Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Rs Halloween vs Easter and the Dread Billy Idol.

I've had to do housework. Shock, horror, lamentation. Plus, my figure collection needs a sort out. I've done a basic sort, getting “types” together and trying to make an RS & Supervillains box. 'tis from this collection I grabbed a disparate and motley collection. Still, turned out a fun game. Curiously, there was only two shots in the entire game, the rest being fisticuffs.

The objective was to retrieve something from the idol.
Halloween Cultists & friends

Scythe Death Difficult target, Fast, Leader1, Psi, Weapon master. Scythe, Reaction field 38

Cannon Death Psi, Marksman2, Cyborg body 23 Laser cannon, 10

Pump(kin) flail, Ambidextrous, Diminutive, Fast, Psi, Vegetable, M/arts2, Force flailx2. 36

2xHelpers Marksman1, Martial arts 2, Psi 28 Molecular slugthrowers & Kevlar

Big Help Psi, Weaponmaster 2 Combat dress, Vibroblade, SMG. 37

Easter Crew. There should be bunnies-

Huge Grant Fast3, Huge, Psi, Martial arts3, 23
Built in claws

Mister Tree Huge, Leader1, Tough3, Vegetable
Built in claws x2 1

4x Velocoroosters Agile Claws, Fast 2 , Reptile , Tough2

The Game.  Tony took Easter and won the initiative.

He came on fast but cautious.

 I got Big Help up and shot the chicken down, but not out.

In comes a velocorooster.  No matter how good your armour, there's weak spots and here is one - my chap is down and the first of many Out Of Action (OOA) results.

In comes me Pump-kin and one OOA velocorooster.

It now has 2 targets, the bleeding out velocorooster or the still stunned Hugh Grant.  It makes for the mega-chicken and lays on the flails.

A helper watching the rear feels rather exposed.

Oh cluck-

His mate advances in support.

But he is being watched.

Ergh!  Never the chance to react, a vicious attack and another OOH.

Note one death watches from the rear while I've yet to get the last one on.

Clever girl-  you guessed it.  These chicken are lethal-.

And agile, over Hugh to leap on the Pump-kin.

Death stalks closer.

The other Death shoots a velocorooster.  Narry a squawk as it erupts in a flurry of burning feathers.

 Mister Tree moves in to the prize.

Forcing Death to intervene.  There follows a bitch slapping contest.

The pump-kin is down but not out, attacked again.

And again.

Still again.

I roll 3 fails including a 1.  That gives Tony 4 potential reactions.  He gets them plus a 20.  So that's 5-  but I roll a 19 in defence.  Hah!

The velocorooster starts tugging on Death whilst ducking all the flailing bits.

Other Death watches, without a clear target.

"None Shall Pass"

Other death is jumped from behind, loses his cannon.  He grapples, which is a big mistake and he goes down OOA.

Death finally succumbs to the double attack.  All gone!

Tony's at the end.  Yellow Pin, Red Stress.


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