Tuesday, 18 March 2014

For Sale! Making cheap scenery

FOR SALE! I'm hoping to have a trade stall and run a game at two local shows, Fisticuffs at Weymouth and at Bovington Tank Museum. I'm woppin up several batches of scenery for sale. Fortunately my wife's shop provides me with a steady supply of foam.

This is gleaned from those clever enough to post on You Tube and blogs via TMP. I've suggested before that this is a fun, messy job for kids on skool holiday. Most clubs have unemployed members who might appreciate making a contribution. I find that I spend about 50p and an hour on each step of a batch which covers this board. This production line means I can provide pics from £1-£5.

Have a plan, what do you need? What is going to get the most use?

Break up the foam into handy chunks.

Play, try and play again. Assemble with bamboo skewers, PVA glue and NMN. LET IT DRY!

Carving, if you need to, is best done by very, very sharp snap blade knives. Cheap shops sell sets of them, perfect for disposal once you feel resistance. I prefer to tear rather than cut,which I use mostly on the slope of hills.  Many people don't like the "bubbly" texture of cheap foam. I disagree, it's a good surface for adding to.

Make a mix of PVA, ready made plaster with a dash of paint. Work it into and onto the foam without bothering about a smooth surface.

Drybrush (once dry, or you'll get a soggy mess) with earth colours.

Wash with a very dilute black, dash of white, dash of blue, turn upside down, taking care to do underside of overhangs and inside crevices.

Mix a thick goop of PVA, coarse sand/gravel and dark paint. Use this to fill cracks, cover CD bases and strengthen areas. Any left use as a sort of drybrush.

As above, but thinner, finer sand and lighter colour.

Drybrush white any exposed areas then flock. I use firm hold hairspray to seal.
This batch was inspired by the latest King Kong. All that old, rotting stonework. Works as well as submerged ruins as well as a jungle city.
 The cloth is a sarong that wasn't overprinted.
 No you cannot have it.
The next batch will be “black and white”,
a burned out city of spires and rubble scorched by nuclear fire.  I might make some brocage and desert stuff.

“I travelled upriver on a PBI, a pirate boat independent, a common site on the river. 
 It may have been my mission but it as sure as hell's the Rat's boat.”

Our first game using my new PAU vs Ogron pirates. The PAU won due to one Ogron SAW gunner who failed to see, then hit, an APC and spent most of the game hiding.