Sunday, 20 January 2019

RS Incident at the Wadi El Appen oasis.

Dearest delights.  Here is the first of a series that will ramble even more than normal.  My main inspirations are the odd film set in and around Egypt.  For this game :

Tarzan Triumphs 1943.  As WWII rages on, a group of Nazi paratroopers land on the secret city of Palandria to exploit its wealth, and they start taking hostages. Can the powerful King of the Jungle and his trusted companions--Cheeta, and Buli--save them?

The basic premise is that there was an area that became lost deep in darkest Africa.(to some) when the slave trade and the associated trade routes collapsed.  Those fiendish nazis in their search for everything occult found it again and promptly started acquiring artefacts.

In this game the nazis are after something buried in this ancient site (once protected by the mystic No Parking Stelae)   Their mission is to take a hostage for interrogation and secure the site.  Unfortunately this site is now guarded by the mystic women fanatics of the Dirka Dirka Burka Shirkas.  There used to be a religious group who guarded it for centuries until they turned up.  Here they go about their normal daily routine ----.

Figures - Dirkas female Arab/Indian horde from Museum Miniatures, zombies from Alternative Armies and camels from Old Glory dismounted camel corpse.  First cock-up on the ink- painting front, prompting an early quick repaint.

Zombie Nazis. Cult. Kaptain, 4 Shootentroopen, 2 Pointystickgruptroopen. 200

Kaptain Redskull
Leader1, Psi, Psi master2, Masksman1 Reactive 28 Total 70
Blink 6 when hit, dodge Tn15 moves 2”, fail, 1 stress +1 damage
Encourage 4+1 activation when linked
Guidance 4+1 reaction when linked 65
Kinetic strangle 10 Tn14, 8” 2dam ignore armour & cover.
Mindscream 10 roll everyone 5” 1pin, 1 stress, wound if critical. No endure.
Teleportation 8 -2 carry load, D20 distance 42

Shootentroopen Boris, Fritz, Graf, Hans Psi, Marksman1, steadfast3 18 SMG (4) 6 Total 24

Pointystickgruptroopen. Carl, Ivan Psi, Weaponmaster3, nonreactive, steadfast3 15 Total 17
2 handed sword (3) 2

Dirka Dirka Burkah Shirkas Jihad. Sword, Stick, 4 spear

Sword. Psi , Psi Master3, Tough, Leader, Weaponmaster. 32 Total Total 43
Sword (2) primitive 2
Blink when hit, dodge Tn15 moves 2”, fail, 1 stress +1 damage 3
Encourage +1 activation when linked 4
Guidance +1 reaction when linked 4

Stick n kid Psi , Weaponmaster. Psi Master2, Tough 23 Total 38
Spear (2) primitive, Long 2
Teleportation -2 carry load, D20 distance 5
Healing remove wound, temp crippled, staggered within 4” 8

Grey hood, Black hood, Yellow hood, all black n kid, other. Psi , Psi Master, Tough, Weaponmaster 3. 24 Total 29
Spear (2) primitive, Long 2
Blink when hit, dodge Tn15 moves 2”, fail, 1 stress +1 damage 3

The Game.  I took the Dirkas, dicing for initial placement.  Tony had choice of edge.  Here he is distracting and sneaking up on a sentry.

She's awake and pushes with her pointy stick, killing Pointystickgruptroopen Carl

Who's next?

But then again, when outnumbered by nazi zombies, what would you do?  A reaction = run.

Here's the boss.  He's surrounded by fools!

Telekinetic strangle is a good way to take prisoners, unless you break their neck--.

A general advance towards the objective.

Ladies gather.

The plan was for this one to support the healer, but too late-.


Ganging up on Pointystickgruptroopen Ivan they take him down.

Time to run from the Kaptain.

Meanstwhile ladies gather and nazis march.

The leader orders the ladies into the  site.

Fritz and an encouraged Yellow Hood square off.

Fritz is down, out of action.

The parties converge.

The healer spots the opposition and the Kaptain strangles her, wounding and pummelling.  He needs some kontrol-.

Boris leaps in where others would fear to tread.  Outnumbered, he pays the price.

Time for the ladies to go on the attack.

All black goes for the Kaptain but is smitten.

But she's up, attacks the Kaptain who's Blink fails and he's wounded.

She tries again, this time Blink works.

Leader rushes in support.

Now starts a long battle with Graf.  She damages his weapon, but he hits her so hard with the remnant that she loses her arm.  Hans is taken down.  That leaves 2 vs 4.

Yellowhood goes after the kaptain in a running battle of blinking, shooting, stabbing.

