Thursday, 17 December 2020

Trouble 't Mill. A selection of a collection of games for the Return Time.

 During the second lockdown I decided to Crack On and assemble some of the scenery bits I've come up with a common theme (not thlem) to hold them together.

Can I have feedback? Ideas? Comments?

Trouble 't Mill.

Pirate Plunder! A boat load of pirates attempt to steal Windy the Millers hoard of gold. They paddle the Trestle to pounce! Unfortunately, the mill is just opposite the local quaffery. Flashing Steel.

Follow on game. The local militia, dragoons and customs having become aware of the perfidious pirates and swoop on the local port of Netling. There, the 30-odd pirates have taken the little town into their clutches. First game using Forged In Blood. Flashing Steels larger cos.

Bandits! The harvest is in. At the mill, a tax payment has been raised and is waiting for its escort. There is a thunder of hooves. Bushi no Yume.

Follow on game. Watching from the forest, the Oni ponders when and where to send his forces into battle. (I want to use the 7 Samurai scenery I've been making) Bushi no Yume.

Follow on, follow on – ish. We've used Flashing Blade for Japanese skirmishes- works. Can Forged In blood be used for larger games?

The Clacking contraptions of Baron Von Steele. (known to the Tommy as clacker jacks) Tussle on't Trestle! On a friday afternoon the fiendish forces of the fractious forryner are advancing on the village of Stacked On Trestle. Here the advanced forces of the Royal Engineers will attempt to stall their atrocious advance. There is a mill by the stream. Flying Lead.

Eee By Gum! Eee By Gum! The villagers of Stacked on Trestle have been taken under the fluence of a fiendish Egyptian curse after a cart carrying a mysterious mummy crashes int' village square. They advance with menace on the Manor Farm where Sir Hugh Assum-Ption and his party have the missing amulet of Totenhum Em Hotspir tastefully on the coffee table. Paleo diet with Paleo Pulp cooperative rules.*

Orcs on the lose! Can the locals hold the ford against the gathering storm? Mounted first, goblin archers followed by orc spear. The odd survivor may join the ranks.

Follow on/repeat game. “Sire! The Mc Prunes be coming!!!” Helmet visor lifted, are gulped. “Hoorah!” Messenger looks glum. “But Sire, they're dead--” as if orcs aren't enough, now its the turn of the undead. Both Sellswords & Spellslingers cooperative rules*

* These rules work better with more players up to 6. Using the normal method, opponents are triggered by reaction and/or event.

Saturday, 17 October 2020

Galleys & Galleons. Martian Flyer manufacturers & stats.

I'm building up a collection, and I have several times considered converting Aeronef to the Ganesha family. Don't get me wrong, I love the rules except – you have to write orders and ships move top quality first. Fortunately the lovely and talented Nicholas Wright has done the work in his Galleys and Galleons plus Fayre Winds & Foul Tides. Not a direct copy but it has the makings. 

 And look! A builder! 
Here are the manufacturers and my first attempt at working out the values of their various products. I've played with several of these in previous articles using both Flying Lead & Of Armies And Hordes. I'm considering using these regardless of other rules used for mixed games. I would like to remind you that the clever Steve Blease came up with the solution of tabletop for underwater, ships on CD's mounted on (plastic) pint glasses. Flying vessels on flight mounts on same.

Peter Pig.
I'd recommend their small Martian range, plus the ACW has good crew, guns, etc. 

Small flyer. 1 or 2 man vessel. Could be a ships boat. Scout Points 20 Quality 2+ Combat 0 Special Rules Aerobatics, Eagle-eyed, Ornithopter, Relay, Steam Engine, Unarmed, Yare Fighter Points 80 Quality 2+ Combat 3 Special Rules Aerobatics, Carronades, Ornithopter, Steam Engine, Trained Gun Crews, Yare 

You could add magician as the passenger. Toying with one Hero pilot who would leap onto an enemy vessel-. 

Larger Flyer. I use this one as a European vessel. Could be a ships or other boat. I think its too small for bombs. Carronade – seems a good match for machine guns 

Scout Points 88 Quality 2+ Combat 3 Aerobatics, Carronades, Eagle-eyed, Ornithopter, Relay, Semaphore, Steam Engine, Yare 

Martian Empires 
Small boat. Scout vessel or raider. Scout sled Points 40 Quality 3+ Combat 3 Special Rules Eagle-eyed, Relay, Steam Engine, Swashbucklers, Unarmed, Yare 

Large boat. This can carry a boarding crew & small gun. 
Fighter sled Points 50 Quality 3+ Combat 3 Boats, Carronades, Eagle-eyed, Relay, Steam Engine, Swashbucklers 

Aether launch Small merchant or barge/troop transport. 

