Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Sengoku Skeletons raid hunters x 2

Remember I said There's a trend developing here, an experienced team follows the new. I have a plan so cunning-? Well here's why. This scenario from the book, has 3 variants. You could replace skeletons with goblins, spiders, bandits and pissed-off peasants. Or even survivors hiding from the battlefield victors.

(1) Aarg The Spider Killer Eagle Knight gained 7 last time,
Action 3+1 =4
Move 4 +1 =5
Combat 3+1 =4 2 Longswords 2 attacks but-1 dice each
Shooting 3 Spends 2 on throwing knives (handy when flying def-1 & range 8)
Wounds 3+1 =4
Resolve 3+1 =4
Defence 2 Basic light armour

(2) Ichi Ban Warrior Monk gained 11. He uses 10 to gain Healing (p8)
Action 4
Move 4 +1 =5
Combat 4 Spear
Shooting 3
Wounds 3
Resolve 3
Defence 2 Basic light armour

Iki  of the Greenstone Guild. He gained 18. He is now a Senior Sword. Uses 4 below and gets new Light Hunters Armour costing 12= 16. He spends 2 on novice followers.
Actions 5 +1=6
Move 6
Combat 6 +1D Longsword
Shoot 4 +1 =5 Throwing knives
Wounds 4 +1=5
Resolve 3 +1=4 Lost 2, regained 1, +1= 4
Defence 4 Light hunters armour +1 (from dog)

He can reroll 1st failed dice in combat. Can call "lethal blow" once a game & gets +1D against Tanuki

Inugami dog spirit moves (within 3cm) with Iki
Combat 3
Defence 3

(3,4) Helpers 2 SWORD bearing novices
Move 5
Combat 2
Defence 2
(5,6) 2 SPEAR armed followers
Move 4
Combat 2
Defence 2

The Game.  Well first I had to make some new scenery, separate post coming on that.  Next, an awake sentry was called for, random number no.6 spearman got the dog watch.

I had to use all the new bases.

My usual method of dropping the counters.

THAT could have been a lot worse-

No.6 drew the short straw.

Sneaking, sneaking, shooting--

Oh look, they've been spotted by Ichi Ban - whose last thought is that he should have taken Arrow Cutting!

One down in a flash-

Oh look, more trouble-

On reflection I should have used Oni Shamen stats.

The nasties gather.

Into the blue!  Flash, knives lick out, whoosh, swords descend.

Spider Demon!

Aarg takes a wound.

Help arrives!

More follow.

Pussy piles in

No-one's watching the back door.

Dead pussy.

Aarg goes at it again.

First 2 goes down easy,

But that allows the last to pluck his feathers.  2 down-.


And more-.

Ankle biter!

Don't look now!

This game needs a lot of skeletons, fortunately I've me generic ones pressed into service here.

They're BEHIND you!

The followers are stuck-

One slice, all skeletons dead in Trophy Strike.  Second, spider smoked.

Oh crapu!

Pile in!

The dawg gets stuck in, gets spitted.

A sidestep to "stomp" a token and the followers are free. 

A Tanuki for variety.  "whatever you do, don't look behind".

Just a few more.

Close, but he survives followers intact.

Game 2.  Same scenario, different variant. Diced for in or out of building.

Oh crapu!



Pussy again.

"I can handle this!"



Ichi Ban gets stuck in a web then poked.  A lot.

Deja vu again.

And down goes the last hunter-.

Run away!

Slightly different scenario, easily changed.  Two games in 4 hours is doable.  you'll next see this game as a campaign aid.