Monday, 24 February 2020

OGAM Winter Olympics 4 Ares vs Apollo.

Here's the hint.  Prophecy.  Don't forget to A) roll dice.  B) use dice.

In Book 3 of Homer's Iliad, Priam tells Helen of Troy that he once helped King Mygdon of Phrygia in a battle against the Amazons.   Hence the old joke "Phrygia?"  - "No she came of her own accord."

The walls of Troy were built by Poseidon and Apollo, with aid of the Cyclops.  

The river Scamander is both a local god and the war is fought on its floodplane. 

Ares Q2 C5 Group fighter, Combat master, Hammering blow.
Shapeshift Boar Q2 C4 Forester, Long move, Dashing, Poison. 376.

Hypolyte Q3 C3 Armoured, mounted 87
2 Amazon Chariot Heroes Q3 C3 Armoured, mounted 87

6 Amazon spear Q4 C2 Armoured
@ 20 = 120

8 Amazon maiden spear Q4 C2 Greedy 
@ 12 = 96

5 Amazon maiden sword Q4 C2 Greedy, Dashing @ 16 = 80

2x4 Amazon maiden javelin Q4 C1 Greedy, shoot short @ 8 =64

Ares 376
Legends 261
Mortals, 360
Total 997

Apollo Q2 C4 Bard, Burst of light, Healing, Prophecy, Plague, Legendary shooter, shooter Long. 380
Bard, once per game, 2 activations, give legend 3 activations next activation.
Burst of light, 1 action only, 2 long, shooters lose shooting until end next turn.
Healing, 2 actions per turn, to bring 1 mortal. Stand a knocked down legend.
Prophecy, ROLL 3 DICE BEFORE GAME, swap any cbt or melee own units.
Plague 1 per game, 1 mortal unit, -1 activation & combat.
Legendary shooter, 1 shot per action or reaction.

Xanthos (river Scamander)
Q3 C4 Combat master, Huge, Invulnerability, Dashing. 154

2 Cyclops (S) Q3 C3 Huge, Shooter Medium @ 76 = 152

8 Trojan archers Q4 C1 Shoot Medium @ 13

2x4 Cyclops stone throwers Q4 C1 Shooters short 11= 88

8 Cyclops club Q4 C1 Dashing, Free disengage. 15 = 120

Apollo 380
Legends 306
Mortals 312
Total 998

The Game.  Tony continued his liking for both Ares and Amazons.

My entire left flank sweeps around to engage.

Here's where all the action is. Apollo shoots, the river walks, Ares boars in.

The Cyclops are the lever to open the action up, thinks I.

Picking on the river!

But it slips by and hits the swordbearers.

But here they come again--.

The river is riven!

Cyclops is pricked by pretties!  A rare tie.  The Cyclops transmutes it into a knock down.

Hypolyte slams into Apollo.

The Cyclops is up and his brother joins the frey.

Closing the gate.

Ares dashes in, but Apollo gets a reaction and he's down!

Morale.  Some go back.

My Cyclops is getting the upper rock.


Now that's sneaky.  Apollo cannot shoot into melee-.

First one, then the other.  Dashing through the Cyclops.

But that leaves him in range!

A long move, change shape and crash!

My turn for morale- it's looking a bit open there-.

Now its time to pray a lot - come on guys!

Attack!  I get a +1 hit!

That went well--.

Up Apollo pops!  Straight back into the fray with some excellent dice rolling!  Fortunately on both sides so he's only shoved back.

Follow up, smite down!

Damn, I need those--.

And pop, here's Apollo!  Take that, Ares!

More Morale.  Everyone's going backwards!  "Let them get on with it!"

Ares picks on my remaining big unit.  Everyone converges.

Mine!  Get orf!

Apollo gets in a good shot.  Well at that range-.

But he's back in boar form.  There should be an ACDC song--.

Plunging chariots.

2 shots.  I think this is another first--.

In- down.


Attempting to keep distance.

Didn't work.

Aw poo.

Crunch!  Ares reduces them, so it's all over for Apollo.

He even had some left!