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Of Gods and Mortals - Bronze Age heroics.


One Hat to rule them

And into darkness lead them

Planning for my Bridge Head game is making me examine everything. My timing is perfect - the new Museum Miniatures waves of figures are an aid to making the visual aspect. Blotz persuaded (begging and grovelling works!) to produce Troy.

Amazon purchases include:

cork coloured carpet tiles

wooden goblet and coloured gems

cork sticky bits self-stuck as activated barkers

bingo markers for praying, awed, etc. These didn't work that well.

OGAM is a subtle game. I have three different types of standard infantry, and now I seek to make them act, well, different.

A shield and a poking spear. Not to dissimilar with their hoplite descendants. I'm using: Spear Q4 C2, Greedy* @ 12.

Pike using. Standing in line, a solid wall rather than an offensive force: Pike Q5 C3, @ 15

Javelin armed. Not as effective as their looser cousins, as they cannot take a run-up and prefer to stand in line. They are best used offensively, charging in. They can also stand off and pelt lesser foes. I'm dividing these into 2, first is the Q4 C1 Dashing.  Greedy Shooter short. . @ 12. These are clumps that would skirmish if in 4's.

Second are the more regular troops who use javelins and throwing as opposed to long and poking: Q4 C2 Shooter short.

Chariots. The rules say you cannot use mounted AND armoured. To my mind that's a chariot mounted hero. I'm making no distinction betwixt Legend and Mortal - this is the base.

Earlier long thrusting spear jouster. Let's take the Legend Nestor’s son Antilochus Q3 C3  Mounted Armoured 84. You can add Long move for the boy racers. Dashing represents the final spurt.

Hero who dismounts. Most obvious is Achilles  Q3 C3 Dashing.  Dashing represents the hopping on and off the chariot. Shooter Short is the main offence.

Javelin armed chariot hero. I'd remove dashing, as they're more likely to stop and throw rather than risking a fast rush? You do get the boy racer. Q3 C3 (2?) Mounted. Armoured (most) Shooter short. Here I'm thinking Menelaus, who's never going to dismount.

* Greedy reflects the habit of stripping gear from a fallen foe.

  1.     Trojan Left

Apollo Q2 C4 Shooter Long Legendary shooter one ranged attack per action.

Prophesy  Roll 3 dice BEFORE game, can swap for C or Q dice any unit.

Bard Once per game 2 actions gives target 3 activations 

Burst of light 1 action not reaction.  All 2xlong.  Shadowform back to normal.  All mortal shooters no shooting end NEXT turn.

Healing  2 actions 1 per turn,  single mortal to life.

Plague  attack 1 unit once per game.  Mark unit, -1 Activations & Combats.


Legends   All in chariots.

Lycians Sarpedon leader, Q3 C3 Mounted Armoured Shooter short.  Greedy. 84


Lycan (general) Glaucus. Q3 C3 Mounted Armoured Shooter short.  Greedy.84


Polydamas (dismountedTrojan general)  

Q3 C3 Armoured.  Dashing. Shooter short.  Greedy. 84


Agenor. (Dismounted)  Q3 C3 Armoured.  Dashing. Shooter short.  Greedy. 84



8 Lycian archers  Q4 C2  Greedy Shoot M Lycan @ 17= 136


4 Lycan jav Q4 C1 Greedy.  Shoot S @8   = 32


8 Lycan Spear Q4 C2, Greedy. Shoot S  @15 = 120


8 Trojans under Agenor  Spear Q4 C2, Greedy @12 =  96

4 Javelin Q4 C2 Shoot S Greedy.  Dashing @19  = 76 

God 380

Legends 376

Mortals 416






  1. Trojan Right.

Ares Q2 C5 376

Group fighter, cannot be outnumbered.

Combat master, every activation can be used for a separate attack. 

Hammering blow.  Roll 1, enemy free hack. 6 +2.

Shapeshift Boar Q2 C4 Long move,

Forester, no reduction for moving through woods.

Dashing, attacks in the same activation, without requiring a second activation.

Poison. For every casualty caused, roll a D6,  If 5,6 another casualty.




“Reduced” Aphrodite. Q3 C3 Transfix.  Love conquers all.  100


Xanthus. Q3 C4  Amphibious.  Combat master. Dashing. Gargantuan.  Invulnerable. 162


Pandarus (archer) Q3 C3 Shooter M.  Good shot  76


Aeneas (Dismounted)  Q3 C3 Armoured  Greedy. Shoot S  84



4 Javelin Q4 C2 Shoot S Greedy.  Dashing @19  = 76

2x 8 Spear Q4 C2, Greedy 192

8 Archers Q4 C2 Greedy.  Sh M @ 17 = 136

God 376

Legends 414 

Mortals 404



 Achaean Left

 Hera Q2 C3 Shadow form, Breathtaking beauty, Tremble before my might. 200


Ajax the Lesser Q3 C3 Mounted Armoured Dashing. 92


Idomeneus of Crete  Dismounted.  Q3 C3 Armoured Dashing.  Greedy. 

