Monday, 18 June 2018

RS Dalek operating system trials

It had to happen. 1 & 5 have come up more than statistically wosname, even when we use different dice. Science Dalek faction vs Black Dalek faction. Space Gladiators, Spaceship, Something in air (irrelevant due to sealed travel machines). So imagine, dear reader, a holographic tank in which 2 teams of Daleks battle to test different operating systems.

Amazingly, the arena looks the same as in the last game.

I've always been lax on the tacticals, often forgetting them.  Slaps meself on the wrist.  I'll spend a bit more time highlighting the difference.

Science Faction Daleks. 
Tactical discipline Hive Mind:  give 2nd reaction to another model or ignore morale roll.

Black Dalek Faction.
Tactical discipline Cool under fire 8 -1pin. 

Drone Artificial, Marksman1 Tough1 24 Total 35
Bionic eyes 4
Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7
Armour 3 Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”

The Trial.  I took the science faction and got the initiative.  Black, chequered (as my grey came out identical to the white) white.  Extra based on Alternative Armies  sengoku counters.

Tony used reactions to push Blue in close.

3 fails allows Blue to take out my black when Tony steals the initiative.

I use 2 of my 4 chits to ignore morale rolls.


I now get 1 reaction with white.  I use another chit on chequered to shoot blue twice.

Tony moves in, I repeat chit use, blasting blue but those pins just roll off!

Now white gets pummeled by 2.

I get chequered in close, determined to finish blue off- please!  As you can see behind, I'm building up the stress & pins.

With white gone, red moves up for a showdown.

At last!  That Dalek took so many hits!

Oh rats.

Gratuitous Dalek violence.

I lost-.

Trial 2.  Exactly the same but Tony's Black Dalek faction has the initiative.

I get a reaction, so use a chit to bring on 2 at same time.  Then the third.  Hurrah!

Here comes red onto the table.  Not only does it get 3 successes, it gets 2, 20's!  That's 5 reactions.  Eeek! 1 it gets close.  2, passing shot at grey. 3, closer. 4 & 5 shoots black in the head killing it!

Red rolls again, only gets 2, blows grey away.

I spend my chits suppressing chequers morale and it moves close.

I get my revenge!  Take initiative as red had built up a bit of stress!

A long shoot, but aimed.  Hits head, superficial damage - eye stalk gone!

Get in close-

Take it out! That's 2 all.

Showdown, but Tony's fresh and mine has racked up stress.  I lose.  That was fast and merciless!

So lets look at the effects of the tactical disciplines:

Science Faction Daleks.  Hive Mind.  The ability to have 2 move or shoot at same time can be very powerful.  When the bodies rack up, being able to ignore morale really helps!   Tony thinks this one makes them behave more Dalek.

Black Dalek Faction.  Cool under fire. I asked on the Yahoo site about when to apply the pin removal.  I follow the stress removal mechanism and do it on changeover rather than (as with reptilian ignore 1st pin) on gaining.   To me this represents in Daleks strong internal structure and auto repair mechanisms.  It allows them to get in close and trade shots.

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