Friday, 27 October 2017

OAAH Beta test All Monsters Must Die!

Next phase in our playtest – looking at the various levels of monsters, dragons and giants. Well, having a stab at it, anyway.  These rules aren't for giant monster clashes.  But you'll have noticed by now that versatile is the name of the game.  Like everything else, it copes with every wheeze I can think of. 

It's difficult to come up with a variation on a well travailed theme, so rather than the powerful Samurai army we'd used before here is a monk army vs a goblin one.  

My mind drifts back to the late 70's/early 80's and 5/6th WRG, particularly the Fantasticus supplement that let me field both Godzilla, Mechagodzilla and a traditional dragon with my 6mm Age of War.  I can go back further to my Dixons and what is now Museum Miniatures 28mm Age of War army where fanatic monks were the main go-impetuous-kill-everything-with a double handed cut n thrust.

I've deliberately used the same board as before, as it's a mock-up of one being made for me and I want it usable for other periods. I had all the points etc. worked out, then I rewrotened by sheet, throwing the original mess away. Suffice to say they balanced.

The Home Team
Abbot 3 3 6 Mounted, General L4, Inspirational, Tough, 2lives
Monks 4 3 5 Devastating charge 16 x 24 = 384
Better (black) Monks 4 3 6 Devastating charge 22 x 12 = 264

Mounted Shugenja 3 3 5 Mounted, Fast, Spell caster: Summon Monster, Curse
Foot Shugenja 3 2 6 Spell caster: Lightning bolt (good vs monsters/personalities) Fury, Rain arrows (good vs units)

Naga 4 5 7 Giant L3, Swamp walk 52 x 2 = 104
Kirin 3 4 7 Fly, Fast, Shoot3 (I failed to add monster as it's about the size of an elephant, I'd call that a size 2, thus rolling 2 dice in combat, each +4)
Dragon 3 4 7 Flying, Monster L3 2 lives 93

Baron Greenbaku's Goblin Horde
Baron Greenbaku 3 2 6 General L4, 2lives 50?
Goblin polearm 4 3 4 Devastating charge, 20 x 13 = 260
Goblin archer 4 2 4 Shoot2 12 x 14 = 168
Goblin Samurai 4 3 6 8 x 19 = 152
Mounted goblins 4 2 5 Mounted, Shoot2, Fast, Difficult target

Dai Oni 4 4 8 Giant L3, Tough, 3lives
Small Spikey 4 4 6 Monster L2, Trample, 2lives, devastating charge
Big Spikey 4 4 8 Monster L4 Trample, Dragon breath

The Game

I had the Normals and got the initiative.  Managed to get well forward while Tony did well with initiatives.

The Kirin hops onto the archers, only to get peppered, although he gets some.

Why are monsters always more reticent than normal units?

Cavaly probes

The remnants are jumped from behind!

Finally getting going, the Naga spots the generals pet and pounces.

Now at last it's the turn of the true monsters to enter the stage!

It's coming through the trees!
When faced with a big, nasty monster, this is now what you want to roll.

Using his one to skip back, allowing the dragon takes centre stage.

Weakened by the onslaught, the dragon is taken by the Dai Oni

The Shugenja raises the spirit of the Kirin, less powerful and unable to take the dread Oni.


The final act, both generals are close, real close.  Battled, bludgeoned but still going the Dai Oni leaps on my general.  No reaction just a crunch!  Both go down in a bloody sprawl.

Shugenja vs archers.  No contest.

One surviving unit leaps to avenge their lord, attack the Baron!  He's down!  Both sides leaderless and annialated but it's the goblins that hold the field.

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