Barge Points 1 Quality 4+ Combat 1 Merchantman, Steam Engine, Unarmed 

Kohaya. You can add almost anything to this galley. The model I've made as an armed merchant: 

Galley Points 76 Quality 3+ Combat 4 Galley, Heavy Bow Chasers, Indirect Fire - Bow Guns, Master Gunner, Steam Engine, Trained Gun Crews, Yare 

Flyer Here is my Russian gunship: 
Prince Gerkoff Points 60 Quality 3+ Combat 3 Heavy Bow Chasers, Master Gunner, Steam Engine, Trained Gun Crews, Yare 

Dusty Dog Games. Here's the new boy. I've a lot of them still in their bags--. 
Steam launch, similar to the Martian Empires large boat. Useful for any European power. 

Motorboat Points 46 Quality 3+ Combat 3  Boats, Heavy Bow Chasers, Steam Engine, Trained Gun Crews, Yare 

Aphid – small British gun boat. 
HMS Alton Points 46 Quality 3+ Combat 2 Carronades, Marksmen, Steam Engine, Trained Gun Crews, Yare Gunboat 

Gunboat.  You get 2 options, bow gun or torpedo launcher.
HMS Belarus Points 74 Quality 3+ Combat 3  Drilled Soldiers, Marksmen, Relay, Semaphore, Steam Engine, Torpedoes, Trained Gun Crews, Yare 

Or HMS Belarus Points 72 Quality 3+ Combat 3 Drilled Soldiers, Heavy Stern Chasers, Marksmen, Relay, Semaphore, Steam Engine, Trained Gun Crews, Yare 

Martian Screw Galley 
Galley Points 69 Quality 4+ Combat 5 Galley, Marksmen, Ramming, Reinforced Hull, Steam Engine, Swashbucklers 

Martian Kite 
Kite Points 69 Quality 4+ Combat 4 Special Rules Airship, Galleon Rigged, Marksmen, Merchantman, Ramming, Reinforced Hull, Swashbucklers.

Now all I need is to do a bit of assembly, get a vaccine jab & return to wargaming!

BTW, I don't know what they've done, but blogging is now way harder.  Tried putting in pictures- somethings wrong somewhere--.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

OGAM Egyptian Armies

Egyptian themed games are common, but up to this year the choice of figures has been – not good. This article deals with using mostly Splintered Light for Of Gods And Mortals. The second version will be Of Hoards And Armies. But that's not the end of it! You can use the figures for Paleo Diet (the animals) and Paleo Pulp. Let's not forget Rogue Stars and any other Stargate or Dr Who themed game. Finally Fastus Furios's Fun Fantasticus.

Suggest you open this for reference:

David (Davids, of course, rule) decided that 2020 was going to be his Egyptian year. Be warned! We've only had one plague so far! His approach to Kickstarters is worth noting: affordable, quick plus the figures go into regular production.

Honourable mentions:

Heroes & characters. This pack screams out for most to be chariot mounted.

Skeletons. There is a wealth of old Egyptian models available, have a good rummage! Note- the undead chariot and the undead Egyptian chariot are very similar. The spare skeleton mounts are ideal for converting other chariots.

I'm going to plug one pack. The ability to field mummies of the troops present gives that extra look.

The Shops where we buy the equipment:

Gods of Aegyptus can supply the bulk if you're creative. Ironically their 28/32mm scenic items just work in 15mm, if a bit small-.

Magister Millenium have a nice but small range that fits well size wise with Splintered Light. Have a good look, they tend to be better armoured. Nice cat drawn chariot.

Irregular Miniatures have animals plus nice Africans in their Colonial ranges.

CP miniatures, RPE & Rebel have mummies and skeletons, all which will fit in size wise.

Croms Anvil have nice scenics & some nice figures plus jackals.

Alternative Armies have scorpions and some monsters. Their skeletons are too big.

Peter Pig for true 15mm regular figures. Crocs hidden in the Modern Africa ranges.