Shooter S good shot. 82


Ajax the Mighty, Q3 C4  Armoured. Group fighter.  Greedy.  100


Menelaus Q3 C3 Mounted. Armoured. Greedy. Shooter S. 84



6 Jav  Q4 C2 Shooter short @ 18  = 108


8 Cretan city spearmen.  Q4 C2 Shooter short. Greedy. @ 15 = 120

4 Cretan city archers  Q4 C2 Shooter Long.  Good shot. Greedy @ 19 = 76

8 Telemon steady spear  Q4 C2, Greedy @ 12 = 96


8 Myrmidons  Q4 C3 Dashing. Shooter S.  Greedy. @ 27 = 216


4 Slingers Q4 C1 Greedy Shoot Medium  @10 = 40


God 200

Legends 358

Mortals 656





  1. Achaean Right.

Athena  Q2 C4  248

Prophecy Roll 3 dice BEFORE game, can swap for C or Q dice any unit.


Shapeshift Owl Q2 C3 Long, Flying.



Odysseus  Q2 C3 Stealth, Free disengage.  Armoured. 98


Nestor’s son Antilochus Q3 C3  Dashing. Mounted. Armoured. Greedy.  86


Diomedes Q3 C3 Dashing. Mounted. Armoured. Greedy.  86


Achilles  Dismounted.  Q3 C3 Dashing.  Shooter S.  Good shot. 

Greedy. Invulnerability.  114




8 Ithican  Spear Q4 C2, Greedy @ 12 = 96


2x8 Pylians  Pike Q5 C3, @ 15 = 240


8 Argos Spear Q4 C2, Shooter S Greedy @ 15 = 120 


3x4  archers/slingers Q4 C1 Greedy Shoot Medium  @10 = 120

God 248

Legends 384

Mortals 576



Each God is colour coded. 
In the goblet there are 8 gems, 2 of each colour. These control the game.
At the start 1 of each colour defines the order of deployment.

Initiative. One is picked and retained.

Reaction.  One is picked.  If the active player, the reaction is lost.  Gem is returned.

Change of Initiative.  A gem is pulled, if the same as active it is retained then a second pulled.
This, as above, is retained and the others now returned and all activation markers removed.

I'd reduced the playing surface to 4x3.  The only on - table scenery is Achilles camp.  I decided that Achilles and the Myrmidons start near the camp.  I might move them a Medium forward.

I'm paying more attention to playing than taking pics, but you'll get the idea!

Labels work BUT if you're going to copy I suggest trying coloured paper or colouring background.

Yes, one side can dominate, getting alternate initiatives.  Best take care in the set-up.  But you can get that in a normal game with quick turn arounds.  Thus is the will of Zeus.

Game 1

Matt came up with some interesting ideas.  He took the Trojans, preferred Ares as the boar and enjoys outflanking forces.

Set up.


Ares "way over", part of Apollo and part Hera.

Rest of Ares.


Ares, Apollo and Athena.  Now you see why I colour coded!

Rest of Athena.

Achilles and his Myrmidons in front of their camp.

Matt sent Ares in boar mode crashing into Hera's forces.

Meanstwhile Apollo's chariots crash into the Pylian pikes.

Hera does her Tremble, Athena is there to exploit.

The boar moves on.

And the river- 

The central bash goes on.

Hera dies - and loses a lot of troops!

Aphrodite starts in on the smaller units.

The boar and the river again- 

Hera vs Apollo, Hera dies again.

Apollo shoots the Myrmidons to bits, thrusting them off the field!

Ouch!  Hera goes down and there's no-one left to bring her back!

Game 2

Set up.  Tony took the Trojans this time.  Our set-up is a little less - mixed.





Apollo gets the initiative.

Again a central crunch.

Push of spear and pike.

Ares and the river take on the strongest.

Athena has a choice, and takes out the river which was a move closer thus a +1 extra.

Odysseus closes with Ares but goes down to a negligent swipe!

Hera goes down to Lycan King Sarpedon.

She loses half of the infantry.  Others retreat.

Alas!  our table had no power point and my phone ran out-.  

Here, oh header of the charge of the Cretans!
Down goes Sarpedon King to their vengeful javelins!
Into the javelins behind they crash, killing one and sending the rest reeling back!
Their mad career brings them into contact with Apollo.
The initiative swaps to the other flank.
Now again Hera has the initiative and plunges against Apollo, smiting him low.
Now its turn for his forces to flee and retire!

Now Ares. Athena had gone after Aphrodite, but Ares comes to the aid of his girl, Athena retreats to the Argos band.

