Friday, 8 June 2018

RS Moon Astagar do not like Daleks OR Nazis - rigged dice?

The moral of this one is Proper Preparation Prevents Poor(er) Play.  I'm very busy, but had one game in hand. But that ended a bit quick so we rolled 2 more games and did the second.  So plan ahead!

One game good, 2 games better!  Learn this truth oh my gossips!

Game Repair, Open terrain, Space Demon.
We classified the dips as rough terrain just shallow enough to give an Astagar cover.

The Astagar are trying the Daleks again. Ever the optimists. Having been smitten by the science Daleks, they're going to try a different route. There is this old crashed transport, too low tech for the Daleks to bother with, but get it going and it's an earner. Now they're going to find out why it crashed-.

I thought they were in for a hiding as the force is geared for tech, not combat.  Shows how much I know!

Trail Boss Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman1, Reptiloid, Leader 2, Reactive 34 Claws 1 Zap Pistol (3) 3 4 Dalek weapon converted to laser carbine (5) Blind, 2 handed, energy

Techee Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman1, Reptiloid, Medic2 Tech2 Robotech2 35 Claws 1

Green robot trooper. Military Total 47
Artificial, Marksman2, Non reactive, Tough 24
Molecular slugthrower (4) Auto, infinite rounds 9
Slug pistol x2 (4) built in 14

Yellow robot, combat tech. Civilian model. Total 39
Artificial, Marksman2, Non reactive, Medic3, Robotech3, Tech1 35
Flamer pistol (3) built in scorching, energy, built in 4

Trail boss, Techee, Green robot, 2x Yellow robot. 199

5) Daleks. Cyborgs.  This force has done well, gains another Drone!  I used the blacktop for convenience.

Tactical discipline Cool under fire 8 -1pin. Armour3 Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”

+1 spotting. Halve distance if aimed shot.

Black Dalek Artificial, Leadership1, Marksman2 Tough1 42
Bionic eyes 4 Combat computer 4 8
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7

Drone Artificial, Marksman1 Tough1 24
Bionic eyes 4
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7
The Daleks have gained about 24 from their first encounter. Black Dalek & 5 drones 225

Game.  We usually do entry via action/reaction or one side set up & the other gets initiative to enter (as in game 2 below).  But the demon calls for both to be on table so we did within 3".  Tony diced for his entry side and I took the opposite.

"Look, there it is!"


Amazingly little spotting opportunity.

Oh no, a big nasty space demon!

"I've got this"  says the boss.  One shot to the chest, drills it dead.

"Stop gawking and run!"

Outer Dalek spots movement and Dalek weapon fire.  Black Dalek goes forward with slow response from the squad.

The robots are sluggish

First drone picks on the green robot, gets stomped!

No.2 manages some less than stellar shooting.  How can you miss at that range!

No.3 goes around the flank, ignoring the last robot that doesn't seem to want to move.

Hah, now I've got them - crap. 2 down, one badly damaged.  And I've only managed to hit the green robot!

Black Dalek moves in to save the day.

I get the green robot but the boss takes out the Black Dalek.  A tech robot finally finds the reboot switch and they're off.  Ouch.

Game 2.  So that ended a bit quick.  Rolling 2 further games no.2 I could do rough & ready from stuff to hand.  Astagar vs Nazis (I swear we use different dice!)  Steal valuables, Home, Booze Hound

Astagar are the same team from above.  They've had a nice cuppa & picked up another green robot.  They gained about 20 from the last game so winging it I added

Ssam Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman1, Reptiloid, 17 Total 22
Claws 1 Zap Pistol (3) 3 4

That made 221 which was about right.

Nazis- you recognise the area?  someone's put up some sheds.  Total of 8 and 229.  Which is about right - and gives them another leader, but you may notice a developing trend?

Zombie Nazis. Cult. Tactical discipline Hard to kill 3 wound chits. 000
Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”

Wang  ("booze" probably not fully assimilated) Leader2, Martial Arts3, Psi,  Reactive, Robotech1, Tech1 32 Total 45  
Kevlar 6 Motion detector 4 (+2 spot) Intrusion kit 4 (+2) 14

Yel  Marksman3, Martial Arts3, Psi 27 Total 50
Light combat dress 14 Vibroblade (3) 4 Zap pistol (3) 5 23

Boomenbangentroopen Adolf & Englebert Psi, Marksman1, steadfast3 18 2x stun grenade 8 Total 26

Shootentroopen Borch, Graf Psi, Marksman1, steadfast3 18 SMG (4) 6 Total 24

Pointystickgruptroopen. Cirk, Ivor Psi, Weaponmaster3, nonreactive, steadfast3 15 Total 17
2 handed sword (3) 2

I took the Nazis.  I placed 6 on guard and the 2 newbies in the big green building.

The high point of Nazi stealth technology.  Das Duk.  After the Earth population learned oof their flying saucers Das Duk stelfflyer was developed.  Reports of very large flying ducks full of Nazis zombies tended to be ignored.  Rumours of such giving out Ride of the Valkyries at high volume abound.  The British even made some fake news to cover up the truth!

The boss comes on - spots guards - bang!  One dead.

You'd think I'd spot them? A reaction would be good!

Now here's the fun thing.  I get the initiative and roll for my leader.  2x1's  gives 4 reactions.  The 20 gives a total of 5.

Get in close-.

Second one to the boss.

Sneaking Ssam.

1 to Ssam.  I think mine are on the wrong tablets!

My remaining Boomenbangentroopen lines up for a shot.  As does the boss.

Dead mate for cover.

Shootentroopen Graf is going to do what a Nazi zombie has to do.

Carl leaps at his foe!

But gets shot for his troubles.  I'm half gone!

Graf comes on gun blazing.  A grenade does a little.

Ssam feels confident-.

Adolf gets Techii with a grenade, he's out for a while.

And Graf goes down and loses his gun.

Adolf goes forward using the robot as cover.

Now here's a funny thing.  Pummeled by repeated morale fails every time someone dies, Yel comes out and tries to surrender to a robot.

Finally my leader emerges, drunk and pinned to kung fu a robot-.

Boss sneaks.

To allow Graf to get his gun, Adolf goes for Ssam with his empty weapon.

My leader is deaded by the robot!  That leaves 1 with an empty weapon, 1 trying to retrieve his weapon and 1 surrendered out of 8.  Ouch!