Monday, 7 June 2021

Flying Lead, Trouble 't mill 1) Clacking Contraptions at Stackedon Tresstle - the game!

Back, back in the midst of time.  February.  A difficult time and a different world. 

Gor bless Blotz for ALL the buildings and fences, bought in their lockdown sale.  Both 15 & 20mm here intermixed willy nilly and fume.  Road bought from Terrain for Wargames for my Beach Head participation game wot did not happen.

Those most Worthy Gentlemen at Alternate Armies for most of the figures.  Cultist you've seen many, many wonderful times, really excellent value as they can pop up anywhere!
The robots were another lockdown release & purchase.  Needless to say I couldn't resist.

SAS are from Martian Empires and regular Brits from Old Glory.

New white light bulb from Amazon.  Superb, diffuse light with fewer shadows.

Now onto the game!  I got this wrong- 
1) I thought this would be a short, sharp game then half time swap sides.

2) We have played hundreds of Flying Lead games, I'd reread the rules, skimmed through them - marked passages for flamethrowers & grenades so I thought we'd slip back into it like the comfy chair.

3) I had not expected the defenders to win.

The (an) Evil Baron!

The infantry are holed up in this house, as the enemy advances a runner is sent to get the vehicles moving.

The first SAS trooper is away, bouncing like a Starship Trooper he gains a roof and throws a grenade at the Clackers below.

A perfect throw!  These chaps play combat cricket.  Not one but 2 knocked out!  But, alas, one of the troopers in the adjacent house takes a hit.  He gets left and subsequently burns to death--.

The second SAS and runner meet the flanking Clacker.  First gout of flames sends them to ground and sets fire to the building ahead.  Second kills them.

Flames to the rear, explosions to the front - time to get out of the house!  The Sergeant leads.  But there's a big problem--.

The truck pulls out, blocking the road - crew legs it over the bridge.

It's getting a bit hot there, the tankette moves forward.

Following their sergeant the infantry emerge from the building but they're blocking the tankette's machine gun-.

The infantry are engaged by the Clacker, engulfing them in flame, brewing up both tankette and truck.

The sergeant plays dead as the lead Clacker heads for the bridge.

My right flank has stalled - rather a lot of fire.  The Baron works on throwing the infantry up the road.

The sergeant begins his assault on my left flank.

Trooper leaps onto another roof before retrieving grenades, splattered by random fire he soon moves!

The trooper kills the officer, causing his unit to fall back.

Another grenade another Clacker crumpled.

One grenade left, time to take out the flanking squad.

Taking care of the flank.  The SAS Sergeant uses one grenade on the squad then his last 2 to destroy the Clacker.

Having recovered his fallen comrades grenades, the trooper makes a daring move to set and uses them as an IED.  This kills 2, stuns 2 and the Clacker, sends 2 others and the Baron into cover.


Out of grenades, the sergeant swoops in for hand to hand combat.

Despite the explosion to their left. the infantry pushes on up the road.  The trooper has been knocked down.

The lead Clacker approaches the bridge, but is it too far?

The Sergeant is captured.  For him, the war is over for a bit.

All grenades gone,  for the last 2 survivors it's rifle work from now on-

The hunt is over, the dread Baron is gunned gown!

Friday, 4 June 2021

Paleo Pulp

We wanted something "light," so I've gone with our first attempt at the Paleo Pulp supplement to Paleo Diet.

This party just coincidentally contains figures purchased for my Torchwood India project.  The bulk are from Irregulars excellent Colonial range,  the Dr and goblin guards are from Khurasan and (for once) the only Alternative Armies figures is the Baron, one of 2 "themed" adaptions, plus Nero. 

The Revengers Assemble.

There are more updated weapons and personality types in this supplement. The Dr and the Baron both worked exceedingly well. It was easy to visualise stereotypes and to make them act accordingly.

Baghinder  Savagery 4 Resilience 4 Bulk 2

Pistol 1x short or 2x short aimed.  1st Shot = Howl.