Old Glory have a good range of regular troops, these will probably be slightly bigger than Splintered Light?

Their Deep, Dark Africa and Horror ranges are worth a look.

RPE has 1 pack of Egyptian, mummies, plus large dung beetles & scorpions.

Museum Miniatures has a great range, the chariots & figures are bigger than Peter Pig & Splintered Light. Check out the pack donkeys & other scenics/accessories.

A quick word on Egypt, a land of contrasts. Well, 4. High desert to the north. Marsh and the river deltas to the South and “bits inbetwix”. Rural, settlements with fields, houses & roads. Urban, large cities & towns. So Desert, Delta, Rural & Urban. Different gods have different home ranges.

The Gods of OGAM, matching with Splintered Light.

Standard Egyptian chariot Q4 C2 Mounted, Shooter Long, Long move. @ 29. The chariot mounted archer is iconic. I can understand why a 28mm force might not want them as a regular mortal force.

Bast/Bastet/Sekmet. Cat and or Lioness goddess. Urban and Rural southern Egypt.

Allies Ra, Hathor and Isis. Enemies snakes.

Good selection here, a few elven figures could be sneaked in -. Got to be lots of loose organised units OR highly regimented phalanxes of pussies. The only god I wouldn't field mummies with. Most of these are standard types but I'd consider changing to Q5 C3 at no points change.

A “mundane” human force, Ptah's followers would seem to be a reasonable ally as light infantry & slaves as the archers. Plus a Ptah figure a Legend. Human headed sphinx?

Thoth god of the moon, reckoning, learning & writing. Urban and Rural southern Egypt.

Aliies Osirus, Isis. Enemies Seth.

A “mundane” human force. Human headed sphinx? The Thoth guards fit into the Elite listing. Ptah's followers would seem to be a reasonable ally light infantry & slaves as the archers. Plus a Ptah figure a Legend.

Horus god of kingship and the sky. All areas.

Full army available. Most fit into the book, but chariots, cavalry and gryphons need looking at. These are wingless lion/eagle hybrids.

Gryphon chariots. Q4 C3 Mounted, Shooter Long, Long move, Dashing. @ 41

Gryphon cavalry. Q4 C3 Mounted, Long move, Dashing @ 34

Gryphons. The Lions stats should suffice, but you could add Forester @ 2.

If fielding the Pharaoh as a Legend then the sons of Nekhbet would be a good match as an elite bodyguard.

Isis, Osirus, Hathor. Enemy Set.

Anubis God of the dead. All terrain, but mostly the cities of the dead.

Full army available. Most fit into standard forms, but the

Chariot General Legend Q3 C3 Mounted, Long move, Dashing. @ 98

Chariots Q4 C3 Mounted, Shooter Long, Long move. @ 37

Greater jackal pack Q4 C2 Greedy, Dashing. @22.

Jackal beasts Legends Q3 C2 long move, Dashing. @32.

Anubis is associated with his brother Wepwawet another Egyptian 

god portrayed with a dog's head or in canine form, but with grey or 

white fur (a large wolf would suffice). Stealing Fenrir from the Norse

 list @ 104.

Anubis' female counterpart is Anput who could be a Legend based on his stats with half points.

His daughter is the serpent goddess Kebechet All of which would 

make interesting legends. One of those snake bodied Medusa (thanks

 Harry-) would be ideal. If fielding her then the Sons of the Snake 

would fit in here.

Sons of the Snake Q4 C3 Desert walk, Stealth @ 28

The Beast of Amut If the heart of the dead was judged to be not pure, 

Ammit would devour it. Definitely a Legend. Q3 C3 Amphibious, 

Armoured, Big @ 80

Set god of deserts, storms, disorder, violence, and foreigners. Desert.

Full army available. Most fit into mundane types.

Sons of Set hounds. Q4 C2 Animal, Dashing, Desert walk, Long move @ 27. Not hard to imagine these accompanying chariots. One pose just fits Museum Miniatures chariot, so I made an alternative Pharoh:

Pharaoh of Upper Egypt Legend. Q3 C3 Shooter (long) Long move, Desert walk @ 94

Set monsters. Legends. Q3 C2 Animal, Big, Dashing, Desert walk, Long move @ 62.

