Thursday, 18 October 2018

RS Grandma Wendy gets gobbled

Grandma Wendy & the Llhurg Uuti Clan headed off at the pass.

How have the mighty fallen! Bereft of followers, Grandma hires the Uuti clan for protection. Now she's been hunted by a certain Japanese corporation's security team who want to negotiate with extreme predudice.

I can see the Clan Chief laying down the law – he's the leader and she's not playing with that cannon. The scenario fits this perfectly.

Mission 3 Bodyguard work. Location Insectoid hive, complication Rookie.
As per scenario we placed the nasties. Each side represented by dice roll, 1-5, 6-10, 11-15,16-20. With the relative position given by actual number. As per scenario, a new bug appears on each player death. We diced for reaction/spotting with nearby movement or gunfire.

Standard playsheet, expanded from left.

Llhurg Mercenaries of the Uuti Clan. Discipline Move It 10 tokens +1” to walk, run, sprint.
Khurasan's Llhurgs, one of my favourite aliens.

Grandma. (no cost) Big, Extra legs 3 Extra arm 1, civilian Reptiloid
Light combat armour (3,4) ignore 1st pin.

Leader Fast1, Leader 2, Marksman1, Reactive, Stealth1, Steadfast1 Weapon master 2 =36
Smg, 4, automatic Vibroblade 3 =10

Mutant Big, Marks1, Reactive, Tough3, Weapon3 =44
Machine gun 5, heavy, 2 hand
2h weapon 3, primitive, clumsy, 2 hand =12

Clan fighters Uuuti, Ruuti. Fast1, Marksman1, Reactive, Stealth1, Weapon master 2 =24
Smg, 4, automatic Vibroblade 3 =10

New Clan fighter (costed, despite being a complication) Fast1, Green-8, Marksman1, Reactive, Stealth1, Weapon master 1 =13
Smg, 4, automatic Vibroblade 3 =10

Total 203

Japanese Corporate Security (Star Cops) Heavy Firepower 5 hail of fire tokens.

These guys are under-equipped and underskilled. You'd expect them to have a knife, pisrol and at least one grenade each. This seems the type of character a lot of people seem to field. Do they ignore the points limits? GZG Japanese. I think the scout is from Rebel. Had it years, never used, needs more paint.

Officer Marksman3, Weaponmaster2, Leader3 42 Total 78
Combat dress (3,4) heavy, sealed 18
Force sword (4) energy 6
Plasma rifle (5) Scorch, overheat, 2h energy 12

Trooper A Marksman2, Tech1 22 Total 52
Combat dress (3,4) heavy, sealed 18
Plasma rifle (5) Scorch, overheat, 2h energy 12

Trooper C Marksman2, Medic 21 Total 51
Combat dress (3,4) heavy, sealed 18
Plasma rifle (5) Scorch, overheat, 2h energy 12

Tracker Alert, Danger sense, Marksman, Perceptive, Stealth 15 Total 20
Slug pistol 4, short, 5

Total 201

The Game. Tony took the Llhurgs.  I won the initiative.  Setting up fields of fire my officer gets jumped by a nasty, gets a couple of pins.

Help arrives- but all that makes noise.


Scout drags him back to cover.  So much for stealth.

The young 'un gets jumped.  These are so old the base is sand/pva/paint rather than no-more-nails.

This one is a hard bastard and will not go down.

One foot forward, then back, then forward again.

The mutant was supposed to guard Grandma Wendy-.

Scout scouts.  They're close, very close.

That cut-.

Sore, the officer makes a more cautious advance.

Finally stomped, everyone comes for a look.


Deep breaths.  This is were you need grenades.

A long shot puts the young 'un down, but not out.  Mine gains the cut.

He's up and they're moving forward.

All that commotion gains the attention of another nasty.


Ruuty tries for the cut.  Never have so many shots and slashes missed at such close range. A desperate struggle.  Mutant prepares to lay down covering fire.

Nasty, smelling blood,  attacks young 'un.  He's getting used to it.  Leader rushes in and sticks it.
Grandma Wendy all safe and alone at the back.

The fight on the cut goes on, mutant lays down stream of fire. Ruuti chases scout with a hail of crap shooting.

Ruuti goes Rambo.  Trooper C suffers a gun malfunction and makes a tactical retreat.

Unable to shoot, the mutant moves.

And gets got.

Trooper C gets his gun fixed by A.

Oh no!  A 1 is rolled, at that was behind- run, leap, head, dead!  That means another roll.  another 1!  Feeding frenzy begins.

My leader shoots the chief.  But it's all over- with no patron there's no point going on against a strong enemy.  I didn't lose anyone!  Good game.  Bugs provided the danger/nuisance element.

Tony's sheet.  Yellow pins, red pins.


This is a really, really old bit of scenery.  The base is resin from- somewhere, the vehicle is a plastic cake decoration from way back when.  Nearly an antique.

Bugs are Pendraken 10mm.

Scenery made way back when from scrap packaging, inspired by Peter Jackson's King Kong.

The grassy knoll.

A hole.

Inside the hole.

RS Bears hunt Grandma Wendy merchants

Grandma Wendy's long stand.

There are a million stories in the Deep Woods. This is another one. The names have not been changed to protect the guilty.

Big wood hanging outside its lair.
I hadn't expected to do a mini-series. They are sort of linked but there's no continuation. Lazy persons way to do it. Still fun, just keep swapping sides to stop getting stale. I had intended this to be the last, but there's one more innit.

