Monday, 2 September 2019

OAAH Mars Euxinus Lacus vs Herculis.

Once again it's Mars.  Here be giant, but no worms.

Here we take another step towards February.  Just one more to go.  Then I have a splurge on scenery making, sticking bits of wood together and getting stuff finished.  Tick Tock.

You, dearest reader, may get the impression that all this runs seamlessly.  But this is my duck impression.  Beneath I'm paddling like mad.  The hint is the bases.  I paint them first, but add flock last before hitting the firm hold hairspray.  I've a shed load of scenery and some boats to make and arm.  Then there's a few more units and personalities to complete.  Note the Euxinus Lacus forces below.  I got the bulk in xmas sale 2017.  I've just mounted the last small cavalry unit and have a few small bits in hand.  More coming any day now, hopefully ready for February!

Todays game is a meeting engagement.  The fort is old and unoccupied so can be regarded as both a terrain piece and an objective.  I rolled as per usual for 2 rocky knolls.  In my deployment.  I must make some form of chart. 
Euxinus Lacus 

General. 3 3 6 Mounted, Fast, Extra lives3. 000 119

Medium 4 3 5 Mounted, Fast, Shoot1, extra lives2.1 units of 8 = 531.
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Lancer 4 3 6 Fast, Mounted, Fast, Devastating charge, extra lives2. 6 = 408
00 00 00 00 00 00

Guild Pike 5 2 5 pikes slow steadfast drilled 16 x 29 = 464

Guild Crossbow 5 1 5 Shoot 2 8 x 26 = 208

Guild Spear 4 2 6 Drilled , Shieldwall 8 x 37 = 296

Total 2,026

Big bastard.


 General. 3 4 6 Mounted, Fast, Extra lives3. 000 125

Swords. Cav. 4 3 5 Mounted, Fast, Drilled, Devastating charge, Extra lives2.  1 units of 6 = 426
00 00 00 00 00 00

Lancers 4 4 6 Mounted, Fast, Drilled, Devastating charge, Extra lives2. 6 x 47 = 474
00 00 00 00 00 00

Borderers 4 2 5 Shoot1, Devastating charge, 8 x 43 = 344

Heavy Infantry 4 2 6 Slow (-1 scouting) Elan (1st turn +1 activation) 8 x 40 = 320

Crossbow 4 1 5 Shoot2 3x 38 = 114

Dragonkind 3 6 8 Giant3, Devastating charge, Trample, Tough, Extra lives 4 248
00 00

Total 2,051

The Game.  I took Euxinus Lacus and Tony won the scouting roll.  Initiative swapped like a bag of sweeties in a brothel.

I had a plan.  Use the fort to anchor my infantry then weather the storm.  As usual, it didn't work.

My cavalry are there, but the borderers are doing the same.  Do I risk my pike against that beast?  Like pikes vs elephant.

I start to move my infantry forward.

The Dragonkind crashes into my spear, who form a shieldwall.  They get shoved back, but survive.

Then it crashes into the rear of my lancers, scattering them like chaff.

Now I'm in trouble, 2 units blooded and in disarray!  I get a reaction and my cavalry goes in.

I get lucky!  But- Tony's lancers crash into my depleted & disordered lancers.

Fortunately for them my spear were still disordered.  But my cavalry were not so lucky as the borderers smash into their rear.

My remnant cavalry seize the opportunity to crash into the crossbow, who draw blood.

But that leaves them open to the heavy infantry who walk over them.

"Forward!"  ---! General with +1 stops it being an initiative handover.

The General takes the reaction - but doesn't get it!  My pikes, seeing an easy target attacks!

I need to get those infantry in a line!

The clash!  The General lays about him Martianly, but is wounded and captured.

That puts the lordly heavies in a quandary.  If they charge the pikes, they might kill their own kind.

I get a line.

My forces get away with their captive.  This will be the basis for next week.

Game 2.  Usual swapsies.  I win the initiative, but soon lose it-.

Tony steams in on the flank.

We get into check.  He gets forces around the fort - that was my plan!

Got to start somewhere, so the quiet flank-

I come off worse.

A countercharge finishes the job.

Tonys cavalry overrun my crossbow.

That puts my general in peril.

It's not a line, more of a pour.  Cunning swine attempts my coffee!

I need to get the beast next to my General.

My borderers attempt the spears and I get the worst of it.

Clash!  Dragonkind gets pushed back.

Lancer vs Lancer.  Far too even a fight-.

Equal casualties, as I was the attacker Tonys go back.

But that leaves them open to the pike moving in.  Damn, I'd hoped to send the heavies in-.

They put up a decent fight but get pincushioned.

Rats, this cost-.

Lads- lads!

Dragonkind gets taken down by the cavalry.

My heavies beat their way towards the pikes.

The crossbow put up a good fight.

Those losses count when the pike moved in.

They are pushed back and get charged by the cavalry, but they prove a hard nut!

My General and the stragglers depart, covered by the heavies.

Now its the lancers turn.

They do better.

A clear win for Tony.  I'm happy the way this is shaping up. I'd like to thank those who are leaving comments - and those who share.  You don't get notification of this now so I'd appreciate you telling me.

Next week - going large.

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