The Snake Beast or serpopard (half serpent, half leopard or lion) has a tenuous link to Set, so would make an interesting Legend. Q3 C3 Combat master, Desert walk, Stealth @ 90.

If that isn't enough, there's the Sons of The Skorpion

Skorpion Pharoh Legend.

Skorpion Champion Legend

Skorpion Priestess Legend

Skorpion Sons

Enemies Osirus, Isis., Horus

Osirus God of fertility, agriculture, afterlife, the dead, resurrection, life, and vegetation who granted all life, including sprouting vegetation and the fertile flooding of the Nile. Marsh and river deltas, “bits inbetwix”. Rural.

I'd add the Sons of Khnum (was regarded as the guardian of the source of the Nile River.) here.

Anubis here's where your undead fit. Most fit the normal list, but +3 for being undead. Considering armies with lots of archers-. Urban.

Risen Pharoh Legend Q3 C2 Dashing, Undead, @ 54 (I cannot see these going fast, but I can see them smashing in a formation to ruin)

Undead chariots Q4 C2 Dashing, Undead @ 22.

Ally Sobek,

Enemy Set.

Isis the divine mother of the pharoh. Healing spells and a role in royal rituals and rites. All areas.

I'd suggest a “mundane” army that includes a Pharoh. A few magician types would fit. Considering Cleopatra worshipped & dressed like her, you could add Greek Phalangites or Roman Legionaries. Ceasar or Anthony as a Legend!

Allies Osirus, Hathor.

Enemy Set.

The one that got away. I've included a few of the lesser gods, but there was one notable absence from the list. A bit like leaving out Odin or Zeus. You're probably aware of the “mix n match” nature of the Egyptian gods, so you can upgrade to Amon Ra or even Amon Zeus.

Amon. Egyptian deity who was revered as king of the gods. Amon’s name meant the Hidden One, and his image was painted blue to denote invisibility. This attribute of invisibility led to a popular belief during the New Kingdom in the knowledge and impartiality of Amon, making him a god for those who felt oppressed. Represented in human form, sometimes with a ram’s head, or as a ram. All areas,

Amon. Q2 C4 Confound, Protection, Shadowform, Tremble before my might @ 296. as Amon Ra add Burt of light @ 20

I'm using the first kickstarter for this force, the Sons of the Scarab plus the ram headed Sons of Khnum as elite shock troops or officers. Most fit into the usual mundane catagories

Beast Legend Q3 C4 Armoured, Big, Combat master @ 114

Cavalry Q4 C3 Armoured, Steadfast, Long move @ 38

Mutants Q4 C2 Armoured, Steadfast, @ 22

Ptah was the chief deity of the ancient city of Memphis. The creator of all things and the patron of various crafts, such as sculpting and metalworking. Don't dismiss him. One of the 4 army corps at Qadesh was named after him. Most people were farmers or artisans, so a large part of the urban population would fall under his sphere.

Ptah as legend or god. Q3 C1 Hammering blow, Smithy. Legend 50. God 100. There's a nice figure here that would fit:

This is the only god I'd give all 3 sphinxes to.

At Memphis he belonged to a group of three deities that included Bast/Sekhmet and Nefertum. (Nefertem represented both the first sunlight and the delightful smell of the Egyptian blue lotus flower, having arisen from the primal waters within an Egyptian blue water-lily. So about as useful a legend as a spoon.)

Sobek god of the river Nile. As a Legend Q3 C4 Amphibious, Animal mastery, Group fighter, Hammering blow, Huge @ 136. as god: Q2 C4 Amphibious, Animal mastery, Group fighter, Hammering blow, Huge @ 308. Marsh and river deltas, “bits inbetwix”.

Sons of Sobek/Sebek. As Legends Q4 C3 ambusher, Amphibious, Armoured, Big, Dashing @ 94

Or mix them in with Hippo Guard Q4 C3 Amphibious, Armoured, Big, Dashing @ 37

Here fit your crocodiles as per book.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

RS Campaign The Land(s) of Oz

Why have campaigns? Well, it's a different reason for playing. I find pre arranged ones very handy when life gets in the way. I have something ready to go. They also generate tested teams that have the bumpth ready to rock n roll.

