Tuesday, 16 January 2018

OAAH Beta Lacepunk Zombie Dawn

I've never been a fan of the "you bring your mumbleweenies and I'll bring my kaoscrappers"  line 'em up, have usual arguments so we don't finish games that used to dominate my local club.

This is as close as I'm going to get.  I've used all of these before so I can cut n paste.  Pure laziness on my part mostly due to doing 2 sessions a week.

Nothing special, then.  A disputed road on somewhere- possibly some strange part of Darkest Afrika, turn left at the Wadi El Sere and it's the first ruin on yer left, cann't miss it.

British Infantry Q4 A2 D4, Shoot3, Drilled  @16 x 16 384
Dragoon 4 3 4 Mounted Shoot2 Ranger @ 18 x 8 144
Cavalry 434 Mounted Trample Fast @15
General 2 4 3 Mounted Fast  32
Rough sailors (sword & pistol) 4 3 4 Shoot1 Devastating charge,  15 x 20 = 300
Regular sailors (musket) Shoot2 14
Infantry sub-general 3 3 4 Shoot1 2lives 25
Artillery 3 3 4 Art.2 Resilient  20

General 3 4 5 L4 Tough, 3lives @ 100
Bodyguard 3 4 5 Tough, 5 @25= 125

Zombie & Maiden Shooters 4 3 5 Shoot2, Drilled, 20x20 = 400

Zombie Armoured 2hand weapon 4 4 5 Nonreactive 48x11= 528
Zombie horde 5 2 4 Nonreactive horde 24 x 4 =96

My cavalry get the chance and charge to red ruin.  I shoulkd have remembered my Clausewitz and hit one troop after another.  But tally ho.

Choice, form a line further back then swat them as they come though?  Probably the best solution, but not the best game.

Dragoons leap forward, dismount then take the village.

"They're comiing!"  Waves of skellies crash into the sailors, taking awful casualties but grinding them down.

Shooting isn't that effective against skellies, but still they come on, drop then contact and big choppies and armour IS effective.

The Dragoons push forward through the village and remount, taking and holding the centre.

All attempts to get the Dragoons to engage Tony's rear failed.

Next wave on the flank.

I've lost on this flank, now in danger of being overun.

The centre crashes and the British line buckles, shrinks but holds.

The Maidens clash with the Redcoats and win, breaking them at great cost.

A unit of Greenjackets is thrown in

The bodyguard unit is a real sledgehammer.  Even though risking the General (he attacks on 3 dice, if total less than 5, he's dead)  they plough through depleted units.

Slowly losing people and opening the formation up for others to strike.

Hordes arn't that effective, but they do tie troops down.

At last the British Officers-

That's it, the push and a superior general wins.  Game took just under 4 (unrushed) hours.  Reached a conclusion and no arguments.  Unless you count me yelling at me dragoons!