Monday, 28 January 2019

RS Nazis get caught by the Dirka Dirka Shirkars!

Number 2.

While part of the mad rush hits the wrong target, the 2 remaining Dirka Dirka Burkah Shirkas Jihad  has met up more Dirka Dirka Shirkas Jihad in hot hopping pursuit of the Kaptain and his captive.

They follow them to a prearranged rendezvous with Black Hat and one of his Werewolf minions.
Both of these reflect something else that's been brewing.  If you have 2 linked teams, why not "share" members?

Kaptain Redskull*
Leader1, Psi, Psi master2, Masksman1 Reactive 28 Total 70
Blink 6 when hit, dodge Tn15 moves 2”, fail, 1 stress +1 damage
Encourage 4+1 activation when linked
Guidance 4+1 reaction when linked 65
Kinetic strangle 10 Tn14, 8” 2dam ignore armour & cover.
Mindsceam 10 roll everyone 5” 1pin, 1 stress, wound if critical. No endure.
Teleportation 8 -2 carry load, D20 distance 42

Restrained captive Yellow Hood Psi , Psi Master, Tough, Weaponmaster 3. 24 Total 27
Blink when hit, dodge Tn15 moves 2”, fail, 1 stress +1 damage 3

Heinrich  Shootentroopen. (Trooper that shoots)  Psi, Marksman1, steadfast3 18 SMG (4) 6 Tot.24

Carl Pointystickgruptroopen. (Trooper with pointed stickPsi, Weaponmaster3, nonreactive, steadfast3 15 Total 17

2 handed sword (3) 2

Black Hat*  Leader, Marksman, Medic2, Tech, Xenologist 24 Total 29
Pistol (4) Short range 5

Pincher Artificial, Claws, Extra legs, Fast Reactive, Steadfast, Tough 40

*Marvel and Indiana Jones respectively.

Dirka Dirka Burkah Shirkas Jihad. (2)
Sword. Psi , Psi Master3, Tough, Leader, Weaponmaster. 32 Total Total 43
Sword (2) primitive 2
Blink when hit, dodge Tn15 moves 2”, fail, 1 stress +1 damage 3
Encourage +1 activation when linked 4
Guidance +1 reaction when linked 4

Stick n kid Psi , Weaponmaster. Psi Master2, Tough 23 Total 38
Spear (2) primitive, Long 2
Teleportation -2 carry load, D20 distance 5
Healing remove wound, temp crippled, staggered within 4” 8

Dirka Dirka Shirkas Jihad Militia.  (6) 
A  Civilian, Agile, Alert, Fast2, Perceptive, Tough, Weaponmaster. 15 Total 17
Sword (2) Primitive 2

B, C, D Civilian, Agile, Alert, Fast2, Perceptive, Tough, Weaponmaster. 15 Total 18
Spear(2) Primitive Long. 2
Knife (1) Max range 8. 1

E, F Civilian, Agile, Alert, Chucker2, Fast2, Perceptive, Tough. 18 Total 17
2x Knife (1) Max range 8. 2

The Game.  Rescue hostage.  Tony once again forced into a defensive roll.  My plan was a double pronged attack.  A frontal diversion while a sneak to rescue the hostage.  The ladies, of course, are careful to follow the men.

One mad dash - 3 actions!

Heinrich manages to hit at close range.

Carl and Pointer advances.

Pointer pounces, but comes a cropper!

Carl does better for a while.

Then he goes down, out of action.

That allows Heinrich to open up.  That kills the wounded one on the floor.

In rushes Black Hat to administer first aid.  He fails repeatedly.  In the background, the leader of the Dirka Dirka Burkah Shirkas Jihad flees on morale.

With the diversion going, um, very well the knifeman runs up.

He's there!

The  Kaptain, on reaction, goes for the throat, he goes down wounded!  Thwarted!

Teleporting a hop and a skip, then giving up and running, the healer dashes to the rescue.

Heinrich manages to miss and gets poked.

