Tuesday, 27 March 2018

FL Worm Cult of Mars

Deep, sharp intake of breath, oh my cherubs.  There is the Law of Averages.  A proper law.  That means if I'm being wronged someone or some deity is going to end up in the dock of the Old Bailey in an iron box with spikes on the inside.  I checked my dice, they do indeed have numbers 4,5,6.  They would not come out to play.  After the first 6 or so failed activations, thumb twiddling accrued.  Not a pretty sight.

Many moons ago I made these vehicles for my big Yorkshire game. I also worked out the cultists but never used them.

I'm tempted to get the newer versions of Space 1899, but lack of a group of players stays my hand and steadies me wallet.

Te worm Cult is intriguing. I'm envisioning a Martin version of the Thugees. Plus, I'd bought Alternative Armies worms on sale-. As I did with a second batch of cultists, who are a useful “generic” infantry.  And there's a new worm coming out soon-.

Here the Cultists and their fetishes have descended upon a village and burned it. A farm just outside the village has yet to be attacked, can the forces of British Imperialism save the day?

Charabang Infantry Carrying Contraption
Points 30 Quality 4+ Combat 1
Special Rules Armored, Off-Road, Personnel Carrier 6 passengers, Slow, Vehicle

Mounted Infantry
Points 59 Quality 4+ Combat 2
Special Rules -Carbine, -Pistol, Specialist

Mounted Infantry Command
Points 54 Quality 4+ Combat 2
Special Rules -Pistol, Leader, Specialist

Machine Gun
Auto Fire, Combat +3, Max Range 3 Medium, Spread

British Relief Force
Captain 54
Charabang + 6 MI 384 x 3 = 1152
Truck + 14 constables & Officer 916
2 Tankettes with MG 134

Fanatic Cultist
Points 56 Quality 4+ Combat 2
Special Rules -Shotgun, Body Armor, Fanatic
+41 Flamethrower
Specialist +5
Leader +15

Big Worm
Points 110
Quality 3+
Combat 6
Special Rules
Armored +3 (Medium), Vehicle

Small Worm Points 58 Quality 3+ Combat 3 CQB Specialist, Running Blow, Stealth

The Cult.
1 Big Worm 110
5 Small Worms 290
47 Cultists 2,184
I leader, 1 Specialist, 2 Flamethrowers 102

Total 2,284

The Game.  Nasty Cultist destroying property!

Tony emplaced his in and around the village.

Adiecate turns up for an interview, now you KNOW it's going down!

I steam on, mostly using the odd, clawed reaction.  So- f'ing SLOW!

Tony's amble about, admire the scenery, have a brew.

I race for the only cover at the speed of a dyslexic snail.

"We are not worthy!"


Fanatics charge me, my professional soldiers scarper out of the back!

The rear section debus

Note how far Tony's cultists have moved compared to mine!

The farm is not saved-

SOP, form up flank to a vehicle.

at last, I get my other tankette on!

The first one does a dashing outflanking move!

The first charabang is left to its fate, but the section recovers and forms up.  Confidence is high.


A short exchange of fire and they break again!

The Tankette lets rip and I actually do some damage!

But the cultist dash in under the gun-.

Tankette vs Flamethrowers and Grorious Leader, Adiecate gets in way-.

I've done it!  One deaded leader.  Tony's morale on the far side collapses.  Oh good, not this lot, then?

Infantry move in to mop up!

Tony's infantry over the green goes.  Note how far I've got!

Worms come in singly, but without the cultists to draw the fire, they are killed and repulsed.

But I get pushed back

"Big worm with jaws, 3 rounds rapid!"

Right at the end I get my last, largest, unit on.  They line up.

That was it, I barely made it on the board, didn't save the farm but I did kill worms and their leader.

Monday, 19 March 2018

RS More Mutant Cocks - vs Sheyang!

Tony wanted to use the Cocks again, against Sheyang- It's been a year since the appeared in this mode, as they're very points heavy!