Ajax the lesser is holding on!

Day 2, game 3.  If Dr Who has taught my generation anything it is to Reverse The Polarity.  So I did just that, swapping the sides around so that Athena faced Apollo and Hera, Ares.

The result was - interesting.

This time I took the Trojans, Apollo and Ares, and Matt Hay took the Achaean's.  

I had hoped to get more painting in.  I did some on the gods - I'm not used to large scale figures.  I'd hoped to get some of the armour painted, but hand said no.

Set up.  Matt discussed keeping the usual separation betwixt units, even if allied.  This was a good point, we used it here and partially in the second game.  I think I'll adopt this. 

I tried advancing Achilles and the Myrmidons by a Long from their camp.  This didn't really work.  I may abandon it and have a rethink.  Do I abandon the camp?

A confused melee of multiple chariots!  I'm pissed at my hand stopping me painting -  you can see what you've done or the pile left to do-.

For once all units activated!

Hera in shadow form (needs a drybrush) does her "Do you know who I am?" 

Initiative swap gives the "sudden death" of reactions to the melee.

Aeneas charges the Cretans but comes off worse!

Pounded to bits!

Getting close!  Can they damage them before they are un-awed?

Help coming!

Grinding of the Gods.  Sneaky Athena has just enough to kill Apollo - but then initiative swap.

Ares uses a reaction to get close.  He kills Hera who promptly returns!

Quick swaps - back to Ares -  turns into the Boar with the one success.

Ajax pounds the infantry.

Hera again.  Ares gets a reaction, goes for Indomeneus, but that proves his undoing as Hera applies her handbag of doom into his nether wobbly bits!

Morale - does not go well.

Aphrodite is incensed at the treatment of her boyfriend, she gets jumped by javelins and goes down.

That's a big hole!  Attempt to bring back Ares - fails.

Ha ha! Athena - crap.

Glaucus goes down to combined arms.

The two invulnerable - the wave goes down to an excellent javelin.

With Ares dispatched and his mortals murdered the girls team up on Apollo.

With a lot less units initiative switches come quick.

With support Apollo pushes Athena back.  His shooting this game was sub par, but he's able to  shoot her down.

Crump!  Now Hera - 

Athena turns up and is struck down!

Free at last, Apollo shoots down Ajax and Diomedes.

Hanging on, but close to the edge!

Back again and Apollo down!

He's back but a quick turnover.

The ladies pound Apollo's mortals.

With the Trojan gods unable to return - an Achaean victory!

Game 4.  Same sides, Matt replaced by Tony.

Set up.

Athena starts and smites Sarpadon!

Hera - plunges deep into Ares deployment and into contact with Aphrodite.

Her chariots crash into the Trojan line.

Meanstwhile, on the other flank Glaucus, despite Athena being thrown back by Apollo's arrows, he advances to crash into her centre!

Deciding to leave Hera to the combined might of his legends, Ares decides to push his mortals forward.

That - does not go as well as expected!

Turnover - back to Hera!

Hera and Ajax gang up on a spear, not the best result but they go back.

Ajax has a push and shove with Ajax.

Over to Athena.

Glaucus goes down to the grinding Argos spear.

Hera again, who winds up her hand bag and wellies Ares!

Apollo.  Diomedes gets shot down.

Hera pops the archer.

Athena levels Apollo!

Morale - 

Ithicans and Odysseus working together.

Even the pike advance.  The wall walks.

Now its the work of stopping the gods coming back.

Apollo is back.


Meanstwhile - torn over

Clash of titans - only a few victims.

Athena shot back.

Athena again.  Her forces crash in!

Apollo done again!

Hera again!  Last of Ares mortals are engaged.  With the Trojan gods repulsed again, another Achaean win!

Matt dipped out of his Legion game to snap some quick pikkies of the last game.  A useful perspective!

Troy - The Gods Go To War!

Using Of Gods And Mortals



Trojans and Lycan allies


Aphrodite and the river god Xanthus




Heroes of legend and their troops.


Heroes and exotic troops.

Of Gods And Mortals

3 “levels” of forces:

Each side has 1 God.  Powerful forces (count as 8 in combat)  Has “Apps” that define their powers.

Legends.  Less powerful (count as 4 in combat) 

Each God has up to 5. (Usually) Less powerful “Apps”.

Mortals.  Make up the bulk of the forces.

A group of 4 (up to 3) can pray, giving their god an extra activation dice.  They can return a “dead” god.

Every god, legend or mortal unit has 2 stats:  

Quality.  The number needed to gain an activation, reaction or morale on up to three D6.

Activation.  1 fail gives a potential reaction.  

2 fails causes initiative swap.  3 fails - both.

Combat.  The basic + to a single D6 roll. 

Further +/- gives the result.  

For each 3 above the opponent gives a death.   

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