Attacker rolls a 1, another wound.

Stalker.  Can Amble within 1 Medium without causing reaction.

Dr - 

Antiquarian, 2+6’s, has discovered ancient relic.

1 action to pick up.  

Roll 2D6 & put to one side.  Or use vision dice Or clobber beast at +2.

Egoist.  Must activate first & roll 3 dice.

Fire.  Can spend 1 action to light ground fire & may count as fire for beast reactions



Occultist ignore effects of curse.


Princess Gunreet

Explorer blade allows Amble or Skulk through thickets or blade grass.  

+1 against beast in contact.

Healer 1 per hunt, may spend 2 actions to restore 1 bulk.


Brute.  Bulk 3




"Spear" (quoit) range Short.  May Pelt a beast.


Alert. Reroll 1 failed dice if beast within M.


That the Evil Baron is vaguely German and his goblin troops sort of Imperial Russian, is of course in keeping with the Great Game. The rather Egyptian setting isn't, but we'll just ignore that-.

Baron Von Greenbak.  Witchdoktor (P20)  Savagery 5 Resilience 4  Bulk 3

Nero  Savagery 4 Resilience 4 Bulk 2

(Hound P20) Always acts after Greenbak.  No stress.

Goon Savagery 6 Resilience 4  Bulk 2

Attack reaction, moves M towards nearest enemy.

The Game.

Evil (the) Baron Von Greenbak has captured Mrs Ethel Quots of The Larks Uppercolonisation.

His belief is that she is a multi dimensional being of immense power. This is a false assumption based on her being the Lady Chairman of the local Womens Institute.

Called in (or out?) by the Powers that Be, our intrepid band of adventurers sally forth to daring do and rescue the poor woman from the clammy clutches of the evil toad!

Here be my new reversible foam boards, slowly gaining a coffee spill patina.  Made for DBA or similar, the wet edge is replaceable.  Lighting was a problem, new bulb is too dim but this yellow throws back the light.  May need a wash.

The Dr has to go first and he sneaks up towards the fort.

This game was marked by the huge numbers of failed activations.  Here a guard advances suspiciously.

Fight!  A loud BANG! rings out, shattering the twilight's silence!  The adventurers, realising they are discovered now scatter.

Kalbir of the flashing quoits, silent killer.  He failed just about every activation!

The Princess and guard engages, wounds each other.

The Princess is downed!  First Adventurer gone!

Hiding behind the Hippo.  Really pleased with this rubber (eraser) from the British Museum.

The Dr has gained the wall of the fort and starts a fire to enliven things.

Habudar strikes down the wounded guard -

One goblin guard flees from the fire, pursued by  Lashkar.  Behind him, the Baron emerges!

Baghinder attempts to shoot the Baron, misses.  A guard is summoned.

The goaded guard goes in, gets wounded but kills Baghinder.

Habidar had set up an ambush and struck down an emerging guard.

Quick overview: Habidar is over by the building, the Dr is fleeing as if down a corridor.  Nero has emerged, the Baron advances.  Lashkar is facing guards on 2 flanks and the Baron behind.  Kalbir is finally advancing.  Hidden behind the hippo is Fanshaw, to whom the drama now turns!

The Baron advances on Fanshaw who shoots at point blank and misses-.  He is grappled and wounded!

Nero starts to sneak around the pillar.  The Dr returns to the fire.

Fanshaw has been laid low by the evil Baron!

The Baron summons a guard to deal with Kalbir 

Clash!  But look out Nero's BEHIND you!

The Dr advances in sneaking mode, inside is the prisoner guarded by one wounded guard.  But alas!  He is struck down from behind by another guard!

Lashkar is faced with guards at every turn and Nero to his rear.

That leaves, of the seven, only Habudar able to flee.  The cursed Toad has won!  Prisoner retained!  The Dr either dead and/or taken prisoner.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable game.  We' d recommend it as a good "pallet cleaner" after more intense games.  Would be good with youngsters, developing planning and communication.