Monday, 28 November 2022

Of Gods And Mortals Sacred City done large. Set vs Osirus.

"Push me - pull you" sort of day. Our Tony had car problems, and living out in the back of beyond means that finding a mechanic is one thing - finding one who has got the right part--. So instead of a week I had 2 days. The good news, I got a lift, so I could get shedloads more out to Entoyment. I adjusted- up the game we did on 14 September and Osirus from earlier. First time I've mixed all, well most, of my Egyptian terrain.

Set 356

Q2 C4  Desert walk, Weather control,  Confound,  Plague,  Poison,  Shooter Long


Legends  Hounds Q3 C3 Long, Dashing 2x 84 = 168  

Pharaoh Q3 C2 Long.  Shooter L = 70

Champion Q3 C3 Armoured.  Dashing. = 78



Hounds Q4 C2 Animal Long, Dashing 25 x 4 = 100

Elite infantry Q4 C2 Steadfast.  Desert walk 16 x 19 = 304

Axemen Q4 C2 desert walk 8 x 17 = 136 

Light spear Q4 C1 Desert walk  8 x 10 = 80

Mummies Q4 C2 Undead, Armoured, Slow 8 x 18 = 144

Jackals Q4 C2 Animal.  Greedy 8x10 = 80


Set 356

Legends 316

Mortals 844


Osirus Q2 C4 256 

Raise the dead, 1 action 1 mortal.

Healing,  2 actions 1 mortal, legend to stand, remove transfix.

Protection.  Armoured trait on unit within 1 long until end turn.


Pharaoh Nuff  Q3 C2 Shooter Long, Long Move, Undead 76

General Ass  Q3 C2 Shooter Long, Long Move, Undead 76

2xGiant scorpions Q3 C3 Desert walk, Poison, Big 74 = 148

Priest  Q3 C2  = 72.

Confound move 1S

Illusions P 35

Raise the dead, 1 action 1 mortal.


Levy infantry spear Q4 C2  8  x 18 = 144 

Slaves Q5  C1 Shooter short, Undead,  16  x 13 = 208

Mummies Q4 C2 Undead, Armoured, Slow  12 x  18= 216

2x4 chariots  Q4 C3.  Undead. Long Shooter M 8x39 = 312

God 256
Legends 372
Mortals 880


A lorra, lorra scenery.  Not every area used, but it wos there.  

Set up.

Ready for a Set piece battle!

This flank is warming up.

Nipped in the - bud.  Scorpion climbs up has a snik snak pokey pokey one dead goddy!

Morale - the jackals leg it.

Flank was hot, now gone cold.

"Damn the chariots - follow me!  -- Lads?"

Um-- can those things jump?

Ah - Meep Meep chariot reversing!

Dogs try for the bone - fetch!  Gets into contact.

Others rush in where fools - and bounce off.

Next - goes down a storm.

Pressing home the advantage!  But the scorpion goes down to a trick shot!

Support Your Neighbourhood God.

Oh - that's ---- not good!  I think this is the worst god-roll ever!

God just let's 'em get on with it.

Push and shove here.  The bottle is corked.

Smashing through - "look out, here comes the boss!"

The hounds have been pushed back, then hit by the screaming undead chariots of doom!

Swirl that cloak and clobber that god!  Undead go "and?"

A bundle is brewing!


You think this would be an easy fight!

One doggy legend goes in - and dies.  Number 2 bounces!

Crunch that legend to save your mortals.

Big & bad is back.

Tied result - scorpion doesn't make the roll and dies!

Everything is getting sucked in!

A real grind, doggies take & chew bones.

Chariots destroy their enemy, ever get that surrounded feeling? 

Priest goes down.

Last hound goes down, then doggie!  Chariots are going down with tied results.

Grinding away!

Ouch!  So close!

Zomb!  Grind!

This is that. Set has no-one left to bring him back.  Osirus has and can still rack up the invocation dice.

Game over - nearly--.  Could have reduced the table, but which side to slice? 

Mutual destruction!

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