Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Rogue Stars B Team loses it there in a whole world of hurt

When you have a job need doing,
if you can find them, 
hire the B Team.
Bounty Hunters to the stars.

The Scene's modern range. Some of the first 15mm I bought a few years ago-.

Vinnie Leader 1 Marksman1, Reactive, Veteran
Assault rifle 5, auto, 2 hand
Slug pistol 4, short range

Wagner Marksman1, Reactive, Veteran
Machine gun 5, heavy, 2 hand
Slug pistol 4 short range

Xbox Marksman1, Reactive, Tech1 Veteran
Plasma grenade launcher 2 @ 8 each 4, 12” range 4” radius, Scorching, Energy
Slug pistol 4 short range

Yank Chucker, Danger sense, Marksman1, Reactive, Weapon master1 Veteran
Assault rifle 5, auto, 2 hand
2 Knives, 1 primitive

Zak Fire into melee, Marksman3, Reactive, Stealth 3, Veteran
Laser rifle 5, Blind, 2 handed, Energy
Slug pistol 4 short range

Tactical discipline 5 firepower tokens, hail of fire no -2 penalty.

Handy scenery- this was from Asda Halloween range holding a glass bowl.  Used in shop until broke, then recycled.  I must finish it as a piece of Martian terrain.

I was going to use a rubber duck until I found this while looking for a crashed chopper.

Sorry about the pics, the figures just melt in too well.

Dirty jobs done dirt cheap. All the Llhurg want to do is tear ass around the galaxy and shoot things and chop them up.

These are just about my favourite alien. From Khurasan. There's another pack with just swords that I must get enough to use for fantasy as well. Come the better exchange rate, another clan!

Llhurg Mercenaries of the Uuti Clan
Leader Fast1, Leader 2, Marksman1, Reactive, Stealth1, Weapon master 2 =36
Smg, 4, automatic Vibroblade 3 =10

Mutant Big, Marks1, Reactive, Tough3, Weapon3 =44
Machine gun 5, heavy, 2 hand
2h weapon 3, primitive, clumsy, 2 hand =12

Clan fighter Fast1, Marksman1, Reactive, Stealth1, Weapon master 2 =24
Smg, 4, automatic Vibroblade 3 =10

Clan fighter
Fast1, Green-8, Marksman1, Reactive, Stealth1, Weapon master 2 =16
Smg, 4, automatic Vibroblade 3 =10

Clan group
Leader Uuti 46
Mutant Muuuti 56
2 warriors 68 Ruuti, Suuti
1 green warrior 26 Zuuiti

Discipline Move It 10 tokens +1” to walk, run, sprint.

I think Ambush will suit these guys. Dense terrain, and the Llhurgs have a rookie.

Tony took the Llhurs (for a change) and got the initiative. So I set up in the middle, as I only had 5, I concentrated my force in a wedge with Wagner on the high point. Zuuti (my front) started by moving in, got spotted by Wagner who let loose with a hail of lead, pinning him and destroying his sword.

Song of Uuti and Suuti (my rear and left respectively). Uuti came in fast and strong, took a poor pot-shot at Vinnie. Suuti sneaked around the pillars. Wanger got a reaction and sprayed them with a hail of fire (hah, got chit, no -2!) Suuti is down, not gone but bleeding out from a head hit. Uuti hides behinds the handy pillars. At this point I managed to get the initiative and Vinnie does a step out ready-to-spray but his gun goes clunk! But he gets there in the end and Uuti goes down close to his warrior.

Song of Muuuti. (My right) With the initiative he moves forward and takes cover behind a clump of trees that soon get shredded and laser burnt. He lays a hail of fire down on Yank (pinned) and Vinnie who's hit in the torso and goes crashing down. Up comes Xbox and he goes down shredded. Some bad rolls gives the hunters the chance to put him down. He's not dead, but also bleeding out. Hard bastards, these.

Song of Zuuti and Xbox. Zuuti stayed low after being shot at and moving left. Slowly he moves to get a shot at Xbox. A critical fail. Xbox takes the reaction (at +2) but he rolls a critical fail. That leaves him a sitting duck. Zuuti tries again, but gets another critical fail, weapon malfunction requiring a 2 actions tech fix. He does a runner.

Song of Ruuti. (My right) While the mutant draws fire and the leader does his dash, Ruuti lays low watching for his opportunity. When they're dead it's up to him and Zuuti. The enemy gives up the initiative, thinking they've won. He heads to the right and moving fast until he gets the drop on the leader, Vinnie. Shot – dead. Looks right, another one, Zak, shoots again-dead. Big one with a big gun, tries to shoot him, but it goes clunk (critical fail). Another shot, Wagner's dead. Heads left to meet up with Zuuti.

Ruuti lines up Vinnie, adding to the pile.

Song of Zuuti and Yank. Ruuti (feeling the clan chief roll settling on him) lets Zuuti have him. Yank gets a reaction and tries to shoot, critical failure! Again! Zuuti (probably in a rush of empathy) brings his vibroblade crashing down on his head, Yank was probably still fumbling with his magazine, rolled really, really low and lost his head.

Ouch, that WAS deadly. I think from now on my squads are going to have a medic!

Aftermath. For winning the game and killing all the opposition they get a massive 18 XP.
Clan at start: Uuti, Muuti, warriors Ruuti, Suuti, Tuuti, Uuuti, Wuuti, Xuuti, and newbie Zuuti

Clan after the game:

Ruuti is the new Uuti (which gives him a “free leadership upgrade” ) taking another level of marksman (6) and a level of steadfast (3), as this reflects what he achieved, giving a new total of 54.
Zuuti is no longer green (8), he's been wounded & killed in hand to hand, and has one XP “in the bank”. So up to 34.
The “new” Muuti, Ruuti and Suuti- one may be green.

New roster could be:
Uuti 54, Muuti 56, 2 Warriors 68, green warrior 26 = 204.
Uuti 45, 4 Warriors 136, green warrior 26 = 207.
Or, if allowed, as part of a campaign, Uuti 45, 5 Warriors 170 = 215.

Uuti (sword raised) hides from Wagner as Vinnie gets up & stalks forward
"He's close, real close-"

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