Mission 17 Make it to the ship alive. Location 13, farm. Complication 7, it's personal.

The Mutant Cocks Cultists.
Hilclin-Ton, Big, extra legs Marksman2, Leader1, Psi master3, Tech1, 51
Laser Cannon, 10
Encourage & motivation 4
Mind Control 28

Dodo, Big, Fast3, Marksman1, Psi, 22

Chuck Arny Big, Fast,1 Weaponmaster3, Psi, 14
Machine gun 10

Chick Clucky Big, Fast2, Psi, Stealth3, 21

Cockatrice Big, Fast, Martial arts2 17
Beak 1
Tail Spear 2
Feet Sword 6
Flight pack 8

Original Total 196, that left 4 available and gained about 20 from the (average) last encounter.

Huge Grant Fast3, Huge, Psi, Martial arts3, 23
Built in claws

Sheyang, Merchants
Captain Red Big, Amphibian, Civilian, Heavyworlder, Leader2, Marksman2,Tough2 =34
Light combat armour, Plasma pistol Built-in flamer rifle torso 32

Oddjob Big, Civilian, Amphibian, Heavyworlder, Marksman2, Tough2 =22
Light combat armour, Plasma pistol Built-in flamer rifle torso 32

Jaws Big, Amphibian, Civilian, Heavyworlder, Marksman2, Reactive, Tough2 Weaponmaster 1=25
Light combat armour, Plasma pistol, Sword, Built-in flamer rifle torso 34

Robot Agile1, Big, Artificial, 13
Torso mount laser pistol 3, 2 Vibroblade in hands 5 8

Total 200

The Game.  A real ding-dong fight between 2 well balanced forces.  Interesting it's often the cannon-fodder last man made up from the remaining points that does the most and/or takes the lead.

 Tony took the cocks and the cockatrice flew point.

He quickly advanced.

The race is on, my robot gains the crossroads, my aim is to draw them out.

That's it, keep looking at the robot--.

Oh no!  Here comes Tony's big cock--.

Tony in smug mode as he surveys his cock's advance.

The close combat specialists gather.

In a surprise move, Tony blocks my passage with that cock!

Jaws watches the cockatrice, the cockatrice eyes him, but he's got a bloody big sword.

Which allows Captain Red to knock him down with a long range shot.

"Now, here's what I want you to do"

Oddjob brings up the rear.

Like a 50's B flick the robot goes for the chicken, shoots then grapples it with its vibro-fingers.

Under the punishment of those vibrating hands the cock is down.  Can it rise again or will it succumb?

Clucky finds herself at the front.

Soon joined by Arnie.

Jaws makes a dash for the cockatrice, can he pluck it while its down?

The Captain takes out Arnie!

Jaws dashes (well, as fast as a Sheyang can dash-)  while the Captain and Clucky exchange shots.  Now here's the thing.  Remember police squad?  The shoot out by the rubbish bins?  Lots of shots are echanged, all at close range.  All miss, although Clucky racks up pins.

 Oddjob leaps into position.

A Martian standoff.  Music.  Slit Eyes dart.

Clin-Ton opens up with the monstrous cannon.  The Captain is down, but not out!

The cockatrice gets up and gets out, Jaws goes for Clin-Ton!

That leaves Oddjob and the seriously pinned Clucky.

Amazingly, she wins!

The Dodo wakes up and dashes into the fray.

One thing we've learned from Game of Thrones.  Just because the big bastard is down and hurting, doesn't mean he's unable to do the dirty deed.

Such as putting his pistol down your open beak and blowing your brains out.

 He is back.

So is the big cock!

Clin-Ton takes out Jaws.

Ignoring the Dodo, the Captain dashed to the ship, shoots the cock.

"Oi!  Come back!"

That allows the robot to use his chest-laser to drill its brains out.  They escape to fight another day.

Tony's sheet at the end.  Yellow is pins, red stress.