Saturday, 13 August 2016

OGAM The First Olympic Games The lots are drawn.

I want to thank all of you for your support for my bid to get wargaming recognised as an Olympic discipline in the spirit of the original. Don't forget those games were a strong contributing factor in the Trojan War, which at the time bordered on being the first world war.

I'm using a strict format and only 1,000 points. Easy to replicate in 25mm. If you and your club can field several nations, then go for that! I toyed with allowing substitution for destroyed units and allowing each side one terrain item but decided against as this lot used virtually every figure I've got and I'm looking for speed.  Where mortals are different than the book I've taken values from my earlier post on Trojan War troop types as opposed to the later Greek types used in the official lists.  Please feel free to alter.  One way to "cheat absolutely" is to run it as a Roman or Medieval spectacle, substituting contemporary or mythic types.  Look, just have fun, OK?

I've taken the “2nd rank” gods. Strictly 3 Legends per side. I've a big circle, anything going over is “owt!”. The inner circle holds the 5 rings objective. All units start betwixt the 2, to win one side must hold the rings. Losing one's god is also an out-.

Oooops, 'oops- do your research first. Now I find the rings logo originated in the early 20thc with no reference to the historical or mythical past. Still, I needed some new urban movement trays. My first batch has been going strong for a couple of years rough handling. These have a much thinner no-more-nails skin so will be interesting to see how they last. Although they are harder to pick up as the edge isn't so proud.

The sides:
Ares. Group fighter, Combat master, Hammering blow, 376
Legends Achilles Q3 C3 Dashing, Invulnerability @ 108, Hippolyte Q3 C3 Armored @ 80,
Chariot Hero Q3 C3 Armored, Mounted @ 96 *
8xMymidion (CO) Q4, C3, Armored, Dashing @ 33, 8xOO javelin, Q4 C1 shooter short @ 11 1,004

Artemis Forester, Shooter (Long), Shoot into melee, Legendary shooter, Good shot, Animal mastery
Legends Hydra, Q3 C4, Combat master, Armored, huge 116 Nemean lion Q3 C3 invulnerability, Chariot Hero, Q3 C3 Armored, Mounted @ 96 8xOO Stampeding cattle Q4 C1 Dashing, Animal, Long move, 8xCO/OO archers, Q4 C2 shooter medium @ 20, 5xOO javelin Q4 C1 shooter short @ 11 1,003.

Athena Q2 C4 Prophesy, Protection, 248
Legends Odysseus Q2 C2 Stealth, Free disengage, 2 Chariot heroes, Q3 C3 Armored, Mounted @ 96
4x8 Early tower shield spear (CO) Q4 C2, Greedy @ 12.
8xOO Javelin Q4 C1 shooter short @ 11 1,006

Dionysus Q2 C3 Transfix, Drunkard, Confound 232
Legends Minotaur Q3 C3 Dashing Labyrinth @88, 2x centaur heroes Q3 C3 dashing, drunkard,
8xOO Satyr, Q4 C2 Drunkard @ 15, 8xOO Satyr archers, Q4 C2 Shooter medium Drunkard @ 20,
4xOO Centaurs, Q4 C3 Drunkard, Long move, Dashing @ 35
4xOO Centaur archers Q4 C2 long move, Shooter long, Drunkard @ 20, 996

Hermes Q2 C3 Super speed, Free disengage, stealth, v difficult target.
Legends Medusa Q3 C3 Poison, Turn to stone, Stheno Q3 C3 Armored turn to stone,
Euryale Q3 C3 Flying, Long move, Turn to stone.
12xCO Early tower shield javelin Q4 C2 Greedy, Shooter (short) @15
8xCO seapeoples warband Q4, C3, Armored, Dashing @ 33 1,008

Pan Q2 C4 Forester, Transfix, Tremble before my might
Legends Herakles Q3 C4 Group fighter, Hammering blow, Cyclops Q3 C3 Huge, Shooter medium Chiron Q3 C3 Long move, Dashing @ 35
8xOO Satyrs or cyclops Q4 C2 Drunkard @ 15, 8xOO Satyr or cyclops missile Q4 C2 Shooter medium Drunkard @ 20, 4xOO Centaurs Q4 C3 Drunkard, long move, dashing @ 35 1004

The Draw:
Hermes v Athena 1,008 v 1,006
Dionysus v Pan 996 v 1004
Ares v Artemis 1,004 v 1,003

The survivors will be ranked by points remaining and 2nd & 3rd will battle to fight 1st for winner

  • A chariot hero is both mounted and armored.

Hermes has gone with a very strong Legends line-up backed by plenty of punch in the mortals.
Athena is weaker in the Legends but has the more numerable mortals.

Dionysus again, a weaker Legend force but a host of mortals that will cover a lot of ground, looking to swamp any opponent.
Pan has the stronger but slower Legends force and a similar mortals contingent.
This game is going to cover a lot of ground and the initial setup will be critical.

Ares as you would expect has a very strong Legends force backed by a small, brute power mortals.
Artemis has a Legend force to equal Ares. All eyes will be on the impact the cattle can make. But the initial betting is on a strong head-to-head battle of these two hotheads.

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