Friday, 6 April 2018

RS "Dungeon Crawl" Experiment

I have some ideas for some new teams. They will contribute to a campaign that can run as filler to allow me to work on other things. I'm planning on using the basic Horde Of The Things map structure with only 3 regular terrains. The rest will be a “dungeon” setup. Hence this test. I have a D20 dungeon dice. On an A1 sheet of hobby foam I divided the baseline into 6 to give the starting point. We rolled the regular 3 dice, and reactions and kept going until we had join-up. This time we set up as a very close encounter. 

To elaborate, I had the initiative and rolled the usual 3 dice.  Tony rolled any fails as reaction.  For every success  the dungeon dice was rolled and mapped out.  This represents the cautious advance of the parties in unfamiliar terrain.  When the 2 met, there was a short, sharp meeting engagement.

Another way would be to do turn-about mapping, one at a time.  Next we'll try mapping out then randomised starting positions.

There's a wealth of figure design talent here:
Ogrons are GZG's Alien Mercenaries with a Critical Mass alien on the Captains shoulder.  'arry is a Khurasan Road Warrior Mutant.

The other force are Irregular Miniatures colonials plus The Scene's survivalist Absolom Dick

Pulled out from the early days and reworked-

Ogron Pirates team Tactical Discipline Determined 4 remove stress tokens
Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”

Captain Ron Total 58
Big, Leadership (2) Marksman (1) Martial arts (2) Reactive, Tough, Veteran
Plasma pistol, damage 4
Kevlar jacket jacket Torso 2

'arry 16
Big, Martial arts (2) Tech (1)
Intrusion kit +2 tech roll
Monowire scythe damage 3

Burt Big, Marksman (1) Martial arts (1) Reactive, Tough,
Plasma pistol, damage 4 Kevlar jacket jacket Torso 2

The Dangerous Brothers 46 each
Big, Ampidextrous, Weaponmaster 3 , tough,
2xPlasma pistol, kevlar jacket 

Facing them an “expeditionary” force:

Bounty Hunters Tactical Discipline Blitzreig +2 initative roll & -1 to take

Sir Hugh Trumpton Fire into melee, Reactive, Leader1, Weaponmaster1, 14
Slug pistol (4) 5

Sir Archybald Fuckes 27 Fire into melee, Marksman 3, Reactive, Veteran, Stealth1
Slug pistol (4) 5

Mortimer Bigguns Marksman2, Stealth1 15
hunting Needler (3) 12

Cpl Jones Marksman 2, Martial arts 2, Veteran, Stealth1 21
Assault rifle (5) 8
Fixed bayonet (3) 2

Pvt Walker Marksman 3, Martial arts 2, Stealth1 21
Assault rifle (5) 8
Fixed bayonet (3) 2

Asbsolom Dick Agile, Marksman 2, Martial arts 1,Reactive, Stealth Weapon master1 13
Kevlar 6
Flamer (5) 8
Chainsaw (4) (force glaive) 6

The Game:

I'd just laid down an + an Tony's room matches up to my right-hand fork.  The nice block in the middle proved critical.  If I'd had the Velocoroosters I'd have sent them down the corridor a bit sharpish-.

Cpl Jones comes face-to-face with a Dangerous Brother.

And gets put down.  The other brother moves up.

Sir Fuckes goes down.

Sir Hugh puts down a Dangerous Brother.

Burt puts Sir Hugh down.  That tash, beard & nose, an ideal Inspector Clustoe.

The body of the Dangerous Brother provides cover.  Mortimer Bigguns lines up for a shot- a 1, silly M hasn't loaded his piece.

'arry gets stuck into the lower ranks, or tries to, but they have bayonets.  Lots of swinging, poking and pinning.

Cover works both ways-.

Absalom gets it in the head and he's down!

Shot in the head by Sir Hugh, 'arry reels back and down.

Bigguns shows him metal by running orf.

'arry decides to have a rest.  I form a thin khaki line.

Burt is being ignored, so he takes careful aim and shoots Sir Hugh down.

'arry gets his breath back and goes after Absolom, who is crawling away.  A quick bash-.

Burt guns down Cpl Jones, the cad!

Next on 'arry's list is bigguns, who didn't get a shot orf the whole game--.

But he runs wile a wabbit on laxatives, leaving Pvt Walker to make his own getaway.  You can see that I got a fair number of (yellow) pins.

And Tony's.  Captain Ron just left the others to it!

Quick and vicious.  A useful trail for the future - watch this space.