Thursday, 16 August 2018

FL The Battle of Stackedon Trestle Elvira vs Royal Engineers

Every year I get out the town.  Every year it grows a bit.  My recent encounter with  some of the hidden gems of the Tank Museums WW1 gems got me thinking.  I think I got my Alternative Armies conversions pretty much spot on. 

Now lets do a zombie/vampire invasion with the local soldiery rushing to the rescue!

British Infantry mostly Old Glory dismounted camel corps.
Protected vampires Rebel miniatures Cpt Nemo (2ic) protected infantry.

I made up several collateral damage bases.  I put dice for location then diced for numbers starting at 6.  This gave a nice varied spread with more choking the roads.

Tony took the bad persons and spread his forces fairly randomly at the top of the table.

Elvira, of course, started at the church door.

True Brits

Truck Contraption
Points 25 Quality 4+ Combat 1
Special Rules Off-Road, Personnel Carrier 6 passengers, Slow, Vehicle

Crew 3, driver, commander, engineer

Mounted Infantry
Points 59 Quality 4+ Combat 2
Special Rules -Carbine, -Pistol, Specialist

Mounted Infantry Command
Points 54 Quality 4+ Combat 2
Special Rules -Pistol, Leader, Specialist

Points 44 Quality 4+ Combat 2
Special Rules Armored +1 (Thin), Off-Road, Slow, Vehicle, Wide Tracks
Crew 4, driver, commander, engineer, gunner

Machine Gun Points:23
Auto Fire, Combat +3, Max Range 3 Medium, Spread

Vehicle crew
Points 24
Quality 4+
Combat 1
Special Rules
-Pistol, Specialist

British Relief Force
Captain 54
Charabang + 6 MI 384 x 3 = 1137
1 Tankette with MG 67
13 crew x 312

United Colour of Undead!

Mature Vampires
Points 96
Quality 3+
Combat 3
Special Rules
Combat Fiend, Fearless, Long Move

Points 106
Quality 3+
Combat 3
Special Rules
Fear, Fearless, Leader, Long Move

Protected Vampires
Points 39
Quality 4+
Combat 2
Special Rules
-Bolt Action Rifle, Body Armor, Mook/Extra/Cannon Fodder, Short Move

Zombies a zombing  Points 25
Quality 5+ Combat 3
CQB Specialist, Long Move, Mook/Extra/Cannon Fodder

United Colour of Undead.
Leader 106
Mature Vampires 9 x 96 = 864
Zombies10 x 25 = 250
12 Protected zombies 468
1 upgrade to 2ic

The Game

Slowly I advance, way hampered by refugees, fleeing for the use of.

The undead vbide their time, using the church clock for reference.

Where's everyone gone?

Aaaah!  Delivery- those that get off table are recycled.

Yum yums!

Infantry debus.

Some decide to go through the churchyard.  Not, in retrospect the best choice.

Go over there!

The ability of cameras to deny any life-threatening circumstance had an early appearance.  Hopefully the process of natural selection will have worked before we get into space proper.


At last, a target not obscured by revolting townspeople!

The happy working of the gatling.

SOP, infantry form up next to the car.

Next troop moves up.

Hearing the merry chug chug of gatlings and steam the church congregation pour forth thus proving they are gods lambs, as they get fleeced and butchered.

Oi, the boss, look busy!

Get out of the way, foolish mortals!


The car attempts to run down the zombies, the gun useless due to the press of civilians.

The civilians trace a perilous river of fear.

Elvira managed several turnovers, which was nice.

Infantry weapons crash against the car to no effect, so the 2 remaining (from their group) close assault the vehicle.  One manages to fall off, but the other keeps winning, so its either pulling bits off or winkling out the crew.  Or bits of them.

The car is finished!

The Brits go in with a ruinous charge that flounders.  They get pushed back and assaulted from 2 sides.

Here comes the relief!

Debus, but their way is blocked, but they form up.

Short, sharp volleys required.

This unit just refused to go all game.

That's the sub commander killed.  Shows difference in size!

Moving in a cool, slow way.

The last Brit unit takes to the gardens to have a secure flank and rear.

Hit from 2 sides they're still soaking up lead!

The trucks move up to block the flank & hopefully run a few over.  The civvies have stopped by now.

It's that same damn zombie!  it's bulletproof, ignoring volley after volley!


"Here come the old nasties, walking down the street, 
hey hey they're the vampires, 
looking to bite everyone they meet".

Another truck moves up.

Slowly they die.  But not fast enough.  I don't have enough left and will be forced to hop on the trucks and walk away.  Got the bulk of the civii's away though.  But the undead have the town and lots of reinforcements plus their strongest troops untouched.

We took liberties with the rules.  Tony's groups of 3 or 4 self activated as did by squads.

Civilians, I copied last weeks method, each block rolled 2 activations and moved a base depth per success every turnover.  We had a lot of turnovers!

I think I got everything just about right.  I'd given this a lot of thought and watched how the veteran vehicles moved in modern traffic during the parade (see recent post).  Toot toot!