Thursday, 13 May 2021

Nostalgia. Not 15mm. Participation game.

Clearing out me shed bit I found this box unopened since when?  Early 80's.  You're a regular reader, so you know my sense of, um, humour.

Let me take you right back:

No internet.

No digital photographs, so we just didn't take pics.

No superglue, only proper araldite.  (still together after decades!)

No hobby paints other than Humbrol enamels.  Only artist acrylics.  Well if there were any, not near us and they would have been far too pricey.  That at least, has not changed.

Weymouth show, run by the famed Martin of Peter Pig fame)  was our "other" local show, the older being at Henry Harbins skool in Poole. Participation games encouraged and we always tried to do something different.

Battletech was THE big SF wargame.

There were many small "indie" RPG's and skirmish games out there.

One of these was called Nuns With Guns.  No, I cannot find it either.  GZG did the figures.  It was all in the best possible taste.  One feature was the Battle Mech War Bot.  These had been the latest in military technology until someone pointed out what a stupid concept they were and relegation to the army surplus store loomed.

There was upon the town of Dorchester a department store called Goulds.  With the rise of some godawful company someone decided to add miniatures.  We soon learned not to buy anything until it was reduced by 33% 'cos nobody bought them.  Thus it came to pass that some Star Wars walkers were reduced.  A pack of  ping pong balls and our Battle Mech Warbots were born.  Some plastic Daleks and a Davros and we were set.  A few bits of scenery to make the obligatory Dalek control room.

The show, the game I don't remember.  I was with my 2 mates-more-like-family, Paul "Weasele"  Jackson and David (Young, as he was the youngest of the 7ish Daves in the British Plate Armoured Society) Thomas.  Paul- disappeared.  Dave moved to China with his Dad. 

I DO remember that we had a small table near the Official Battle Tech club one.  To say that were were not - appreciated by them.  In those days they were as - well, by comparison  they make the modern on-trend latest release anorak seem almost capable of forming a meaningful adult relationship.

Here's the box contents!

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