Mission 5 Manhunt. They must capture and return Grandma Wendy to the International Court.
Location 9 Predators lair. Tough, Agile+1, Claws, Huge.
Complication 11 Hostiles. Character rolls 1 or 2 random shots at random character -3 to hit Dam 3. Scare off with leadership roll 18 firing 5 dam weapon.  I used 2D6 and the lists taken from here.  That put Grandma safe until the bodies racked up.

As before bar one plastic dino and a really, really old 25mm used-for-6mm monster picked up in a B&B in the 80's-monster. Breaths in.  Everything comes from Alternative Armies/Ion age which is the same only different so there and many thanks.

I should spend a month painting dino's.

Grandma Wendy's Merchant Codex  Merchants come in many, many interesting shapes. 

Grandma. Big, Civilian, Extra legs 3 Extra arm 1 Leader1 Reptiloid Total 20
Laser cannon (6) Heavy, Blind, Energy

Rudolf, Artificial, Extra leg, Fast3, Martial arts2, Total 29

Elfless, Marks2, Reactive. Total 27
Lt combat dress (2,3), 7 SMG (4) auto 3.

Death Difficult target, Fast, Marksman2, Weapon master. Total 34
Fixed Vibrobayonet (3) 2 handed, 2 (to-) Hunting Needler (3) 2 handed, 4 Reaction field (1) 5

Gun Death Artificial, Marksman2, Tough1, Tech3, Total 50
Hunting Needler (3) silent 4
Combat computer, 1act, tgt LOS, tech roll, 10+ crit +3, reg+2 cr fail-2 rest game. 4 Armour3

Pump-kin, Ampidexterous, Diminutive, Fast, Vegetable, Weaponmaster3, Total 34
Monowire blade (3) armour piercing x2 6.

Greenie Big, Claws, Insect, Weaponmaster Total 18
Total 205

Bounty Hunters. Bushwackers 8 terrain tokens, auto pass terrain roll.

Ripper” Boo Boo (blue hat) Big, Fast, Medic, Tech, Tough 1 20 Vibroblade (3) 4 Total 24

Paddington (red hat) Big, Fast, Tough1, Marksman, 19, Vibroblade (3) 4 Sonic pistol (2) 6 Total 29

Pa (yellow hat) Big, Fast, Tough1, Marksman, 19, Monowire tangler (3) 10 Total 29

Ted (mohawk) Big, Fast, Tough2, Leader1, Marksman 2, 39, Zap rifle, (4) 7 46

Yogi (green hat) Big, Fast, Tough2, Marksman 2, 33, Molecular slugthrower (4) 7 40

Flambear Big, Ambidextrous, Fast, Marksman 1, 21 2 Flamer pistols (3) built in 16 Total 37
Total 205

The Game.  Tony took the Bears and following the scenario I placed the merchants in appropriate places.  Tony as the attacker has the initiative.  Do you like my low-lying fog?

Boo Boo takes point.

Gun Death ready for reactions.

Like that.  The medic is down!

Paddington to the rescue.

Ted takes charge.

Paddington puts down Gun Death.

Yogi moves in.

Boo Boo is up, takes cover.

As does Gun Death.

Paddington faces Death.

Death is dead!

Gun Death puts down Paddington.

Yogi takes out Gun Death.

Flambear does the walk.

Elfless poses.

Rudolf runs all over the place, hides.

Big Wood wanders about, when no target in site, we used random movement.

Greenie moves up.

I hope Pa isn't doing - but he spends a long time in there.

Elfless ensheds.

Boo Boo is staying still, recovering.

Greenie advances.

Looms on Yogi.

But not fast enough and gets blown away!

Big Wood is finally heading towards the action!

A tactical reserve is formed.

Flambear is tempted--.

Yogi shoots Elfless, destroys her weapon.  Pa steps in and tangles her.

Ted faces down Big Wood.

He's behind you!

Not for long-.  But it's soon up.

Pa steps in and kills Big Wood.  Pa- minimum safe range!

Off to the side-.  The sniping was a constant problem.  For some reason Pump-kin seemed to be the main target and racks up pins!

Flambear moves in on the main target.

Rudolf rams Pa, knocks him down. Then only gets 1 action, so runs away.

Down to the dregs, Grandma runs away!

A desperate vegetable goes in!

Gets stomped.

But what's this! A shot rings out and Flambear is dead?  One of the remaining cultists taking revenge?

Boo Boo rushes in - and suffers the same fate!

Rudolf tries Pa again and gets killed by the tangler.

That's it- all gone!  But Grandma Wendy has escaped in the carnage!

Cor. The combination of big nasty and snipers kept the pace up. But, rather than a changeover, we were taking double fails as reactions.. At least one instance of a 1 rolled as action, which caused a shot plus 2 reactions for Tony. Fun for all the family-. I'd recommend this combination.

I think it's worth looking at the final scoreboard:
Boo Boo taken out by a sniper.
Paddington shot by Gun Death.
Pa shot, then asked questions.
Ted survived.
Yogi survived.
Flambear unlawfully murdered by a sniper!

Grandma Wendy ran away and left everyone to die.
Rudolf shot by Pa.
Elfless captured by Pa.
Death redeaded by Paddington.
Gun Death done in by Yogi.
Pump-kin roasted by Flambear.
Greenie taken out by Yogi.

Big Wood  got taken out by Pa's tangler.

My sheet plus survivor.