Saturday, 2 June 2018

RS Moon campaign 1 Daleks vs Nazis

Quick errata on method.  Or, no plan survives contact with reality.  I decided to not reinvent the wheel.  A simple map and dice rolls.  2 D6 rolls for combatants, first is the aggressor, second target.  Then we rolled as per normal then hit it to fit.  For some reason 5 comes up a lot.  Proper Job.  We're a fair way through now so I've a lot of catching up to do.  The reason for doing this is that I'm busy doing piratey things (you didn't see me, right?) and planning & putting together games is taking up most of my spare time.  Retired, easy life.

Game 1 11) Control terrain. 8 “Home planet” Zombies gain +1 morale. Complication 1) Low ammo.

The Daleks travail close to the Nazis home sector and must be repulsed! Control of a large chamber is essential.

5) Daleks. Cyborgs. Original style Skaro model. Prelude to a full invasion, scout forces are sent.
From Dalek Risk.

Tactical discipline Cool under fire 8 -1pin. Armour3 Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”
Not affected by bolster,encourage, guidance, mindbolt, mindscream, nightmares, mind control.
+1 spotting. Halve distance if aimed shot.

Black Dalek Artificial, Leadership1, Marksman2 Tough1 42
Bionic eyes 4 Combat computer 4 8
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7

Drone Artificial, Marksman1 Tough1 24
Bionic eyes 4
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7

Black Dalek & 4 drones 197

4) Zombie Nazis. Cult.
Tactical discipline Hard to kill 3 wound chits. Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”

Kaptain Redskull
Leader1, Psi, Psi master2, Masksman1 Reactive 28
Blink 6 when hit, dodge Tn15 moves 2”, fail, 1 stress +1 damage
Encourage 4+1 activation when linked
Guidance 4+1 reaction when linked 65
Kinetic strangle 10 Tn14, 8” 2dam ignore armour & cover.
Mindsceam 10 roll everyone 5” 1pin, 1 stress, wound if critical. No endure.
Teleportation 8 -2 carry load, D20 distance 42

Shootentroopen Boris, Fritz, Graf, Hans Psi, Marksman1, steadfast3 18 SMG (4) 6

Pointystickgruptroopen. Carl, Ivan Psi, Weaponmaster3, nonreactive, steadfast3 15
2 handed sword (3) 2

Kaptain Redskull 70
Shootentroopen Boris, Fritz, Graf, Hans 96
Pointystickgruptroopen. Carl, Ivan 34

The Game.

Tony took the Nazis and set up, leaving me the initiative.  Easiest way to deal with Low Ammo, Dalek 4 suffered with intermittent weapon malfunction.

The Nazi leader took the high ground.

Daleks advance and destroy!

Hide and wait-

But not too long.

Come n get it!

I push 4 (with gun trouble) up against the leader.

The Pointystickgruptroopen worked well against Daleks, punching above their weight.

Drone 4 and the Black Dalek concentrate on the leader.

The Black Dalek takes a long shot.

A lucky hit, knocking down & wounding the drone.

That's better!


4 advances and the leader tries a telekinetic throttle on it.  Causes some malfunction and loss of vision.  OneDalek down, another incapacitated.

Black Dalek pushes through and starts killing.

A drone gets the drop on the leader and he is exterminated!

Pointystickgruptroopen has broken, running away bottom right.

Sorry, these won't flip!  With 3 wounded Daleks they have a very Pyrric victory.  But the Nazis have lost their first leader for no gain.

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