Monday, 8 July 2019

RS Ogron Militia vs Morvellan Star Cops.

It’s easier to go up than go down. as someone said to someone else.    4 Ogron troopers, officer & SW = 215. 5 Morvellan constructs plus plasma rifle = 215.

Big thanks for Rebel - without their occasional 20% sale their stuff (like Splintered light) would simply not be affordable over here-.

Now, I already have GZG's take on the not-Ogrons, and I was tempted by these for the Morvellans:

So - help me out here, oh my hoobs!  One of my posts gets 261 hits from the Netherlands in one day.  Not one before, not 1 after.  One person repeatedly looking? A cabal checking for heretic content?

Cracking on- now here's the funny thing.  I painted the Morvellans - gesso, metallic white then white.  Bits in rose.  Needs something extra, I didn't want them looking like Cylons so tried this nice red ink.  Very thin wash, what could go wrong?  Did late and in the morning - pink.  A nice overall icing pink.  Oh joy.  Added my favourite antelope brown (poo by a polite artistic name) and they went this OK-ish near-bronze.  So I've gone over them in metallic white.  I may highlight in titanium white later-.

Morvellan Star Cops Hive Mind OOOO 
If reacts, use to give reaction dice to second.
Or ignore morale roll.

Construct. Agile, Artificial, Fire into melee, Marksman, Non reactive. 17 Total 42
Combat dress Legs/arms 3 Torso/head4 18
Laser rifle (5) Blind, 2 handed, Energy, 7 =25

Construct. Agile, Artificial, Fire into melee, Marksman, Non reactive. 17 Total 45
Crawl/walk 1”, Run 3” Sprint 5
Combat dress Legs/arms 3 Torso/head4 18
Laser cannon (6) heavy, blind, 2 handed, energy 10 = 28 Crawl/walk 1”, Run 3” Sprint 5

Construct. Agile, Artificial, Fire into melee, Marksman, Non reactive. 17 Total 47
Combat dress Legs/arms 3 Torso/head4 18
Plasma rifle, (5) Scorching, overheat, 2 handed, energy. 12 =30

Ogron Militia Determined 4 remove stress tokens 0000
Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”

Officer Leader 2, Marksman, Reactive, Veteran Tough, 36 Total 47
Kevlar2, 6 Zap pistol (3) Electrical, Short range, Energy, 5 11

Trooper Marksman, Reactive, Tough, 19 Total 32
Kevlar2, 6 Zap rifle (4) Electrical, 2 handed, Energy, 7 13

Sniper Marksman2, Reactive, Tough, 24 Total 37
Kevlar2, 6 laser rifle (5) Blind, 2 handed, Energy, 7 13

SW Marksman 2, Reactive, Tough2 24 Total 40
Kevlar2, 6 Machine gun (5) 10 16

Heavy SW Marksman 2, Reactive, Tough2 , 24. Total 38 Crawl/walk 1”, Run 3” Sprint 5
Kevlar2, 6 heavy blaster (6) heavy, 2 handed, energy 8 14

Cannon Marksman 2, Reactive, Tough2 , 24. Total 40 Crawl/walk 1”, Run 3” Sprint 5
Kevlar2, 6 Laser cannon (6) heavy, blind, 2 handed, energy 10. 16

I know you've seen this board so many times, but why not?  Shaddup.

Yes it's sort of cheating, but I've used the rubble rather a lot-.

The Game. Tony took the Ogrons and won the initiative.  This gives me a problem as mine are non reactive - so I had to concentrate on taking the initiative.  You can see this as an electronic command & control battle at a higher level.

Tony gets all of his on bar the officer, who is busy form-filling.

My turn, I get everyone on and in cover.

Don't fall off the end!

First casualty!

Two lines probe each other.

This area became heavily contested.  Ogrons juggling cover vs shooting. I keep pushing up with more regard for supportive fire than individual cover.

Another one- my armour and Tony's (for once) poor dice rolling cause and effect.


At last the Ogron Officer turns up, ready to kick names and take ass.

Tick- tock-.

The Morvellan SW moves up and it turns into a mouse hunting the cat-.

The officer evens the odds and then hides-.  I would to.

Sneaking - there's another one.  Bang! 

The non reactive nature of the SW tells and it goes down to the officer.

 Another Ogron goes down, taken from behind.

 The officer gives first aid to Trooper W, takes 2 rounds of actions but he's up.

Now the surviving Morvellan goes on the attack.  But once again its the lack of reaction that tells.  A very, very close Ogron win!

An attempt to shoot the officer at point blank- misses!

Are you shooting at ME!

Game 2  For once we not only swapped sides, but turned the table so we came on from the original side.  Tony wins the initiative and makes a good advance.

I get the Ogron officer on first!

Tony's all on, I gain the initiative.

All on, now we move into contact.

Contact! No-hit shooting.  That happened a lot in this game.

This flank - and S's fate becomes the focus.

Morvellan S is shot at from the front (damn that armour, put pins good) whilst X sneaks his flank.

Officer moves up.

Not forgetting the other flank.  It's too easy to concentrate in one area.

This cover is central, plus S is now covered from 3 sides.

Lots of shooting, lots of little effect.  The officer runs across the front to shoot S at close range.  It's down but not out.  Now the Ogrons have a strong grip on the centre.

The SW moves up, ignoring the enemy flames a trooper.

Now starts one of those close in shooting contest where both sides cannot hit the proverbial.

Battle of the SW's, who takes out its opponent while the officer goes down to a long shot.

X takes out the SW & the officer recovers with some first aid.

N puts down X, but is killed by the officer.

X takes on O, but comes off worse.

Q finally wins.

The centre of the board shows the clash of the formations.

O takes on the officer and Q shoots the remaining trooper.  Now he can shoot-.

This time it's the last 2 Morvellans standing over the smouldering corpses.  Two well - matched forces.  I think this series has one more before we move on-.