Friday, 19 January 2018

RS Mercenaries on Mars 2 The Black God Raid

In the last game one wagon and a scratch crew of passengers comprising the Captain, five crew of another wagon and 2 troopers.

This is a follow-on and off-the cuff game rather than the normal roll-on-the-table. Their target:

There's a big black obsidian idol
to the north of no-can-go
black diamonds for eyes
death to all that espies.

The Wild Bunch Most of you will be familiar with my method, squads have a letter so one each from a squad forms a team like this.  A write-up on this force will be done once finished.

Captain Leader2, Ambidextrous, Elite, Marksman1, Martial arts1, Tough1 Reactive 55
Sword (2) Pistol (4) 7

Ars (trooper) Vet, Marksman2, Martial arts1, Tough1 Reactive 20
Shotgun (4) * with bayonet (2) 10

Ell (gunner) Reactive, Tech1, Tough1 Weaponmaster 2 Martial arts2,27
Pistol (4) separate bayonet (2) 6

Freed (driver) Marksman1, Reactive, Tech1, Tough1 23
Shotgun (4) 8

Geed (engineer) Marksman1, Tech1, Tough1 17
Shotgun (4) * with bayonet (2) 10

Hard (trooper) Marksman2, Martial arts1, Reactive 19
Shotgun (4) 8

Total 200

*Heavy shotgun, 2 handed 4 damage 8
Think French Spas loaded with solid shot. Developed to wholesale cull of large African animals seen as vermin. The outrage resulting saw them transferred to colonial armies as the perfect weapon for poor shots. Using such weapons against sentients, men, women & children cause less outcry. No? Animals shot with machine guns from helicopters outrage. Civilians so dispatched by their own governments hardly a mention on the news.

Novice Acolytes of the Black God Cultists. To get the most out of this, I've downgraded them to civilians. I consider the servant as a “natural talent”.

Priest Leader1, PsiM3, Reactive 23 63
Electrokinesis 4
Mindscream 10
Bolster (+1 morale) 4
Encourage 4 (+1 act.)
Mind Control 18

Servant Civi, Martial arts2, Psim1, Reactive 3 Weaponmaster1 26
Sword (2 ) 2
Healing 8
Tel. Disarm 4
Tel push 6

Long point Civi, Martial arts2, Psim1Weaponmaster3 26
Sword (2 ) Pistol (4) 7
Mindscream 10
Blink 6

Close Civi, Martial arts2, Psim1 Weaponmaster3 26
Sword (2 ) Pistol (4) 7
Mindscream 10
Blink 6

Up Civi, Martial arts2, Psim1 Weaponmaster3 26
Sword (2 ) Pistol (4) 7
Mindscream 10
Blink 6

Present Civi, Martial arts2, Psim1 Weaponmaster3 26
Sword (2 ) Pistol (4) 7
Mindscream 10
Blink 6

Total 199

The Game.  This one is no.2, and happens during game 3.  The townspeople are either hiding, fled or fighting.  The temple is being guarded by young acolytes, a servant and senior priest.

We swapped.  I took the priests and Tony the mercenaries.  I was in-place so Tony had the initiative.

Sneaking Up.  Tony got a fair ways up before one of mine spots them.

Sticking his head out, one of mine sticks his head out, a shot misses and he bolts for the bush.

Only to meet Hard coming the other way, paying the penalty in a spray of blood & gore.

Another acolyte sticks his head out, only to have it removed by Ars. 

Hearing gunfire to their left, Geed advance up towards the idol.

Left all on his own, the priest uses Bolster but it's not enough to help.

Now this is where it could get confusing.  Using a reaction the Priest hits the merc's with a Mindsceam.  This pushes up their counter-count and he takes the initiative.  Then he uses mind control on Ars, sending his "zombing" to block the alley.  He fights Geed, knocking him down.

Revenge- Hard rushes the gateway.  He gets 2, amazingly mine not only gets one, but shoots, hits and kills!

The Captain comes.

Application of pistol but renders Ars unconscious.

The servant finally comes out  (having collected stress & pins without activating)  and knocks Geed down.  Freed comes up behind him and manages to miss at point blank.  He has another go that blows his head off.

Ars guarded, the Captain gains the diamonds, to recieve a Electrokinetic shock in his back.  He goes down in agony.

Now lets look at one of the best fights we've had under these rules.  At first contact the novice gets knocked down.  But 2 reactions gets him up and striking causing a pin.  The action sees him run through

Having witnessed his Captains peril, Freed bounds up the stairs and blows a hole in the priest.  That's a win!