Wednesday, 17 January 2018

FL Mercenaries of Mars 1 World of Hurt.

This is by way of an open experiment. If you want to make comments or useful criticism, please do! I guess it's a campaign.

 I have this new Martian force I'm building. Bits and pieces are coming from here, there and China. So you're going to see 2 or 3 games reproduced with different rules and possibly different elements. An intellectual exercise in wargaming fun.  Full article once I'm done.

Game 1 Raid on the camp.

The mercenary troop are tasked with attacking the Martian town across a stretch of swamp (a mostly dried up small canal). They have camped with one flank against the swamp edge in a defensive coral.

The locals have used their air advantage to plant raiders who have worked as close to the enemy as possible. At the given signal a combined attack will be made!

Points 50
Quality 4+
Combat 3
Special Rules
-Shotgun, Poor Shot, Steady Under Fire

Mercenary Leader - Personality
Points 72
Quality 4+
Combat 3
Special Rules
-Shotgun, Leader, Poor Shot, Steady Under Fire

Mercenary Cavalry
Points 65
Quality 4+
Combat 3
Special Rules
-Sawn-Off Shotgun, Light/Bushwacker, Mounted, Poor Shot

Points 63
Quality 4+
Combat 3
Special Rules
Armored +3 (Medium), Off-Road, Personnel Carrier 6 passengers, Short Move, Vehicle

Rapid Fire Side Gun Points:19  Combat +2, Grenade Combat 3, Range: Medium

3 Wagons each with 6 mercenaries & 2 side guns = 401 x 3= 1,203
Leader & 6 scout cavalry = 390
Total 1,593

Local attacking force

Scout Sled
Points 78
Quality 3+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Armored, Long Move, Off-Road, Personnel Carrier 3 passengers, Vehicle

Medium Sled
Points 56
Quality 4+
Combat 1
Special Rules
Armored, Long Move, Off-Road, Personnel Carrier 12 passengers, Vehicle

Light Gun  Points:15  Combat +2, Move & Shoot, Range: Short, Slow Reload

Large Sled
Points 60
Quality 4+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Armored, Long Move, Off-Road, Personnel Carrier 6 passengers, Vehicle

Medium Gun Points:23 Combat +4, Max Range 3 Medium, Move & Shoot, Slow Reload

Local Martians Prince 
Points 112
Quality 3+
Combat 3
Special Rules
-Pistol, Hero, Leader, Light/Bushwacker

Local Martians Sword & Pistol
Points 54 Quality 3 Combat 3 -Pistol, Dashing, Light/Bushwacker, Poor Shot

Local Martians Rifle
Points 62
Quality 4+
Combat 3
Special Rules
-Bolt Action Rifle, -Pistol, Light/Bushwacker, Poor Shot

Prince 112
2 scout rafts with 3 pistol/sword warriors = 480
1 Large raft 6 Sword & Pistol Medium Gun 324
11 Rifles = 682
Total 1,598

The game.

I took the mercenaries and Tony the locals.  The force is resting and sentries are posted ontop of each vehicle.

Tony is the attacker in sneak mode.

A rather uneven gunfight, but my merc survives and summons help.

The first section gets out, heading for open ground.

The big guns opens up with no effect.

The scout flyer drops its infantry right on top of the still-tented section that gets trapped under their tents and slaughtered.  They're aided by the regular infantry shooting and poking moving lumps.

A close miss rocks a scout.

The large sled wins the exchange, disabling the wagon. Then it takes on the 1st section, but they get the better of shooting and bring it down.  The locals leap from their stricken vehicle.

The rifles assault through the tents to take the section in the flank.

If I can get this damn thing shooting, then it can run over the rifles-.

Now this is taking the wosname!

Now the crew of the scout flyer assult the wagon from above while the rifles provide distraction.

He's in there as tight as a weevil in a ships biscuit.

The large flyer manages to get their craft back up in the air.

Never get off the sled.

The large flyer's gun scores a hit, stunning the final wagon.

At long last the cavalry responds.  A motley crew from the abandoned wagon, rag-tag infantry and the CO head for the remaining stunned wagon.

Wait, wait, let him think we're still out of action!  Scratch one scout!

The cavalry begin to charge, but they're right in front of the captured wagons guns!

- and that's where we left it.  The locals have scored a major victory.

"Quick, get on board, I've a plan!"

Coming soon-.