Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Flying Lead, Daleks vs Sheyang test- another 4 games!

My Moon campaign Dalek design. Now, can I transpose that to Flying Lead?   Who knows one great day Harder Than Steel may rise like a Mechacthulu from the Ganesha abyss and I will get to extrapolate again. They can't touch you for it these days, long as you're consenting adult.

The Rogue Stars version: 
Science Faction Daleks. Armour 3 Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”
Tactical discipline Hive Mind give 2nd reaction to another model or ignore morale roll.

Drone Artificial, Marksman1 Tough1 24 Total 35 Bionic eyes 4 Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7

Flying Lead version. Dalek Drone 58 Quality 3+Combat 2 Total 69
Body Armor, Fear, Hatred, Personal Communication Device
Laser Move & Shoot, Range: Medium, Spread Points:11

Black Dalek Points 98 Quality 3+Combat 3
Body Armor, Fear, Hatred, Leader, Personal Communication Device
Black Dalek 109
5 Drones 345
Total 454

Sheyang are from the best TV SF series Farscape.  If you're of the wrong generation check it out.
A huge, amphibious race, the males have an inbuilt flamethrower used in defence and mating rituals.  I added a flash-bang grenade as probably the best representation.  They were portrayed as merchants with a decent piratical streak.  Needless to say, big bastards carry big weapons.

Sheyang Crew.
Suty beefed up to leader Slug thrower =99
Tuty Slug thrower =84
Uty  Slug thrower =84
Vuty Grenade launcher = 93
Wigy Grenade launcher = 93
Total 453

Slug Throwers
Points 84Quality 4+Combat 4

-Drum Fed Light Machine Gun, -Flash Bang Grenade, Body Armour, Personal Communication Device, Short Move, Strong

Grenade launcher
Points 93 Quality 4+ Combat 4

-Flash Bang Grenade, -RPG, Body Armour, Personal Communication Device, Short Move, Strong

A quick note on the scenery.  I made this years ago, in fact it was my first such attempt.  The bits are made from scrap packaging with the small pieces based on CD's.  Last week I used it upside down.

I used kids glitter glue. which is glitter suspended in a clear PVA glue.  I use this to represent shattered glass.  The open area represents open road or carparks.

Game 1  I took the Daleks and got the initiative, well for the first roll.

My troops move faster and have better quality, so they should get there quicker.

First Dalek goes down.

Moving closer-

Another grenade takes out a Dalek.

Whoosh Bang!  Oh crap-

One breaks through, gets shot-.

A world of Dalek hurt.

A 6:1 kill, gruesome death.  That didn't help my morale.


But I've lost too many.

Game 2 Change hands.

Under Tony's control the Daleks advance omniminimously, as they are wont to do.

I get a slow start.

A long shot kills my leader!

My morale crumbles away like slurbian weem snow.

Game 3 we removed the central part of the edge scenery and turned the board.

We kept the same sides, I started.

This time the boss's staying back!

I'm moving forward seeking cover.

Vooty goes down, sans grenade launcher.

Hah, usually my roll!

I scatter.

Tony's taking his time coming on.

Tooty takes a trouncing.


My leader gets busy.

Wuty gets good with a grenade.

2 Daleks left, my leader & Wooty.

Tactical withdraw.

Hot pursuit.

Cover's good.


Getting the line.

One up for me.


Game 4. Swap sides.


Every drone got 2 activations, Tony got most of the reactions.

We're right behind you boss.

My leader is the first casualty.

Daleks advance and exterminate!

But a lucky long range grenade shot-.

2 down and the rest scattered.

Revenge comes fast.  My morale crumbles.

That was quick!  I think I'd got them both about right.  Watch this space--.