Then onto Black Hat, who gets it in the gut.  Fails to hit 3 times at point blank-

The healer does her thing, and he's up!

Enraged (he likes things tidy) the Kaptain goes for the throat again!  a 20 and my usual under 5 roll, he's dead!  But who is this, running up behind him?

The other Dirka Dirka Shirkah Jihad chucker!  The throws, a hit for once.  And for once Tony rolls low and the Kaptain is dead!

The captive is free!  Mission accomplished!

Got to admit I didn't expect to win.  Interesting experiment.  I expected Heinrich and the Kaptain to butcher me and Pouncer to pick off the stragglers.

RS Dirka Dirka Shirkas get the wrong target and gets spanked.


Planning the last game, my first jotting ended up with a civilian force of just over 100 points.

I shied away and added stuff.

But this time I went  all the way and here are 2 rather different civilian forces.

The other follow-on game although played just after and being roughly the same time, I'm doing as a separate post.  Please view them as such.  The events of last game has seen much uproar amongst the Dirka Dirka Shirkas who are out for revenge and set on rescuing their woman from the infidel.

Ptaclusp Associates, Necropolitan Builders to the Dynasties.* Foreman & 5 workers. 198.
They are armed with picks & shovels @ -1 for improvised. Being civilians Action 12, Reaction  & Morale 14  Brawlers.

Foreman Leadership, Civilian, Steadfast3, Tough3, Weaponmaster3 Total 38

Workers Civilian, Steadfast3, Tough3, Weaponmaster3 Total 32

You can expect to see more of these as a party may be in the employ of various factions.  
Have shovel, will dig.

* Shamelessly stolen from the Hon. Terry Pratchett's Pyramids.
** Likewise shamelessly stolen from Team America.

Dirka Dirka Shirkas Jihad Militia*. Action 12, Reaction 14  At the double! 
A,B,C,D. Civilian, Agile, Alert, Fast2, Perceptive, Tough, Weaponmaster. 15 Total 17 x 4 = 68
Sword (2) Primitive 2

E,F,G,H,I. Civilian, Agile, Alert, Fast2, Perceptive, Tough, Weaponmaster. 15 Total 18 x 5 = 90
Spear(2) Primitive Long. 2
Knife (1) Max range 8. 1

K,L. Civilian, Agile, Alert, Chucker2, Fast2, Perceptive, Tough. 18 Total 17 x2 = 34
2x Knife (1) Max range 8. 2

That makes 11!  Shock, horror!

The Game. Ambush.  I gave Tony the diggers.  We soon came to the conclusion that these are, in fact, the Australians that all films &TV series cannot do without.   I diced for mine, using D20 method for ease.

 There were lots of reactions, but Tony held off until this intrepid chap came rushing in, sword swinging high.

The boss goes to '"ave a word".

Blue lends support and there's a shovel to the turban.

The group are beginning to get surrounded. Yes you get a lot of them.  You give away a lot of reactions and just about everyone fails morale-.  Tony's diggers need to make a break for it, and decide to push ahead.

Coming in clumps, Tony uses reactions to gain support.

Wallop!  Another one down.

The Dirka Shirkas gather to strategically block their rear passage.

Lots of swinging, no hitting.

At last, another one-.

And another.  Now so far I haven't even magaged to give the diggers a pin!

But gang is spread out-.

The last one rushes on, spear set at a determined angle---

I try and get my rear guard moving.

And there's these 2, determined to head them off at the pass!

A knife flashes out and - the foreman is dead! Hah hah thought I, that'll give HIM some pins for a change.  But oh no, not a one!

Revenge comes on a shovel, served hot.

Got him down, a pin!

One down-

Then the other.


White, who's done nothing, gets stuck in.

That leave the way out free.  Worked out ok - I consistently rolled low, so it could have gone either way.  I'd suggest you try this.  A normal team getting swamped.

Tony's sheet at the end.

Mine.  I just couldn't get the actions to get rid of  the (yellow) pins!