternative Armies, who have just brought out exactly the right figures.

Corporate Merchants. 201 5 Firepower, Hail of Fire no -2.

The 3 Techs. B, J, G. Tech2 Medic Hazard Suit 11 Total 13 = 39

Binny, Veteran, Marksman2, Weaponmaster3, Tough, Reactive. 40 Total 55
Hazard Suit 2
Kevlar Torso 2 3
SMG 4 Automatic. 3

Cop, Marksman2 Leader 2 Reactive. 29 Total 41
Hazard Suit 4
Kevlar Torso 2 3
Pistol 4 Short Range. 3

Din, Fin, Gin, Hin. Marksman 6 Total 14 = 56
Hazard Suit 2
SMG 4 Automatic. 3
Kevlar Torso 2 3

Carriers  C,D,F,H,K.  Hazard Suit 2 = 10

Base Security Cops. 198 Burst Discipline. 4 Reload.
R Leader, Medic3, Xenologist 17 Total 26
Pistol 4 Short Range. 3
Bayonet 2 Primitive 2
Hazard Suit 4

J,K,L,M,X,U. Low Grav, Marksman 9 Total 22 = 132
Hazard Suit 4
SMG 4 Automatic. 6
Kevlar Torso 2 3

Low Grav, Marksman2 Veteran Tough 27 Total 40
Machine Gun 5 Heavy, 2 handed. 10
Kevlar Torso 2 3

The “Odds”. 194 Opportunity fire +1 all shots on Reaction.

H Leader, Marksman Medic3, Xenologist 22 Total 31
Pistol 4 Short Range. 3
Bayonet 2 Primitive 2
Hazard Suit 4

M Low Grav. Marksman 2 Reactive 18 Total 26
Hazard Suit 4
Kevlar Torso 2 3
Pistol 4 Short Range. 3

L, Y. Low Grav, Marksman, Reactive 12 Total 25 = 50
Hazard Suit 4
SMG 4 Automatic. 6
Kevlar Torso 2 3

D Low Grav, Marksman2, Reactive, Tech 2 Veteran 32 Total 47
Hazard Suit 4
Kevlar Torso 2 3
Hunting Needler 3 Silent, 2 handed, 8

Z Marksman 2 Reactive, Tough. 25 Total 40
Hazard Suit 4
Kevlar Torso 2 3
Flamer 5 Scorching, 2 handed, Energy. 8

The Map.  Quite simple as everyone is concentrating on getting out.  The end of the "Y" is the entrance to the hanger.  At the start the leader of base security is trying to open it.  He fumbles and 2 civilians go down to the virus.

More civilians go down.

The Odds move up.

Corporates take the initiative and move up.  Problem with big numbers - you accumulate a lot of counters--.

The machine gun opens up, killing one civilian and sending the rest running towards the Odds, who form a solid barrier.

The corporate security vet gets into range, misses.

Which is unfortunate, as bursts of MG fire licks down the hall.

The civilians are herded back towards the security and slaughtered by rifle butt, machine gun and virus.

One of the carriers runs for it on morale.  Both sides edge closer to security.

The hatch is open!  Security pour through under cover of the MG.

Shut!  Locked!  Combination changed.

The Odds surge forward, but their leader gets wounded then killed by the virus just as help reaches for him.

Corporates try and move up stragglers.

Point, then flamer is taken out next.

Security needed at the pointy end--.

Mad dash for the hatch.

Medical assistance - and help at last.

Frantic button pushing.

2 security go down in a hail of fire.

The vet comes off worse.

The last Odd standing "thank you, please continue opening that hatch".