Saturday, 17 October 2020

Galleys & Galleons. Martian Flyer manufacturers & stats.

I'm building up a collection, and I have several times considered converting Aeronef to the Ganesha family. Don't get me wrong, I love the rules except – you have to write orders and ships move top quality first. Fortunately the lovely and talented Nicholas Wright has done the work in his Galleys and Galleons plus Fayre Winds & Foul Tides. Not a direct copy but it has the makings. 

 And look! A builder! 
Here are the manufacturers and my first attempt at working out the values of their various products. I've played with several of these in previous articles using both Flying Lead & Of Armies And Hordes. I'm considering using these regardless of other rules used for mixed games. I would like to remind you that the clever Steve Blease came up with the solution of tabletop for underwater, ships on CD's mounted on (plastic) pint glasses. Flying vessels on flight mounts on same.

Peter Pig.
I'd recommend their small Martian range, plus the ACW has good crew, guns, etc. 

Small flyer. 1 or 2 man vessel. Could be a ships boat. Scout Points 20 Quality 2+ Combat 0 Special Rules Aerobatics, Eagle-eyed, Ornithopter, Relay, Steam Engine, Unarmed, Yare Fighter Points 80 Quality 2+ Combat 3 Special Rules Aerobatics, Carronades, Ornithopter, Steam Engine, Trained Gun Crews, Yare 

You could add magician as the passenger. Toying with one Hero pilot who would leap onto an enemy vessel-. 

Larger Flyer. I use this one as a European vessel. Could be a ships or other boat. I think its too small for bombs. Carronade – seems a good match for machine guns 

Scout Points 88 Quality 2+ Combat 3 Aerobatics, Carronades, Eagle-eyed, Ornithopter, Relay, Semaphore, Steam Engine, Yare 

Martian Empires 
Small boat. Scout vessel or raider. Scout sled Points 40 Quality 3+ Combat 3 Special Rules Eagle-eyed, Relay, Steam Engine, Swashbucklers, Unarmed, Yare 

Large boat. This can carry a boarding crew & small gun. 
Fighter sled Points 50 Quality 3+ Combat 3 Boats, Carronades, Eagle-eyed, Relay, Steam Engine, Swashbucklers 

Aether launch Small merchant or barge/troop transport. 

Barge Points 1 Quality 4+ Combat 1 Merchantman, Steam Engine, Unarmed 

Kohaya. You can add almost anything to this galley. The model I've made as an armed merchant: 

Galley Points 76 Quality 3+ Combat 4 Galley, Heavy Bow Chasers, Indirect Fire - Bow Guns, Master Gunner, Steam Engine, Trained Gun Crews, Yare 

Flyer Here is my Russian gunship: 
Prince Gerkoff Points 60 Quality 3+ Combat 3 Heavy Bow Chasers, Master Gunner, Steam Engine, Trained Gun Crews, Yare 

Dusty Dog Games. Here's the new boy. I've a lot of them still in their bags--. 
Steam launch, similar to the Martian Empires large boat. Useful for any European power. 

Motorboat Points 46 Quality 3+ Combat 3  Boats, Heavy Bow Chasers, Steam Engine, Trained Gun Crews, Yare 

Aphid – small British gun boat. 
HMS Alton Points 46 Quality 3+ Combat 2 Carronades, Marksmen, Steam Engine, Trained Gun Crews, Yare Gunboat 

Gunboat.  You get 2 options, bow gun or torpedo launcher.
HMS Belarus Points 74 Quality 3+ Combat 3  Drilled Soldiers, Marksmen, Relay, Semaphore, Steam Engine, Torpedoes, Trained Gun Crews, Yare 

Or HMS Belarus Points 72 Quality 3+ Combat 3 Drilled Soldiers, Heavy Stern Chasers, Marksmen, Relay, Semaphore, Steam Engine, Trained Gun Crews, Yare 

Martian Screw Galley 
Galley Points 69 Quality 4+ Combat 5 Galley, Marksmen, Ramming, Reinforced Hull, Steam Engine, Swashbucklers 

Martian Kite 
Kite Points 69 Quality 4+ Combat 4 Special Rules Airship, Galleon Rigged, Marksmen, Merchantman, Ramming, Reinforced Hull, Swashbucklers.

Now all I need is to do a bit of assembly, get a vaccine jab & return to wargaming!

BTW, I don't know what they've done, but blogging is now way harder.  Tried putting in pictures- somethings wrong somewhere--.