Friday, 13 January 2017

Rogue Stars Victorian Cops vs Vampires A Gravesend revamp

You can consider this a follow- on to our Death of Sherlock Holmes game as the vampire family are sort of the same-

A quick word on terrain.  I'm using the lot, a much denser table than suggested.  My old linka scenery hasn't stood the test of time and needs restructuring as ruins.  Still, the texture and look of it is very hard to beat.

Sweeney Todd Star Cops theme. Complication grenades are experimental & temperamental, 10+ it's a dud.
Location is home world, giving +1 on morale.

Inspector Roughly & 3 Constables 194

Inspector Roughly Leadership 3, Marksman 2, Reactive, 35. Total 50
Pistol, 2 Fragmentation grenades. 15

Constables Chucker 2, Marksman 3, Reactive, 29 Total 48
Baton 6, Pistol 5, 2 Stun grenades 8. 19

Elvira and family Total 199
Theme Cultists
Elvira Leader 1 Psi, Psi master 3, Civilian, Stealth 3, 26 Total 52
Mind control

Mister Cool Civilian, Psi, Psi Master 3, Stealth 3 20 Total 32
Tel. Crush
Tel Disarm

Old Uncle, Civilian, Psi, Psi Master. 5 Total 23
Mindscream 10
Teleport 8

Soldier Girl Ambitextrous, Difficult target, Fast 3, Psi, React, Weapon Master 3. 44, Total 48
2 Swords

Shooter Boy Difficult target, Fast 3, Marksman 1, React, Psi. 30 Total 35
Pistol 5

Lurch. Civilian, Psi, Martial Arts 2, Fast 3. Total 9

A quick analysis: A mostly civilian team proved interesting! I was forced to use 3 activations just to get anywhere:

Elvira had a supportive roll using Encourage to push on the youngsters. I think she worked well.

Mister Cool only managed one activation, so hardly proceeded down the lane.

Old Uncle got 2 activations and got the the gangplank in an, um, flash! Drawing of a constable 'till the end.

Soldier girl pushed through the police cordon and well, just got unlucky.

Shooter boy started well, zooming down the table but got jumped.

Lurch proved the surprise of the party! I made him to make up points and he turned out to be the killer of the party, rather than the throw-away cannon fodder.

So- I (vampires) took the initiative and the first set of rolls was a resounding failure, but the cops had nothing to do-.

Next an Encouraged Shooter boy went very fast down the line. Uncle caught him up (roll 18) and then popped to the gate, pursued by a constable jelling “oi!” and waggling his truncheon (fortunately it was dark-).

Another constable tried having a wallop at Shooter boy, but missed. Here comes Soldier girl in a rush as another copper appears. She breaks through only to receive a pot shot from the inspector who gets a critical and blows 'er 'ead orf. Morale test for me, all fail except uncle.

Now for my rewenge. Shooter boy drops the first constable. Morale, inspector gets a critical success, so gains steadfast. Constable facing Uncle passes, other one fails. That doesn't help as Lurch leaps on him and he goes down deaded. Morale test! Inspector fails this one, as does remaining constable.

Lurch goes into the inspector, but 1 fail allows the inspector to shoot a hole in his trousers. Given the next result we took that as an arm hit knocking the pistol down as the poor fellow loses his arm. He's down, then dead. Needless to say the surviving constable legs it sommat sharpish.

Looks around in shock- I'd won! The action had taken place so fast – and in the one part of the board we couldn't actually see- that Tony never got around to asking for the initiative as I'd stacked up so many he wouldn't have to roll for it.