Back in the PC/PCLD world, I occasionally gamed with a great bunch of younger persons upon a Wednesday. Lackaday and rue. Some of them have started to see the light and play Rogue Stars. Ahah sayeth I, a way in, to move them from the bland end of the menu. So I suggested a Rogue Stars campaign. Here was my first suggestion that sort of fell on stony ground. This may be due to peoples priorities being somewhat focused. But, still my gossips, you need something to remove you from now and to think about a (hopefully) happier then.

Let me waltz you though the design process. I'm not going to suggest anything other than basic theme. You might find it a useful exercise to look at the stats and plot the forces. Particicuarly if you're used to a mindset where “my Kaptain Gnobcruncha is exactly the same stats (it's on the card) as everyone elses, and of course, painted as per rules.”

The background. The world(s) has to have a coherent background with internal logic. My Moon campaign worked because of this. The Expanse has sort of died a death, not only 'cos it got interrupted but its a bit too close to todays reality.

Let me take you to the mythic land of Oz. I'm playing with the concept of Oz as both the fictional fantasy world and a contraction for Australia.

The normal design process is quite adequate for scenario generation. Some extrapolation is needed. The idea that the players can take it and run without me – fantastic. Do you need a finale? Or can you just play? We found that the Moon campaign had some interesting results. Some sides melted under fire. One fled. One split into 2 factions.

We'd used the old HOTT/DBA system. Each side had a triangular slice of the map. Each with 2 frontier posts and a home base that you cannot get to without taking one of the other. One has the, 4th, central hub as well. This is the capital, the main prize, the Emerald City. Easiest way to do it is to roll for the attacker and then for the defender.

The figures. One advantage of playing in 15mm is that one side costs what you might pay for one larger scale figure. So where you might look at one figure to use, I tend to look at a range. I'm looking for an excuse to buy them.

You need variety, obviously. One of each type of team is a good way to go. A good mix of weapon and concepts. The stronger and more recognisable the better. Different players will use a team differently. That's a strength, enjoy it and go with it!

You need extras. If you use a points loss and gain system then a bad loss can result in several green or lesser skilled replacements. Winners gain points! Good, but take care when applying as the winners might find themselves attacked. Picked up equipment – fantastic. But upgrade in skills needs care and sometimes upgrading a new replacement can be the best choice.

Here's the 7 sides:

Cops. The Feds. The Persons In Black. Big guns with a shoot now then ask questions mentality.

No armour, so emphasis on fast reactions, stealth & distance shooting. 3 mixed teams: M&S, K&J, R&D plus P. I could add the rebellious loner who wears leather a lot-. Possibly with a dog.

Psionics. Peoples Liberation of Oz (PLO) & Cultists. Oz Popular Liberationists (OPL) I was asked for these, and as usual Alternative Armies supplied the figures just after-. 5 figures in each set, so may add a few different to add variety. I have a few vampires, etc. A slightly different leader. I think the look gives them kevlar. Sort of a Big Trouble in Little China vibe.

Bounty Hunters. Dominar Rigel and the Foxy Force Five. Sort of Charlies Angels on speed-.

Farscape is still an excellent SF series. The Dominar has popped up everywhere from 1899 Venus to, well, everywhere. The Foxy Five – look it up! Mix of shoot 'em & Kung Fu action.

Miners. Vegemite Mining Association. Civilian light power armour with no range weapons, but I want to explore throwing things with power armour. You don't want to get close to these guys.

Pirates. The Wild Boys. Gaily attired people with guns and little sense-. Recycling the Belters from my Expanse project. A mix of GZG and Alternative Armies. They shoot therefore they are. Don't run.

Merchants. Baron Greenback and crew, his duster coated goblin halberdiers and flying monkeys.

Well it IS OZ! Turn up, surround people and look hard. Then hit them a lot. No subtlety, no shooting, big numbers. The Baron has no reason or tenuous link to being here. Not one. Nuffin. Sorry. It's my campaign so there) For you Americans – the Duster is an Australian design adapted from a British original via the South African wars.) Greenback, Stilleto and Nero are, like Rigel, from Alternative Armies.

When you want both unusual & superb, Khurasan be my first port of call.

