Monday, 1 January 2018

RS Sweeney Todd vs Santa Klaus A Seasonal Presentation

The streets of London are, of course, paved with gold.

The universe has certain laws.  You can deny them, write things down and swear blind that the obvious is fake and the ridiculous true.  The universe does not care.  You can run towards the pretty glowing rock or away from it.  

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Unbenownst to most, there are not one Santa Claus but two! One deals with the nice kids, but the other team seeks out the naughty kids to claim redistibutable merchandise with extreme prejudice.
Here is his jolly theme song -

So when a mysterious thing crashes in the middle of Turpin Crescent the police officers of the law guardians leap into action to this music!

A complication has seen their sled crash. Now they must repair and try to make up their schedule-. Mission 15 Repair.

Quick talk on the layout.  The length is 36".  Scenario states 8" away from the vehicle, so 36" deployment for the defenders.  The trees are placed equally (note the circles, if need to be removed position still indicated)  The building are one side, putting out both is a pain.  If required they can be moved as their main purpose is to give background.  Yes people could have dashed into building, public could have come out.  But this is suburbia.  Lace curtains twitch.  Exact layout of cars and downed players rolled randomly.  It made sense to me that they start down and possibly stunned rather than up and running.

Sweeney Todd Star Cops theme. Complication grenades are experimental & temperamental, 10+ it's a dud.
Location is home world, giving +1 on morale.

Inspector Roughly & 3 Constables 194
Inspector Roughly Leadership 3, Marksman 2, Reactive, 35. Total 50
Pistol, 2 Fragmentation grenades. 15

Constables Chucker 2, Marksman 3, Reactive, 29 Total 48
Baton 6, Pistol 5, 2 Stun grenades 8. 19

Christmass Cultists. 196
Sanity Klaws. Artificial, Big, Reactive, Psi, Leader1 25
Cyborg, Light combat dress, Powered Guantlets 30 = 50

Rudolf, Artificial, Extra leg, Fast3, Martial arts2, Reactive, Psi, Light combat dress, Electrokinesis = 35  (I can see an electrical charge between his antlers)

Elfless, Marks1, Psi, Psi master, Reactive. Detect weakness, Flight pack, Lt combat dress, SMG =52
(The minder of the team, there to further intimidate irate parents)

Present dispenser Artificial, Robo technician3 Tech2 Psi Perceive Telekinetic disarm Telekinetic trip
Light combat dress = 49  (I can imagine a well-projected bag of marbles)

The Game.  All team Santa are down.  Tony had the initiative.  I added a roadster.  You have to imagine it roaring in at 30 mph, skidding to a halt at constabulary pouring out.

Santa got up on a reaction

Santa heads back to the crash site- oh no!  The chameleon circuit's been damaged!

Rudolf gets into cover.

Elfless takes her job very, very seriously.

A long shot, but she sprays the vehicle with a warning burst.

"You work up that side, you the other"

Another shot, no damage.

They're close, real close.

Rudolf zooms at the Inspector, antlers blazing and slashing.  A really poor set of rolls-

A couple of reactions allow Rudolf to run away, followed by the Inspectors flying lead.

A successful stun grenade throw and she's down- but resilient, she's soon on her feet.  Rudolf's in a good position to lend aid IF I can grab initiative or reaction.  He gets one, another useless electrical attack.  Damn, rubber soled boots!

A frontal walloping attack with the baton, down again, but soon up-

She gets a little distance, but fails.  The bobby dashes in again, a head hit - and she's short circuited!

There's going to be a ton of paper work on this one--- Inspector shoots at Rudolf, as you do.  "Who will rid me of this troublesome robotic  reindeer?"

"SSSSS-h sharp intake of cybernetic breath.

A successful tech roll!  The sled is operational again.  Now all I need is to reassemble the crew-.

My dice rolling is up to par, and Rudolf gets conked on the noggin and is no more!

"And fix that bloody chameleon circuit!"

"Nope, try reversing the polarity in the flux capacitor!"

"Come back, you're nicked sunbeam!"

Quick game, we could have done "swapsies" in our alloted time if we'd been more disciplined.  There was a recent post on low small a table.  This linear approach is well worth it.  I got to repair the machine, but lost 1/2 team.  Cops lost none, spent one grenade.  So sort of a dwawl.

Simple was of keeping track.  Yellow = pinned.