Saturday, 24 April 2021

New Role Playing Game in a fantasy Bronze Age - Jackals

 This is the third RPG to cover this period that I know of.  Empire of the Petal Throne from way back in 1975- and it's still available!

Mythic Greece, an offshoot of MERP.  I used to run this, loved it & I got positive feedback from players.  Players were the generation(s) between the Heroes of the Argonauts and the Trojan War.

Jackals.  A not-quite-but close end bit of the Mediterranean.  Nasty beastmen of several species destroyed human civilisation and enslaved them.  The humans fought back, the nasties retreating to the forests & wastelands.  Humanity has reestablished culture to the Bronze Age level. I'm getting a late feel, as several of the "big players" have gone under and there's quite a bit of armour about.  They go about sifting through ruins for nasty things that would be better off left there, or better still buried deeper.

Players are the unwanted youths, kicked out or boldly going to find their destiny and/or a sticky end.

I sort of like this.  I can see it getting good IF Osprey OR the fan base support it.  I have thoughts in my head.  Starting with social status.  That Herbert with a spear and 1 sandal and his bits flapping in the wind might just be the next lawful king of some city IF he can survive and prove it.

Goods Points:

Just enough illustrations, all high quality.

I have exactly the right figures, more on this later.

Bad Points.

It's an Osprey hardback.

A lot of the print is small and feint.

Layout is - well it's an Osprey.

There is no allowance to copy and print for own use.  Trying to copy from a hardback-.

I'd suggest if you can afford to print it - get the PDF from Amazon, crank up the scale & tone.

IF it had been larger & not a hardback you could take it apart, organised it & made a player manual.

Setting.  There's a whole known(?) world in the front, but the book concentrates on one long section of coastal road with reference to the cultures around it.

It's a coast.  Everyone goes by road.  What?  OK, if you're going inland you have to, but most trade, most travel was by water.  Other than the mention of coastal towns.  The vast majority of humans have lived by the sea.  Look at Australia!  Maybe there will be a supplement.

Trade.  It's the Bronze Age.  By then there was the Flint Road, with amber, flints and other exotic rocks, shells, pearls, woods, spices and jewelry travelling hundreds of miles.  Where are the tin and copper mines?

Politics.  Other than everyone hates everyone else 'cos they worship false gods, there's nothing.

Warfare.  Again, one nation is horse nomads, but other than that we don't get nothing.  


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