Sunday, 10 June 2018

RS Moon campaign update.

This has been an enjoyable learning curve. That wasn't it's intent though, I wanted some easy enough wargaming without a lot of prep work. Shows how much I know.
Plan and plot – at least 2 games ahead
More varied a pool you start with the better.

Here are the initial sides:
  1. Astagar. Merchants. Areas 4
  2. Ogron. Pirates. Areas 3
  3. Brains from Uranus. Psi Areas 3
  4. Zombie Nazis. Cult. Areas 3
  5. Daleks. Cyborgs. Areas 3
  6. Ying Tong. Militia. Areas 3

State of play:
  1. Astagar. Merchants. Areas 5
  2. Ogron. Pirates. Areas 2
  3. Brains from Uranus. Psi Areas 3
  4. Red Daleks. Cyborgs. Areas 3
  5. Daleks. Cyborgs. Areas 3
  6. Ying Tong. Militia. Areas 3

Playing the Campaign. The Hordes Of The Things model works as an abstract. If you've seen a London underground map, the locations bear only a passing nod to the reality. Here it's the same. You can imagine tunnels overlapping. Each side had 3 areas, except the Astagar, who start controlling the central zone.

Every race starts with a pool of figures. There are specialists available for tech jobs. Every side starts with 200 points. Exotic and specialists cannot be replaced, the "normals" can. If the central area is breached 250 points are used and should include the more exotic.

1) Astagar. Merchants. Areas 5. These have been real winners, particularly against Daleks. So far they have lost Ssid, who's an ordinary “grunt” so replaced. They have lost shed loads of robots, though-. Nnancii is poised to set up her own crew having taken over one from the Ogrons.

2) Ogron Pirates Areas 2. So far have failed. A raid on the Daleks killed 'arry (their tech). In a brutal match with the Astagar they lost their first territory.

3) Brains from Uranus. Psi. Areas 3 So far these have done nothing- watch this space.

4) Zombie Nazis. Cult. Areas O. Victims of their own success. Despite multiple successes, they kept losing leaders. Even when they captured one, they lost it. So the final roll showed the way. Despite being beaten by the Astrogar, it's the Science Faction Daleks who now claim their territory by chasing them off!

4) Science Dalek Faction. Cyborgs. Areas 3. Based on the Red science Dalek they have seen off several assaults, took territory from the Astagar but lost it again.

5) Black Dalek Faction. Cyborgs. Areas 3 The original faction. Not the strongest showing so far, beaten recently by Astagar.

6) Ying Tong. Militia. I made a mistake when I repainted figures for this group, I failed to do any regular grunt infantry. Their one raid so far was a failure costing them Wang Ying and Yel Ying to the Nazis, who promptly died. Can they do better?