Thursday, 14 June 2018

RS Astagar challenge Ogrons to Plum Duff trial.

Time to froth at the mouth. Never had Space Gladiators come up. Now we get it twice.  Here is the first such offering.  Cannot say that this campaign isn't stretching the grey matter.  Here I am, not saying it.

Astagar vs Ogron. Space Gladiator, Mining station, psi disturbance.

The Ogrons want their area back. Nnancii challenges them to a sacred Plum Duff combat.
A fight to the death with last being standing taking the prize.

I expanded the arena, using a vinyl tile. 4 pillars broke it up.  The black are are the transmats used for entry.

Astagar. Tactical discipline At the double, 10 +1” move tokens. Ignore 1st pin, Armour1.
Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”

Neural whips. 1 (4) Free hack against charging foe not armed with long weapon.
Stun, Endurance 10+ or 1Pin 1Stress.

Nnancii* Difficult target, Diminutive, Leadership, Marksman2, Stealth, Reptiloid, Reactive, Veteran. 43  Claws 1 Total 48

* She did very well, on her first leadership outing.  Trounced the Ogron gaining 20. 4 robots gain inbuilt blaster rifles (worth 10 each) She gains Leader1 Stealth and is made up to Veteran.

Ssam Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman1, Reptiloid, 17 Claws 1 Total 22

Dugee (M) Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman2, Reptiloid, Tough 33
Claws 1 Total 38

Group total 98

Ogron Pirates Tactical Discipline 
Determined 4 remove stress tokens. 
+1 as target, +1 combat Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”

Powered gauntlet. 3 (5)
Crunch if hits by 2 or more, can destroy hand held weapon.

Pirate Big, Marksman (2) Martial arts (1) Reactive, Tough, 28 Total 33

Group total 99

I took the Astagar and the initiative.  Bounding on.

The standing around looking, waiting for something to happen stage.

Mag rushes Dugee.  Neural whips are vicious! He goes down going ow a lot.

His mate Joc comes in hard and strong killing Dugee.

Lans and Ssam go for each other.

Nnancii joins in.

Tough brute, whipped both ways and he's still standing.

Nnancii changes target, scores damage but gets caught.

One down, but her whip is caught and destroyed.

Ssid tried to damage Lans but cannot do any real damage.  But he does destoy his gaunlet, wound him & get him down.

Nnancii goes down but is rescued by Ssid!

Getting up, she grabs poor Dugee's whip.

 Joc kills the gallant Ssid.

Mag is down, wounded, but not out.  He desperately grabs Nnancii getting her down and pinning her.  That allows the murderous Joc to pound her head until dead.

Those neural whips really, really hurt! (Yellow Pin, Red stressed)

Wow.  Very intense game with the Ogrons being reduced to pulp.  But still they came. 

Oh dear, Nnancii is dead and the Ogrons regain their territory.  Whatever next?

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