Monday, 10 February 2020

OGAM meets Faustus Furious. The race for the Winter Olympics.

Last time we did the Olympics we pulled chits for the line-up.  And I was more prepared.

After our last game I thought it would be "cultural" to hold a race.  Here we go:

Scenics.  This is our first post- Beachhead game.  We've had a week of excellent gaming, now we're taking a deep breath and starting 2 campaigns!  This is the start of the Winter Olympics.

Centre area is all The Square, bought on Saturday, washed on Sunday and primed & used Monday.

I also primed the load of stuff for Pan (for now).  Wolves and boars plus Dryad-kind Mums, Dads with the Kids.  Plus a few more Silenos spear.

Today I'm using these as mobs.

My team:
A)  Artemis.  Archer. (chariot equivalent)
C)  Hades.  Heavy.
E)  Pan.  Standard
M) Dionysus.  Standard.
L)  Ares.  Heavy.

Tony's Team:
B)  Apollo.  Heavy Archer.
F)  Aphrodite.  Agile.
H)  Hephaestus.  Heavy
I)  Hermes.  Fast.
J)  Posideon  Heavy.

The Game.  I made a slight change at the start - as there wasn't enough room to line 'em up.  I had the gods "pop" onto the starting line and start where they will.

 End of Turn 1.  Apollo shoots Pan.  Hades attacks Apollo.  Artemis - 3 fails, out comes a mob. Apollo hits Ares who collides with the barrier and bounces into Hephaestus who stumbles into the mob and goes down.

Turn 2.  Hephaestus gets up, hits Hades who lurches forward.  Ares hits Hermes, he hits the wall and bounces again--.  Note Aphrodite has gained a huge commanding lead and it turns into "chase me, chase me!"

Turn 3.  Apollo shoots Artemis, stuns her.  She shoots Poseidon, no effect. 

Turn 4.  The Artemis/Apollo shoot out continues.  Ares hits Poseidon, who hits the wall, turns & stops.  Ares bounces off.  Hermes clips Dionysus who ends up going the wrong way.

Turn 5.  Screeching around the corner comes the pack!  Poseidon belts Pan, bounces off.  Ares hits and stuns Hermes, then hits Poseidon and they grapple (collide) to a standstill.

"Play nice!"
 Turn 6.  More shooting, everyone is now concentrating on going forward.  Poseidon end up crashing into the barrier after a tussle with Hades.

Turn 7.  Apollo hits Artemis and stuns her again.  The field opens up with the end in sight.

Turn 8.  Aphrodite takes pole position!  Poseidon hits Hades, then crashes into him.  Hermes hits Hades as he passes, stunning him.  Hephaestus fails causing a mob in front of Hermes.

Turn 9.  Ares hits Hephaestus from behind and gets stomped & turned around.

Hephaestus belts Dionysus down and zooms ahead! Poseidon comes a cropper. 

 We ran out of time!  We needed one-more-round!  So we did a quick and dirty extrapolation.  one was easy, Ares is at the back.

First 2.

The Official Winter Olympics Round 1.

Aphrodite v  Pan.

Hephaestus v Hades.

Hermes v Artemis.

Ares v Artemis.

Dionysus v Poseidon.

Plus we have Mixed Doubles!  These are an extra event, I want to do 4 player games.

Artemis & Poseidon.

Aphrodite & Hephaestus.

Athena & Dionysus.

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