Monday, 16 January 2017

Rogue Stars Sheriff Shortmarch vs Lt Longclaw

This is also a revision of a game we did some time ago. Have to admit the cops have not had their fair share at the coalface. Mission 3 Bodyguard. Gives us Negotiator Uuterly Buggetty who chose what he thought was a recent war zone (due to number of primitive weapons present). Turning up and greeting a local with the traditional “take me to your leader” gets as far as the local sheriff Shortmarsh. Unfortunatelly he won't fit into the standard vehicle (unless he went in head first) and refused to stand on the back of a utility vehicle or house. Dignity is everything. The worthy is forced to triangulate the vehicles.

Unfortunately he is being pursued by the Southpaw scout ship Chicken Ripping Good and its small but competent security team. Now he has to survive until help and transport arrives.

Cops are from various GZG civilian packs, Negotiator is a Pendraken 10mm Daddy-worm and the space raptors are of course, our Eli's from  Dog is from Museum Miniatures.

Squad theme StarCops.

Sheriff 81
Fire into melee, Leadership 3, Marksman 3, Perceptive 3, Reactive, Tough 2. 68
Hunting needler, Dam3, silent, 8,
Slug pistol, Dam 4, Short range , -1 every 2” over 8” 5
Deputy C Chucker Danger sense, Marksman 3, Reactive, Stealth 3 37 Total 46
Knife 1 Max range 8” Dam 1 cost 1
Hunting needler, Dam3, silent, 8.

Deputies E F G. Green, Marksman 2, 10 Total 20
Slug pistol, Dam 4, Short range , -1 every 2” over 8” 5
Shotgun Dam 4, Short range -1 every 2” over 8” 5
(a lot weaker than the military version proposed on the forum)

Dog handler D, Danger sense 2 Marksman1 Perceptive 3, Reactive. 17 Total 21
Slug pistol, Dam 4, Short range , -1 every 2” over 8” 5

Dog Agile 1, Claws, Danger sense, difficult target, Fast 2, Stealth 3 27

Sheriff 81, Deputy C 46, Deputy E,20, Dog handler 21, Dog 27. Total 195
Sheriff 81, Deputy C 46, Deputy E, F, G 60, Total 187
Sheriff 81, Deputy E, F,G, 60, Dog handler 21, Dog 27. Total 189

Raptors, South Paws (so called as they are all left handed) Theme Militia
A quick note – you've seen these chaps in action before, each of my squads has a letter code. Here one of each stands for the honour of his, or her, squad.

Lt Longclaw Claws, Fast 2, Leadership3 Reptiloid, Reactive, Veteran 40
Light combat dress, Fixed bayonet, Assault rifle 24

Sgt Ackle Claws, Fast 2, Leadership 2 Reptiloid, Reactive, Veteran 34
Light combat dress, Fixed bayonet, Assault rifle 24

Troopers B-E Agile, Claws, Fast 2, Reptiloid, 18
Light combat dress, Fixed bayonet, Assault rifle 24

Lt, 64, 3 troopers 190

Burst discipline 4 reload tokens

Sheriff 81, Deputy E,F,G, 60, Dog handler 21, Dog 27. Total 189

Mission, Bodyguard work, Farm, Boozehound. Deputy Elly is the culprit.

The plot!

The sheriff deploys his forces. The farm is the obvious target so he stations his deputies around it, keeping the dog team close.

Tony took the Southpaws (gasp of amazement from regular readers) and chose the fielded edge. Having played these (too) successfully he had an excellent strategy. One raptor would show itself to draw out the enemy. This he proceeded to do.

His far right trooper started a long run, straight at deputy Fred in the van, who fails to react. Up, in, slice, scream. Sheriff sends in the dog and dog handler. Dog goes “whoosh” and the trooper breaks for the centre of the farm. This noise pulls deputy Gerry back towards the farm. Dog catches raptor, gives a nasty bite to tail. Trooper turns and bayonets dog. Spots dog handler and charges. Dog handler braces, waits, pulls trigger – blows troopers head off Another trooper comes charging down the alley, only to meet the same fate!
Dead dog (middle) dead raptors, wounded deputy
Meanstwhile the boss is sneaking, sneaking up on Elly. He round the corner, lets loose with a hail of bullets. Curiously deputy Gerry cops most of it and he's deaded. Morale check. Everyone passes bar the sheriff (the only roll he had in the game). Probably sober, Elly dives for cover, worming her way as far into or under the forklift as she can. Lt is joined by his other trooper who sticks his nose under just as Fran remembers she has a shotgun. Blam! Trooper goes head over heels, not dead but pinned and wounded. The dog handler, still upset, rounds the corner of the barn and takes a pot-shot at the Lt, hitting him but no damage.

The Lt takes the initiative (we're not good at this) and decided, with half his force gone, the other wounded and outflanked that it was time to vacate the real estate.

I didn't expect to win! With dispersed forces faced by a superior enemy I thought I'd go down fighting.

Screams and barking, Gerry comes to investigate

The 2 pics above don't represent the true placement of the figures as there's no way to put Elly under the forklift as she's metal, not rubbery resin.

Cannot resist the tail shot-.

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