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Rogue Stars Dominar Rigel and the Ying Tong of Yam Sham Poo

Dominar Rigel vs 

the Ying Tong of Yam Sham Poo

A quick note on my modus operandi. This is the Dorset Hardback which is now officially a rare breed.
I start planning a game from an idea or opening boxes until inspiration leaps out. The basic details, points etc. are worked out on paper then transferred to a document and tidied up/revised. This document then generates a playsheet and checklist to make sure I'm not frantically chasing around looking for the one figure or scenery bit at the last minute. A pile develops on my tabletop, you'll often see small forces on a CD movement tray on pics at the start of the game.

During the game Tony and one take pics. This has grown to be an enjoyable part of the game and gives me an invaluable aid memoir when doing the reports. I try and do these ASAP but life can get in the way!

Why should you start a blog? Well, it makes you plan. I finish figures etc. on a regular basis rather than my old “that will get it on the table” never to be finished- standard. I would prefer more feedback (hint) but it is gratifying to see my post shared and enjoyed by community.

The reason I thought I'd share this is that it went wrong here so I'm have to go back to my scribbled notes-.

A quick word on the figures. For the first time since somewhen all the figures are from the same company. The Dominar and family plus the first batch of Prang-not-Sheyang were from and the rest of the Prang (couldn't resist the frock coated captain) and Xin are from the sister Ion Age. A quick word on these, I bought the original deal on a whim and these are from the more restrained split. The others are the more “big trouble in little China” half, I've had a real painting block on both of these.

The Plot On the planet Neuvo Mars in the unpopular outer righthand spiral of our galaxy is to be found Location 9, predators lair. Here a Complications 18 space vortex thrums. A worthy acquisition for a Pirate Dominar and his Sheyang bodyguard. BUT other Pirates from the dread Yang Sham Poo are on a Manhunt to capture said august being.

Setup. Regular readers will once again be astounded, shocked and amazed that Tony took the Dominars side. I'd laid out 10 items of terrain allowing him to dice for location of the monster and his startup. Logical to presume that he would have done his homework and found out about the wee timerous beastie that is either from or attracted to the vortex.

Dread Yang Sham Poo
Dr Syn Die Civilian, Leader 2, Tech1, Reactive, Weapon master 2, Martial arts 2 =23
Light combat armour, Neuro whip =18

Lord Poo Civilian, Weapon master 2, React, Agile3 Tough 2, Martial arts 2 =27
Light combat armour, Force sword =18

Slash Civilian, Weapon master1, React, Agile 3 Martial arts 2 =9
Light combat armour, Force glaive, Needler pistol built in arm =31

Minion Civilian, Marksman1 Martial arts 2 = 0
Light combat armour, Heavy blaster rifle 22

Mission crew:
Dr Syn Die 41
Lord Poo 45
Slash 40
3x Minion 66
Total 192

Dominar & bodyguards
Dominar Rigel Amphibian, Diminutive, Fast 2, Leader 2, Reactive, Marksman1 = 34
Force shield, Sonic rifle =22

Oddjob Big, Amphibian, Heavyworlder, Marksman2, Reactive, Tough2 =37
Light combat armour, Plasma pistol Built-in flamer rifle torso 32

Jaws Big, Amphibian, Heavyworlder, Marksman2, Reactive, Tough2 Weaponmaster 1=40
Light combat armour, Plasma pistol, Sword Plasma pistol Built-in flamer rifle torso 34
Total 199

The Game. I started in one corner and started searching out, intending to proceed in an anti-clockwise rotation. Amazingly Dr Syn Die got 3 activations, jumped on the central monolith as close to the vortex as he dared. I probed forward, steadily building up stress.

Problem with all civilian crew, you need to roll 3 activations to go anywhere. That gave Tony almost as many reactions as I had actions. Oddjob worked around the obilisk. Jaws headed for the beasts lair.
The Dominar decided to head me off.

A minion triggered the wee beastie. Tony ran it, he'd taken the trouble to dice for its exact location. Now it rolled a success, critical failure and a success. First it successfully moved down the building. Then the failure, I turned that into a prone (slipped on scree?) then got up – but no chompy chompy! Minion ran back & shot from cover, wound, pin. Then Lord Poo runs in and kills it with a head shot!

That leaves a big corpse in a handy place. And I'm dragging to a halt with stress. Very easy to take the initiative. Jaws moved into position, took aim and one dead leader! My stress and pins begin to rise again! Now its Rigel's turn, taking up a good position he shoots my lead minion. Another dead! These guys cannot miss! To prove the point, Oddjob on top of the obilisk takes a shot and Slash is gone.

That's it, I'm surrounded, 3 dead in rapid succession, I get the flock out of dodge. Ouch.

Very interesting game and very cinematic.  I could see the Tong standing around posing going "Ho! and "Hah!" a lot.

If the monster hadn't slipped, killed my minion and gone on a rampage?

And slip!
Lord Poo moves in
Jaws sneaks forward

Oddjob sneaks into position

The bad doctor and the minion

BLAM! Jaws shoots leader - ZAP Dominar kills minion top right
Dominar in position

Oddjob takes out Slash

Run away!

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