Saturday, 20 February 2021

Lukka/Lycian Trojan allies.

 For my Trojan War forces I want to add a Lukka, or Lycian force under their Hero
leader Sarpedon.

These are settled Sea Peoples allies of the Trojans. Natural forces for Posideon.

I’ve already got some Museum Miniatures ox carts to produce smaller not-chariots like these Magister Militum miniatures. Alas, these are true 15mm, so will look too small.

After all, you can never, ever have too many chariots on the go at any one time.

On that note, way back in April I backed the sort of pre-order kick starter for Battle Valors new chariot range for 4 mediums - and I received 8! Cannot argue with that!  Essentially this is 2 different sized vehicles pulled by different mounts and crew per race.

They were posted in January and I got them exactly a month later, which is quick for transatlantic post these days.  A big parcel, I paid an extra £39.32 VAT & £12 clearance fee.  BUT, that's less than the cost of the extras I got for the kickstarter, so I'm still squids in.  Hail Posideon!

I thought them and my mind went back to the Seapeoples/Lybian vs Egyptian encounters.  As well as normal chariots, they pressed ox carts into service as less mobile platforms for javelinmen.  Let's consider how that might have evolved by looking at the Hussites.  A later pastoral people faced with better equipped foes who pressed large carts into service.

Now I need bulls.    I could go back to Battle Valor who now have a range of separate mounts.  BUT!  RPE  do similar, and have 2 different bulls perfect for the use!

Now I need new infantry.  Old Glory have an excellent range.  I've already used the Weshwesh for my Cretans.  So the Pelesets will be perfect.  There's also some regular chariots.
As these come from the US there's going to be inevitable price rises & long restock, so sooner than later!

I want the Lukka to provide about half a Trojan force.  That's about 8 units.  The war-wagon chariots, festooned with archers & javelins with 1 commander/hero each will provide 4.  A lighter wagon (the Museum Miniatures) supported by yet more javelins as flankers 2 more.  2 units of spear with small supporting unit of archer skirmishers.  A command unit of general in chariot with horse-drawn chariots completes.

Now I have just a little bit of spending to do----.

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