Army of the Savage Forest Witch

The Savage Forest Witch is a powerful creature, protecting and expanding her domain at the expense of others in the woodland realms. In her thrall are all manners of creatures, but typically when she sends her forces to war, their hard core is made up of the halberd armed Gremlin Guard, smaller than humans but fierce and bound to her from infancy, like Ghulams or Janissaries. These uniformed warriors draw up in close order in the center, whilst on the flanks the Witch's Wolf Broods surge forward, seeking out vulnerabilities. Most terrifying of all are the Winged Apes, strong and fierce enough to fight in the front ranks but preferring to fly into position behind engaged troops, tearing them to pieces from the rear with long fangs and mighty arms.

Playing. Either plug for A) taking one side and sticking with it. B) Generated games that you can dip into, playing any side as and when convenient. I mentioned the map - Roll 2 dice. First one is (usually) the attacker and second is the defender. Look at results of past games to rationalise.

My aim is to generate interesting games. You can have a set end point, but I prefer to run until we have played it out or there is a natural winner.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Heavy model basing on CD

Here are a couple on Animechs from Rebel Miniatures.  Unlike plastic kits, these are solid lumps of lead to be affixed via very small feet. 

Excuse my poor pics, these are from my Kindle which boasts a very basic camera.

My "go-to" for medium sized scenery & bigger models is old CD's.  Here's a quick menu:

Marking out the base then cutting it out by using decent scissors and dipping them in water.

Here is generic no-more nails from Poundland.  It's my source of ALL basing and modelling.

It works very well on CD's, even a very thin layer is rosust enough to withstand years of use.

Todays cardboard of choice a packet of commemorative humbugs from the Battle of Bannockburn.  I hadn't realised until doing this that they were a good year out of date when purchased.

Top hole covered.

To help with handling I add an under layer.

This is just visible in the finished product - even less so when the model is added.

Now a decent layer is added.  In the back you can see a batch of (Rebel) undead pirates also based using no more nails.

Left to dry overnight, a base coat of Wilko's tester-pot On Deck.  A good coating of (Poundland) PVA fixes Geek Games rubble mixed with red earth.  I took care to blend in the grey dust from the rubble.  

I needed something to "interact" with the legs, so a couple of bits from this Alternative Armies bits pack added, then everything sealed by a good soaking with extra hold hairspray.

First tests.

Of course as soon as I pick the Skorpoin up the tail stinger comes off!  Both of these are undercoated in gesso.  i don't do spray paint as I've nowhere to use it.

I found the undercoat too light, so I stippled a dark ink to break it up.

 First one finished!

To mount the model I slice the base down to the CD so the let sits inside the base then use liberal amounts of superglue & baking soda to fix.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Paleo Diet First from Fireside Tales.

First times we did the basics.  Now we move forward.  There's 2 ways of doing  characters - either just the leader and survivors or all-at-once.

Here's our team:
 B  Bigfoot, not so good in shrubbery.
C  Calm.
D  Stalker
F  Shaman (Fakier!)
H Alert
J Gatherer.

I decided to adapt one of the games from Fireside Tales.  Bonanza.  2 giant Hominids - Big Yins, are looking after their parcel of pigs in the centre of the table.  I diced for placement of the scenery.

The pen denotes wind direction, thus our initial deployment.  Object is to separate 4 of the pigs and a Yin hand as a trophy.

The hunters stealthily move up.  A few reactions cause a general stir and a shuffling forward.  Except for one Yin who goes looking for trouble.

D, who's supposed to be good at this sort of thing, has 3 fails.  The Yin gets agitated, lashes out and brains J.  He then thinks "problem solved and lunch!".

Time to get the flankers moving in.  The Yin gets spooked again and goes back.

Tightening the noose and checking the dead.

These 2 fail to do what's expected, but the reactions have the desired effect.

Moving up and pig pelting.

First dead pig, rest move away.

The Yin comes in swinging, H goes down, then slain.

The first Yin goes down, no.2 moves in.


Shamen proves adept at calming the pigs, but not hitting them.

Bigfoot 2 pigs!

Back to the bundle.

Pigs wander.

Perhaps this might work-.

Another dead pig!  Shamen!  Hit it!


One wounded pig gets away.  But there's 2 dead and 1 wounded hunter.

This really is a well thought out game.  Ideal for solo play or getting kids into gaming.
Downside - no playsheet.

Next time we'll get into Paleo Pulp Proppaloadwalla.

In the meanstwhile, what happened to our team?

C  is still Calm, but cannot use positive traits.

J is Shamenised.  Loses his Gatherer ability and is lame for the next game.

H is dead,  replaced by another Stalker.