Wednesday, 17 January 2018

RS Attack of the Anarchist Mister-Tree Mob

The streets of London are, of course, paved with horse poo.

At first reports we thought it was the Irish, as eye witnesses kept telling of a very large tree fellow”.

The song of the game:

Once again the Sweeney leap into the motor and career orf to the suburbs.  Upset by growing levels of pollution and urban development, the local earth-spirit has decided to try some town planning.

First his cohort of  mighty munchers have devastated the local population.  Now in his wrath he comes.  Mission 14 Destroy Property.  So I divided up the area into 6 (identified by the dice) to be visited and crunched while his munchies mingle mightily.

The last set-up with a straight road worked well.  So I decided to expand it.  Got to be honest, I'd bought Mister Tree on a whim and felt obligated to get him on the field.  In similar vein, the excellent Blotz Victorian gates had been sitting around for nearly a year.  Here they are still wet from construction (excellent instructions on website).  Cops are the Old Glory London Cops pack, nasty biters are from Pendraken and wounded from Museum Miniatures.

Sweeney Todd Star Cops theme.  Problems with grenades have been resolved.

Inspector Roughly & 3 Constables 194

Inspector Roughly Leadership 3, Marksman 2, Reactive, 35. Total 50
Pistol, 2 Fragmentation grenades. 15

Constables Chucker 2, Marksman 3, Reactive, 29 Total 48
Baton 6, Pistol 5, 2 Stun grenades 8. 19

Having failed to stop the repair last week, as well as brutally sleighing two of Santa's helpers, the cops gain nill points.

Mr Tree and his Miners (well you find another that fits!) 198

Mister Tree Huge, Chucker2, Leader1, Tough3, Vegetable = 42
Smoke (fungus?) grenade 12” range 3” radius @4 x3 = 12

Root Dweller Claws, Extra legs2, Insectoid, Tough2 =36 x4 = 144

The Game.

The big chap trashes the churchyard.

Screeching to a halt, the officers of the legal law pile out.

The big fellow heads for the next area to trash.

Munchies patrol, looking for trouble.

"Oi, yer nicked!"

The munchies start to "ride shotgun" whilst the big fella gets to business.

The Inspector shows the way, and gets hurt.

The one grenade used in the game, stunning a bunch.

Whalloping time!

Pistol time.

Copper comes off worse, mate runs to the rescue.

To be ambushed in turn.

Things arn't looking good for me-.

But you cannot keep a good bug down!

Having finally finished trashing, big Tree comes um, rushing to the rescue.

Sneaking through the building site, a surviving bug prepares to leap.

One copper takes on the big chap, dodging the limbs and clonking 'im with the truncheon.  Probably the least effective, mismatched fight ever.

Meastwhile, dead bugs have reduced me to ineffectiveness, so the Sweeney win-.

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