The leader retires, mostly armless.

Black hood gets shot,loses her spear but manages to get rid of Grafs gun.  He grabs a spear and finishes her.

The other fight continues apace, now the Kaptain has the upper hand and higher knees, which she grasps.

Graf is free of opponents.  For now-.

The healer, having had time to heal herself, teleports in.

She helps yellow hood kill Graf.  1:2 now.

Yellow turns back to the Kaptain!

Which is her undoing.  Another strangle and she's down!  Now is his chance, he teleports away with her.  He failed to take the target, but has an interrogation victim.

That leaves the now armless leader and the healer.  They gain 6 XP for the dead, giving 206 to rebuild.

The nazis gained 8 XP, so 208.  I haven't counted the interrogation as that will happen off-table.

I sense a return match coming soon to a screen near you!


Friday, 18 January 2019

RS Ol' Blue Eyed Frank is back-.

You've got to go back all the way to see Frank.  We had it tough in those days.  No Rogue Stars.  Not even reactions.  Pictures were drawn direct onto the screen then sandpapered off.


I got the town out again as it had the one requirement that we didn't use!

The game's a modified Steal Valuables.  I used 3 blank and 3 tokens from Sengoku.  Namely The Key, Healing and Monster Moves (double distance while held) that could have in-game results.

The buildings are mostly open so troops and bits can be added.

That's always the plan.  Never worked yet.

One of my standard PAU team standing in for local militia.

Sergeant Sefu Veteran Leader2 Marksman, Reactive Weaponmaster 32 Total 49
Assault rifle (5) Automatic, 2 hand 8
Fixed bayonet (2) Primitive, 2 handed 2
Frag grenade (3) 5

Troopers Arali, Ebi, Dume  Marksman, Reactive, Weaponmaster 14 Total 28
Assault rifle (5) Automatic, 2 hand 8
Fixed bayonet (2) Primitive, 2 handed 2
Frag grenade (3) 5

Technician Maha Marksman, Tech2 Weaponmaster 17 Total 22
Slug pistol (4) short range 5

Frank's gang of Pirates
Frank Big, Leader2, Reptile, Reactive, Tough2, Weaponmaster2 46 Total 59
Kevlar (2 chest) 6
Molecular slugthrower (4) Auto, infinite 7

Ude Marksman2, Steadfast 15 Total 27
Kevlar (2 chest) 6
Laser pistol, (4) Blind, energy, Short. 6

Vince Marksman2, Steadfast 15 Total 27
Kevlar (2 chest) 6
SMG, (4) Auto, 6

Wully Marksman2, 12 Total 24
Kevlar (2 chest) 6
SMG, (4) Auto, 6

Xin Marksman2, Steadfast 15 Total 28
Kevlar (2 chest) 6
Zap rifle (4) Electric 2 hand, energy 7

Zed Marksman, Weaponmaster2 Reactive, Steadfast 20 Total 36
Kevlar (2 chest) 6
Plasma pistol, (4) Scorching, Energy, short range, 6
Vibroblade (3) 4

The Game.  I took the PAU so defending. Put the 6 markers out and hit the major problem- no deployment within 4" of a marker or edge.  That limited me somewhat.  I had considered putting all 6 in the warehouse - which has 6 rooms.
 Hello, John's got a new motor.  No 42 has a shed.  There's posh.

Frank is not a sneaking type of chap.

Everyone else is.

Frank unleashes a barrage of hail of fire with his subtle weapon.

 2 out of action, but a lucky shot-

Another one down.  That leaves me with one effective!

 The tech tries her luck.  First ok, but then - a reaction, SMG at close range stitches her like a kipper.

No chips on the paint.  Nor the car neither.

Adding polish.  Ude cannot hit a barn door with that laser.

I get one up, then another!  They're wounded but got bayonets.


But it wasn't going to last.

Hard, vicious fight  So on to-

Game 2.  Tony has same trouble with deployment.

I start sneaking the boys in.

Spotted and Xin is shot dead.  No messing about!  Just to help, zed failed the morale, panicked and never made in on the table.  So 2 down--.

Tony decides to get up quick.

Frank at it again.

 Now I had a plan and it nearly sort of worked.

The Sergeant is targeted by everyone and goes down.

Time to do some work, boys!

So my plan was 1 each side of the road, leaving ude to deal with the downed and Frank with real trouble.  Everyone starts to move into position.

An objective - too late.

He got close, but bracketed.

No.2 in position.


Everyone in position.  But the opposition is spent.

Good games!  Good mix of weapons.  You'll be seeing more of Frank and his gang.