Friday, 29 December 2017

FL Crustys vs revolting native cultists!

Oh my hooby froobs.  I'm going to ramble a bit.  You may discourse with me, sit back with a fine mug of steaming brown meths, or skip.

This game is set in the 1980's - ancient history to a lot of you.  The First Gulf War.  A historical backwater to all but the service personnel who gave up their lives.

I had occasion to travel into the north, then a deprived land full of unemployment and resentment.  I read in the Guardian (newspaper, remember them?)  how Iraq was rebuilding.  In every village and town the mosque came first, before hospitals, schools and houses.  Travelling on an intercity then a local service train I noted that every stop had its dirty, unkempt 2-up-2-down terrace houses over which towered the football stadium.

Now in this country we (that is to say the great sheep herd) have 2 ball games.  One is played by kicking a ball.  At this time the game was a heaving pile of right-wing excuses for violence against anyone who did not look right.  This boiled down to anyone not wearing the right coloured shirt.

The other game is played with a bat and ball at such a pace to invoke mass amnesia, so does not attract such violence.  It does promote the practice of throwing small balls at people.

Thus is my reason for the division of the cultists into 2 camps.

Now - The Plot!
Astute, avid and regular readers will note that the Doon't Pit location is being flogged again.  Have I no shame?  Can this be bought in 15mm?

The Crustys had seen off Captain Red and his Sheyang crew.  This leaves them with a depleted force, wounded and a couple of walkers.  In one respect they partially solve each other.  Put a wounded trooper in a walker, let its onboard first aid systems work and you've a functioning machine.

Now lettuce pay attention to the locals.  All this banging and crashing, coming and going!  Scaring the whippets and pigeons!

Here you see my attempt at the inner- the grey, harsh terrain you've seen before.  I've added the outer.  A devastated wasteland, all that's left of centuries of human endeavor, toil and suffering.  Remnants of a poor community torn asunder and ethnically cleansed for not supporting the government.

I've beefed up the Crustys with a door-holding force.  The others will come out in a random manner.

Crustie Rescue Crew- outgoing

Points 96Quality 4+Combat 4
Special RulesArmored +3 (Medium), Gyro Stabilization, Long Move, Off-Road, Vehicle
Anti Personel/light armour
Armor Piercing, Auto Fire, Combat +4, Lethal vs. Soft Targets, Move & Shoot, Range: Long, Spread, Stable
Anti armour
Anti-Tank 4, Armor Piercing, Lethal vs. Soft Targets, Move & Shoot, Range: Long, Stable

Crustie Trooper Leader
Points 62
Quality 3+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Climber, Leader, Sprinter

Crustie Trooper
Points 24
Quality 4+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Climber, Sprinter
Crustie Infantry Rifle
Armour Piercing, Auto Fire, Combat +2, Range: Medium, Select Fire

Crustie light support
Armor Piercing, Auto Fire, Combat +4, Range: Long, Spread

2 Walkers 386
3 troopers including leader 182

Total 568

Shrimp Handler
Points 53Quality 4+Combat 2
Special Rules-Taser, Climber, Long Move, Specialist

Shrimp  Points 69 Quality 4+Combat 4 Taser, CQB Specialist, Climber, Long Move, Stealth
AP mount, as above, 2 crew 105
Leader 62
Prawn Handler 53
3 Shrimps 207
Total 427

Grand total 995

Revolting Native Eki Thumps

Grand Master Mukker 71

Fanatic Cultist
Points 56
Quality 4+
Combat 2

-Shotgun, Body Armor, Fanatic

Owzats.  chuckers plus frag grenades +10.
Blowers industrial flame throwers +36

Leader 71
6 Owzats = 396
2 blowers = 184
7 cultists = 344
Total 1,043

The Game

One cultist wounded, 3 knocked down.  Ouch.

Do you like my broken glass?  kids glitter glue, a gloopy PVA with added, um, glitter.

Two points meet, shrimp sandwich extra culty!

This flank stalled as the other chucker (at the rear) repeatedly failed activations and reactions.  If they'd followed through- they might have taken out the gun or at least taken the pressure off the other flank.

Meanstwhile, the command team had managed to get forward.  A flamethower and support goes to the flank to intercept the shrimps.  Barby time!

Damn, a reaction by the gun.  One goes tumbling, but the flamethrower goes up like a torch.  Gory death, morale roll- 2 go running.

Out of range of the gun, but here, promptly, comes the first walker wot goes a stalking.

I got a reaction!  Grenade!  1 off doing the bloody thing damage!

Machine gun to the front, walker to the rear, trying to dig into rubble but it ain't working!

Then the infantry finally wander out when it's safe (a shower, an absolute shower!)  who pop off to help.

Now everyone blames the dice, yes?  We all have our bad days.  But this was a corker.  My leader consistently rolled at least 7 fails on the trot.  Occasional 1 success, allowing him to crawl around the rubble 1" at a time keeping away from the walker.  I have to admit I gave up, so lets be kind and say they surrendered rather than being hunted down like sheep-.