Monday, 11 June 2018

RS Moon - Daleks destroy Nazi menace!

Play Me:

Running from the Dalek menace a rag-tag fleet 

escapes to interplanetary space.  

Where can they go? Where can they find some isolationist country?  Humans, beware of any nation who's leader and advisors starts acting irrational, sprouting extreme right wing dogma and wearing ill fitting wigs.

Game, we rolled Move to the Ship, Crystal Forest, Low ammo. That reads as bugging out to me.

Science Faction Daleks. Cyborgs. Tactical discipline Hive Mind*: give 2nd reaction to another model or ignore morale roll.  

Armour3 Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”

* Trying a different discipline to differentiate the 2 factions.

Blacktop sub-commander Artificial, Leadership2 Marksman2 Reactive, Tough1 42 Total 58
Bionic eyes 4
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7 Upgrade Leadership2, Marksman 2

Redtop Tech Dalek Artificial, Marksman1 Tech2, Reactive, Robotech 2 Tough1 36 Total 60
Intrusion kit 4 +2 tech roll
Bionic eyes 4
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7
Anti-Psi helmet. Head Armour2 -3 Mindbolt, Nightmares, Mindscream, Percieve, Mind control, Bolster, Encourage, Guidance, Detect weakness

Drone Artificial, Marksman1 Tough1 24 Total 35
Bionic eyes 4
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7

Task Force Black top, Redtop, 4 drones.

Nazis. Tactical discipline Hard to kill 3 wound chits. Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”

Gestalt Difficult target, Diminutive, Psi, Psi master3, 30 Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 3” Sprint 5” -2 target.
Mindbolt (1) 5 -1 per 5” torso, ignore cover, armour, los.
Mind control 18 TN16 10”max. P58
Nightmares 10 -1 per 5” torso, ignore cover, armour, los. Morale roll. 33 Total 63

Boomenbangentroopen Adolf Psi, Marksman1, steadfast3 18 2x stun grenade 8

Shootentroopen Bas, Fritz, Grad, Hal Psi, Marksman1, steadfast3 18 SMG (4) 6

Pointystickgruptroopen. Carl, Psi, Weaponmaster3, nonreactive, steadfast3 15
2 handed sword (3) 2

Total 202  As this was the last area, I should have added the last remaining Pointystickgruptroopen.   Smacks own wrist & forehead.

Now THIS is what a stealth UFO looks like. To save you reading, the Nazis must start 10" from the Daleks baseline and are trying to get to the ship.  Tony took the Nazis and the initiative.

"You lose it here, you are in a whole world of hurt."


My dice rolling was even worse than normal.

One whiff of the Daleks and the Gestalt does a runner as fast as its little tentacles can go!

We advance!


One down, not out.

Another gone!

Carl takes a shot, the grenade bounces off but no effect.  A second shot lands near causing stress & pins.


Adolf is out of the kill zone.

Carl goes down in a hail of laser fire.

Grad gets up and lets loose.

Then runs.

My flanker spots Carl and tries a long shot, missing.

Adolf shoots, but misses.

Exterminate! - Thal!

Another unsuccessful shot.

Adolf is getting surrounded-

Note Fritz at the bottom living up to his name, failing every action and reaction.

Fritz hunting

How lucky can he get?

A poke to the eyestalk then a whack to the centre- my only casualty.

Adolf runs for his um, life.


Fritz wakes up and sprints like there's a Dalek on his tail.

So near, but so far.

Adolf pays the price, he's not dead but so close---.


With a mighty whine the engines start and the ramp recedes.  Adolf rolls down, barely alive.  3 get away.  But the Daleks capture 2 intact Gestalt segments.  Now, what could they do with those?